Thursday, August 30, 2007

Never Ends

First of all I LOVE my new Camera!!! I can not wait to take pictures of Chris' race and the kids this weekend. I need to stop by best buy tomorrow and get a memory card and I'll be set.
I left work a little early today to spend time with Emma, her stomach was bothering her (so she said),I figured some Mommy, Em time was in order. When I got home we ran out and got a pedicure together, she was to cute and our toes turned out great. After that we went home to relieve Pim get Tatum and yep you guessed it, pool bound.
The pool closes on Monday so we are trying to squeeze in as much time as possible...Chris was planning to meet us up there, long story short Emma tripped over the lifeguard stand and cut her head open...what a mess I though for sure we were going to end up in the ER. Lucky for us her head stopped bleeding and a gogert with Jody and her kids made everything feel better. I tell you I do not think I could catch a dull moment if I tried...

Well I have a camera instruction book to keep me busy for a while....hopefully I'll have great pictures to share very soon...


I am just mentally and physically exhausted, I have been sleeping like crap and stressing about work. Sometimes I just wish someone would take care of me instead of me taking care of everyone else.

I feel like I am tied to MD because of the housing market and medical care for Tate, that sucks especially since it is not so cheap to live here…I guess I am just having a one of those days… you know the kind…The light at the end of the tunnel is out and there is no back up bulb.

At least I am still smiling…sorta LOL… I do have something to look forward to, when I get home from work today I should have a very cool new camera waiting for me...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby Blake

The week before I left for KY I received a call from Dr. Mervis, she wanted me to get in contact with a new mother of a Williams baby. This mother had requested to speak with another Mother of a baby with Williams. I was more then happy to call Whitney and so flattered that Dr. Mervis asked me..anyhow long story short I have been emailing Whitney for about a month now and I got to meet her and Baby Blake while I was out in KY. I have previously mentioned her on my Blog and shared pictures.

Blake is scheduled to have a Cath on Friday it was originally to be yesterday but his scar from surgery has an infection. Whitney, Blake's Mom, has started her own blog and wanted me to share it with all of you. You all are just gonna love Blake he is to sweet!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Morning...

Today is starting out as one of those long days, you know that kind that start at 4:30 and I can promise well have no end in sight until way after 10pm, I love those day! I used to try and catch up on my sleep while driving to work now that I have to drive someone I guess I'll have to try and stay awake!!! I am glad you all missed me sorry I took a week off, between drowning work stress and everyday routine I have not had a tone of time. It is very nice to be miss though :) You all know how to make someones morning, even if it is the crack ass of dawn.

Last week we started giving Tatum melatonin about 30 mins. before bed time, the stuff works great!!! Last night Chris put her to bed and forgot to give it to her so at 3am this morning I was up giving that girl a bottle. I tried to let her cry it out but sometimes it is just not worth it when I think that she is going to wake Emma up. Tatum feel right back to sleep in our bed anyway so it was really no big deal. Around 4 Emma cam and got in beds with Chris, Tatum and I ( mind you this is not a King bed) after about 15mins she decided there was not enough room so we went to her bed...We tossed and turned in her bed for a bit and just as I was about to fall asleep The alarm in my bedroom, where Tate was asleep, went off. Well by the time I got back upstairs to my room to turn off the alarm ( Chris was in the shower) Tatum was awake and Emma too making her way back to my room. So here I sit watching Charlie and Lola listening to a 4 yr old beg for waffles while Tatum cries over nothing. To think Pim isn't go to be here for another 2 hours. I am beginning to think sleep deprivation doesn't phase me anymore, although Saturday night I did sleep from 8:30 pm until 8:00 am when Tatum work up. I must have really needed that but I am sure Dana's "Mommy Juice" at the pool didn't help, lol.
Welp, I guess I am gonna try and get myself motivated I am sure a shower's gonna help big time...maybe I could just cancel today...

I was just checking my email and Ana, Brandon's Mom, just sent me the a very cute picture of the babies while in KY... Adorable eh :) Hope everyone has a great day...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Summer Weekend...

Wow I can not believe the summer is about over...Today is actually the first day of school for the kids around here, Emma does not start until next Wednesday.
We got to get in a great pool weekend, since Chris is racing next weekend we most likely are not going to be able to get up there much.:( I am a little sad about the pool closing we have had so much fun there this summer and I have made some great friends. Emma is finally swimming all by herself so I am planning on getting her in swimming lessons right away, she wants to be on the swim team next summer...yeahhhhhh
I feel bad since she is not dancing this yr. She actually has not mentioned it and I am not bringing it up. I do not have the money to send her, oh well, she'll have school and swimming to keep her busy.
We used to go watch my friend Jody and Carol's kids play soccer on the weekends in the fall and none of the girls are playing this yr. Well just when I began to wonder what we were going to do this fall Emma has decided we are cheering for football. It seems that about 4 of my other Mom friends all have boys a little older then Emma on the same football team. She came home from the pool so excited about this last night she decided to practice her moves... I tell you that girl is to much!!! Do you think they tailgate at peewee football or whatever it is?????

In Tatum news we got nothing really new. She has a eye doctor appointment on Friday morning, Chris is taking her this time, I guess I am getting a Dr.'s day off.... She is also crazy close to walking but I am not holding my breath, my goal is by Halloween. Kids always look so much cuter in the costume's when they can stand and walk.

Well that is about it I can not tell you all how excited I am to go back to the fall traffic patterns around here, It should only take about an hour to get to work. At least I have been car pooling lately so the ride home well be much faster, you are screwed anyway you look at it in the morning. Oh yeah when it rains it poor...My laptop now works but the desk top is broke...I can not win with htese darn computers...errrr.... Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Here's the scoop...

So you all got the pictures first hope you liked them :)

So KY was good, we got in late Wed night. Amy meet us in the hotel lobby to help us get up to the room. We pretty much crashed when we got in. Avery was not feeling that good so between Amy unwinding from a long day and Tate and I exhausted from travel we all feel asleep fairly quick.

We woke up on Thursday morning and got the girls ready to head to the university…Avery was still not herself but was hanging in there. We got some breakfast at the hotel and ran into Ana and her clan (Mom, daughter, Ali and Ws son Brandon). Ana is the one who set up the forum. After our introductions and some quick eating we set off for the University.

Dr. Mervis and her crew were all very excited to see us. By the time we had gotten there they were working on finding a Dr. for Avery to see, her little body was just not cooperating with her and she felt like crap. Amy eventually made the decision that it would be for the best if her and Avery went home. That totally stunk but she had to do what was best for Avery and she really did have a flu bug or something. At least we got to spend a little time with them, that is better then nothing.

Tatum did some testing in the morning and then to a nap. While she was napping Whitney the new Mom of Blake stopped by with her Mother in Laws to meet us and the kids, we spoke with her for a while had lunch and then I ran off to meet Blake in person. What a little Cutie, I expected nothing less… He is still pretty sick and is going to have angeo to balloon his Aortic arch, when he was born the arch was not connected to the heart. He is also having some feeding and kidney issues so please keep praying that he’ll get better and Whitney can take him home soon. She is just dying to get out of that hospital.

When I returned from visiting Blake Tatum was all done, I hitched a ride back to the hotel with Ana and called it a day. Once to the hotel we ordered dinner took the kids swimming and gave everyone a bath, pretty exciting. I was back to my room in time for Big Brother thank goodness LOL.

The next day we did some more morning testing went to lunch with Ana and her family and came back to the lad so Tatum could get a nap. After her nap she went and did the upside down face study and we were done.

Dr. Mervis said that Tatum needed to be in more speech stuff but aside from that all is good. She though she was a bright little girl and a great ambassador for WS. She felt Tatum was functioning at a 14m old level. I know that this gap well get larger as she gets older but you really can not focus on that so for the time I am very pleased. We are going back again at the end of Feb 08, I cannot wait! Dr. Mervis and her team is just AWESOME, I love all of them. I can not tell you all enough what a blessing it has been to have this experience I think every should take the trip to KY, but maybe not in Aug. during a heat wave LOL .. IT WAS HOT!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thought of the Day...

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how
we react to what happens; not by what life brings us, but by
the attitude we bring to life.

A positive attitude causes chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It
is a catalyst, a spark, that creates extraordinary results."

Unknown author

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Going To KY...Once everything here gets done...

Wow it has been crazy here lately. Over the weekend Chris raced Tinkerbelle so we spent the weekend at His Mom and Walt’s house to be closer to the track and visit with them. Chris’ Mom also kept Tatum for us so the track adventure could be a bit more fun. Our Friends TJ and Fran stopped by the track on their way back to New York to visit and watch Chris qualify. We all had a really good time and got to go out and have dinner with our friends before they left. It was really great to see them and actually get to go out for dinner with no kids.

Sunday I went to the track with Chris early, Yvonne, Autumn and the girls meet us there and our friend Kyle came up with his father in law and Daughter Stella. Walt came up around lunchtime with Emma and one of his neighborhood friends. It really amazed me how well all the girls played together, they were just great, all of them.

It was cute to watch Chris’ harem of little girls under 5 cheering for him and Tink. Alex, Gabrielle, Emma and Stella were all very cute standing on the fence yelling “Go Tinkerbelle!!! Pass that car!” .We all came home Sunday with a ton of sun and Tink and Chris’ first racing prize. Yes that is right good ole Tinkerbelle came in 5th place. To bad I cannot find the camera cord to download pictures… anyway the big computer at home can do it I just have to find time to sit there, but trust me they are very cute. I cannot wait for Labor Day weekend, that is the next race. We are planning to camp out daring I know but after this race I know what to bring so for Labor Day I’ll be prepared.

Emma ended up Staying in West VA with Walt and Terry and they are bringing her back today. Tomorrow my Dad is coming to get her and she is off to Dover for the rest of the week while I am in Louisville…I wonder what Daddy is going to do while home all alone…I know, I know SLEEP!!

I leave For KY tomorrow night and our appointments with Dr. Mervis start early on Thursday. I am so excited to meet Amy and Avery and Brandon and Ana. Amy and I are actually sharing a room…misery loves company if one can not sleep then no one sleeps LOL but seriously I think we are going to have fun!!!

Dr. Mervis called me last week and ask if I could Call Whitney a new WS Mom in the Louisville area she thinks I have a good attutide about the whole WS thing, I was pretty flattered. Her son Blake is 36 days old and in the NICU still. She is really holding up well but is confused and sick of the hospital, we have all been there. Blake had heart surgery at 4 days to fix a co arch of sorts and has had other things done like an MRI, all sorts of scans and the famous nebulizer to keep those lungs clear. Whitney is starting to get frustrated because they are trying to feed him every 4 hours and he wants to eat more then that. It is all a bit confusing over the phone but she wants me to stop by while I am in Louisville so I should be able to get more details then about her little cutie, until then just keep Blake, Whitney and the rest of there family in your prayers.

Ok I’ll update after KY…

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This Week...So far

Well if you have not already figured it out work has been a bit crazy...Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop. What an learning experience and a piece of history that I am witnessing first hand...Mortgage Industry...I am keeping positive and trying to find something good about it.
I have faith We'll (the Co. I wk for) make it through this.

By the way, not a good time to refi...LOL

Anyway...I have some fun pictures from DE and from the pool this evening. This is the best one I got of all us girls...Sorry Nana, we won't let Aunt Judy do you hair anymore, LOL, I love you;)

The girls had a blast at the beach,Sunday...Tatum seemed to enjoy eating the sand most. She and I ended hanging out on the deck with Mr. Moss while Chris and Emma played in the ocean...It was really a nice day.

Actually it was the 2
yr anniversary of Chris' Dad passing away.

There isn't anything good about that , but we had the nicest time at dinner listening reminisce. Chris told us old stories and made funny faces like his Dad used to do to make him laugh when he was little. I know that Emma well not remember him but she'll certainly know how wonderful he was.

Emma had a swimming lesson at 7:30 this evening, she did great! I forgot my pool pass but had no problem getting in, I am "Tatum's Mom." I think she must be a Honorary lifeguard or something, they all just love her. When her lesson was over Alex came up to the pool and the girls got to play until they closed. They had such a nice time together. Wow, I am going to have my hands full for a while :) I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

What can I say…

Sorry I did not update quickly on Tatum’s Dr. Apt on Thursday. The appointment was actually rather comical. Our easy going little Tatum was not so easy going, we knew this would happen but just not so sure when. Tatum flipped whenever a nurse got close to her no BP, or Echo; she barley let them get an EKG done. The good thing was she did let Brenner conduct his exam, and wow was he good with her. At the conclusion of his exam her showed Chris and I the pictures of Tatum’s heart from the CT scan. IT was so amazing I had never seen anything like it before. We could actually see the narrowing in her Aorta and the length of it. It is pretty tiny for a long way and then it opens back up, he also told us the wider part is much better but not where it should be either… Her pulmonary branch and branch arteries are growing and looking good so Dr. decided to close that chapter of her heart problems and focus strictly on the Aorta and BP. Nothing has changed in the fact that we are just going to ride it out. Although the BP is high the risk of intervention at her age is a higher risk, especially since she is thriving. The plan is to hold off any surgery as long as possible…so far so good, we know it well happen someday but I’m fine with it being put off for maybe years. She is thriving and that is the most important thing for us, and her, at this point in her life. We’re planning a sedated Echo in the early fall at JHU…no more out patient centers for us…way to blow it Tate...LOL

The weekend was awesome; although Friday was not the best day. We went to visit family in Dover over the weekend; one of my Mom’s sisters and her family came up from FL. We hardly ever get to see our cousins so it was a really nice time visiting and playing with the girls. Molly, Tatum and Emma are all such a trip in there own different ways. It is so funny to watch the little boss Emma with her baby cousins. On Sunday morning we went out to breakfast with My Dad and G (Bonnie), Julie, Geoff and Molly and my family… a very loud table to say the least. Funny, I think that Tatum is the best eater out of all the kids …she LOVES scrambled eggs with cheese and grits.

Friday was a rough day just because anything that could go wrong did and that is excluding our horrible mortgage market!!! The Pharmacy filled a Rx wrong, Emma’s swimming teacher had to cancel, that actually worked out for the better, and a “miss-communication” showed me a side to a “friend” that I had not really ever seen before. I guess the biggest thing that I learned is that to many people use the word friend way to loosely…sure I have “friends” and then I have FRIENDS you would think by now they would know who they are and me too for that matter. In this case it was just much easier for me to take the high road and laugh…There is no winning with someone that is always right and sees no fault in there actions…blame shifting seems to be the best way to go, so we move on…The funniest comment in the argument was this one… "Oh yeah you are such a good mother” believe me this was not said to be taken literal. Why it was such a funny thing is to say is weather you are "just trying to be hurtful" or not, you must think it to a certain extent. This same person has assured me many times that there is no way they could handle what I do or deal with as far as my children are concerned. Calling someone a bad mother is a pretty low blow in my opinion, kind of twisted if you ask me…

I would have to Guess that if you are reading this you are on the FRIEND list.....


I have a ton of pictures and well get more into our terrific weekend later…