Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It really has been a while

I think that posting goes in shifts and maybe the past few years I feel maybe I was in a holding pattern, I guess I am starting the next big shift in my life...not exactly sure but lately I have felt the pull to blog and actually missed it :)

The girls and Chris are doing great....Chris and I had not the best winter but are working through it, we know what is important and what counts just need help to keep focus. I would imagine this happens to the best of us, but the majority of us are not able to admit it. Past is past and moving forward is most important, I would think 10 yrs + may do that to anyone.

Emma is finishing up 2nd grade and for the most part loving it, she has issues staying focused and in her seat at school but what 2nd grader doesn't. We are working with her on her reading, she doesn't like it so much so we know she could be doing better,aside from that she is one of the reasons I want to get up in the morning. :) Finally she is actually starting to pick up, help around the house I never though I would see the day :) most importantly she is an incredible big sister, Tatum could not ask for a better one.

Tatum is now 5 she has been in Pre-K since she turned 3 and in September she is starting Kindergarten...I know I can not believe it either...who let my baby grow up!! Tatum has a full time aid to start Kindergarten with so I am more at ease with the school change then I was a few weeks ago...Initially I wanted Tatum to stay at her current school, I was denied her "out of district" transfer request...the schools in my area are all over crowded so being granted a school change is harder then getting her aids therapy pretty much you name it...I came to the realization that I wanted her to stay at the same school more for me then her...Both are great schools and her home school is most likely what is best for our family....both girls will be there, it is three blocks from our home (current school is only 2m) and she is going to love and thrive with the change...Emma too is pretty excited to have her at her school... Last night she told me "I am glad Tatum passed" lol.. I said, "yeah sorta", lol :)

Tatum is going to be a challenge for Aid and Teachers all I can say is they have there work cut out for them...Maybe I should give her more credit, she totally works us... I just wish I could get her interested in the potty...I am not kidding I think it may be the one thing she is allergic too...:) We were at Hopkins yesterday and everything concerning her heart is still the same...I guess i am dreaming waiting for the day I go and they tell me that her aorta grew and is almost the size it should be...but hey so far so good I am not complaining.:)

As for me I still have the same job, thank God, there are not to many people in the mortgage business that can say they have been at the same company for the last 8 1/2 years...at least operations staff like I am. Anyway we were purchased a little over a year ago by AFS/Embrace Home Loans....It was an adjustment like change always is but as far as jobs go I am grateful. Last June I took over the position of Mid-Atlantic Regional Chair Person for the WSA...It has been pretty fun I just wish I had more time to dedicate towards it.

We had our third Walk this year for WS Awareness the following two link are local articles from the past two years:

And from this year: (if you saw the actual paper there was a super cute picture of Tate playing on a swing.)

That seems like a lot I just wrote at least for me, LOL and it bearly touched on the past few years :) I got a new computer for my Bday last weekend I am hoping that it helps to bring me back to the blog on a more regular basis....Wellll Seeee :P)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm Backkkkkk

Not sure if that is a good thing or not. This has been a tough few months, kinda hit bottom this week. Wow what a week it has been.... I do not even have the energy to get in to it....the good thing is I have gotten through it.
The family is good, Chris is back to wk now since mid Feb...he was laid off in Dec. Girls are both fine getting big.... Tatum has a MRI sch. for May 19 , we have a Williams Syndrome walk planned for May 8 and we had our first ever Ruby Gala in March . This was an event in DC to raise money and WS awareness...of coarse I chaired this event....if my plate is not overflowing it is just not my plate...lol
Anyway, I can promise more posts to come.....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blog Neglect!

I have become so bad at blogging, I actually feel bad about it. I have a feeling that my work is going to slow down a ton in the next few weeks so that actually well free up some time, no promises but potentially I could be blogging a ton more by the end of summer :)

We have had a busy few months, shoot who am I kidding we are ALWAYS busy....

In May we had the Walk for Williams, thanks to everyone that came out and supported the event it turned out great! We are planning to make it an annual thing. We raised over 6k for Williams Syndrome and NDHS received an award for there community service. It was truly inspiring and a terrific event for our community.

Emma Turned 6 on Tuesday and it was her last day of school....She has made it to first grade and she is moving forward at level 8 for reading. I can not believe how it all just seemed to click for her one day. Tatum is also learning tons in school, her teachers tell us that she is quit popular at her school. It seems everywhere we go someone knows Tate. She has also been babbling up a storm, she does have some songs and phrases, you can tell she is so close to it all pulling together. It is about time but I have a feeling once she starts talking it's all over for us. July 6 is when Tatum starts back to school for the extended school year so until then she is hanging at KV with Em for there summer program. This summer is going to be huge for Tatum, at least that is my prediction.

Another first for us this year is Emma participation on the swim team. Right now we have only had one swim meet and some practices. Emma is really enjoying it and her attitude toward it is outstanding. Emma is becoming a very caring well behaved little girl, I guess someone did something right with her :).

OOPS how could I forget it is out favorite time over year!!! The Pool is open!!! And Kerry and her family are coming to visit in 2 weeks WOOOO HOOOOO, I love summer!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Time No Post.....

We we have certainly been blog MIA....I have been way to busy at work yo update and once I get home it seems baths and homework take forever...Another big contributing factor to lack of blog is once I am home from work the computer seem to be the last place I want to be...Anyway we have been busy so let me try and fill everyone in:

In Feb after Tatum's b-day we had a Cardiology apt. It went well her doctor is still not ready to operate...fine by me her thickness is borderline... we are pretty much leaving well enough alone right now

Child find is the pre-k school that Tatum goes to now, it is through the county and is a the pre-k program that follows infant and toddler. Tatum seems to have really come a long way in the month she has been there. There is still a long way to go especially with her speech but we are making slow steady strides. The new added tricks for Tatum include her version of ABC's and if you point and ask who I am she says " Lisa" it is petty cute.

Also in Feb my Mom had her 60th b-day so we went to visit her to celebrate. We also got to see my Aunt's since they were visiting for my Mom's day. Since we do not get to see my Mom's sisters very often if was a nice visit. and it is always cute when Julie, my sister, and I can get our girls together.

Onto Emma:

Emma is not really digging Kindergarten and fearing 1st grade even more...last night she actually said she wanted to stay back...She is having issues with the independent work piece, he teacher says she is not disrupting the class or anything she just doesn't want to work. I guess her teacher has told her that once in first grade she'll have to do this work and if she can not get it done she'll have to do it over... Needless to say Emma did not like that idea to much...he reading is slow but steady...she needs to be at a reading level of 7 by Kindergarten end and right now we are almost at a 6 so i am confident we can meet that mark. It is just crazy Kindergarten s certainly not what it used to be. At this rate Emma's children well be taking the SAT in Kindergarten...

Our big milestone was last night Emma lost her first two teeth at the same time, good thing I made a dentist apt last week. opps and she is allergic to amoxacillen...foud that out the hard way a few weeks ago...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know it has been forever I actually have a post that have started and still need to finish...Today is actually Tatum's third B-day we had a party Sunday for her. The party was a blast my friend Kristin took some great pictures...We even had a visit from Mickey!!!

Our life has been non stop I literally worked 100 hours of overtime last month...We missed our January Cardiology apt...big mix up, anyway we are scheduled for the 19 of this month. Tatum started pre-k today through the county child find program. I think she did OK the teacher did say she fussed some but nothing they could not manage. The transportation piece did not fall into place today but hopefully we got it straightened out today and tomorrow we'll go great.