Friday, June 20, 2008

Life Changes :(

I am happy to be slammed at work but I have to tell you I really miss my kids during the day. I just feel like they are growing up to fast. Tatum has picked about 5 new words in the last few weeks and Emma is just no longer a baby at all.

We stopped by the graveyard to visit Chris’ Dad’s grave with the girls the other night, when we arrived I explained to Em that this is where Granddad is, as innocent as could be she simply asked “ Is this heaven” I thought I was going to cry it amazes me the things she actually pay attention to when we are talking to her.

On a much sadder note, today is Pim’s last day with us. Boy we are going to miss her. I cried the entire way to work. I know well still see her but it just isn’t going to be the same. It is like losing a family member. We certainly wish her the best in all she does. I hope she knows how grateful we are for her dedication and everything she has done for our family over the past year and a half, Tatum and Emma have both come so far. I know you are reading this Pim so I hope you know we love you and you well be missed.

Monday, June 16, 2008



I can not believe that my baby turns 5 today, I guess she is not my Baby anymore but my big girl, WOW! She has turned into a helpful, wonderful big sister right before our eyes....

Monday, June 09, 2008


I managed to get home from work by 5 on Thursday and it was a good thing. As soon as I pulled up I got a call from Laura that they were like 10 mins away, I was so excited. The girls hit it off so quickly, it was great Emma actually slept with Michaela in her own room without Chris or me. Friday Laura and I got to check out town and have a yummy Mom lunch.

When we got home from our no kid outing we were pool bound. I am sure the girls must have bothered Pim all morning about the pool...when we left the house around 10 they already had their suits on. We did eventually get to the pool and I think we were there for about 4 hours. It was nice because we got to hang out with the older girls for a while and them Pim brought Tatum to the pool after her nap. I just love this picture of Tatum and Michaela they were so cute playing together, Tatum just loved her.

By the time we left the kids were ready for Dinner and bed and that was exactly what we did grabbed a pizza feed kids and put them in bed....Laura and I got to go out for a bit on Friday night but I think we were all beat by the sun and knew we had a big day ahead of us...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life never slows down...

I am so sorry that I have not had a chance to blog… We went to the WS picnic at Cabin John Park on Sunday and had a blast! I have pictures to Download but have blown all the USB ports on my work computer and trying to get anything done at home these days is a lost cause. I saw a ton of familiar faces and some new one’s. We meet the cutest little boy named Nicholas he is about Tatum’s age and he and is family live very close to us. I am really looking forward to hanging with them this summer.

Monday I had a Doctor apt for me, nothing to worry about just a check up and I had to get up early and register Emma for before and after school care. Good thing I got in line so early it was totally filled up by noon. By the time I got to work I just had to hit the ground running.

Tuesday I took the girls to their new pediatrician, she was great! We were running late so instead of seeing both girls they could only see Emma, they rescheduled Tate for the 24. Any who it was more important for them to see Emma since I have to register her for kindergarten on Friday morning, I can not believe my baby is going to school. Emma was in the 50% for height and weight can hear perfect and somehow managed to get a Hannah Montana Barbie for be good while getting her shots. Glad to see she has not lost her ability to sucker Mom. Tatum is also scheduled for a sedated echo on July 2, lucky for me I am on vacation that day so I do not have to miss any work.

Yesterday was CRAZY we had one of those Crazy storms from CO blow up our way knocking out power and tree’s, some places still do not have power. Our office building lost power around 3pm then at about 4:30 when we were all trying to leave the generator in the parking garage caught fire…That was just great we all had to wait around in order to get our cars. Once I had my car I must have stopped at 3 times looking for a working gas station so I could get home. Finally I found one made it home only to get a call from Autumn, she was stuck apparently the trains had gone haywire with the power outage so she was a little stuck. Autumn caught a bus as far north as she could and I went down and picked her up. Lucky for us there was an open bar right at the bus stop LOL…Anyway I would say by about 9pm everyone was home safe and sound…

Well that brings us to today I have a ton to do to prepare to not be at work tomorrow.
Laura and Michaela are arriving later this evening, we are all pretty excited and I took off tomorrow so we can enjoy a nice Mom only morning/lunch then hit the pool with the kids. Should be a fun packed weekend. I promise to fill everyone in with details and pictures in a realistic time frame… Sorry for the blogging slack but we are alive and well just super busy. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!