Tuesday, April 29, 2008

End of april ALREADY!!!

I cannot believe it is the end of the month already, they just keep flying by… The monsoon has finally stopped and it appears that the sun is finally going to make an appearance today, but what does that mean it is just supposed to start raining again. Saturday was beautiful we played our first softball game got our butts kicked but still fun. I am not actually playing Chris is but we went and cheered, it is a co-ed league so we have friends all playing.

With the weather so nice the last two Saturdays I have been able to get stuff done around the house. We planted flowers out front ,but it still looks lame, and we were able to clean the roof terrace and the back yard. All we need is a new outdoor rug for the terrace and we are set. The shelf life on the outdoor rugs is about three years. I was good the first yr and put it in the garage for the summer but slack the last two and now it is just falling apart at the touch. What can you do it is pretty faded anyway.

The girls are doing great! Emma’s new thing is to ask how to spell just about everything you say. It is sort of a pain in the butt as well as very cute. We have recently had to start labeling everything in the house so she knows how to spell the words. Whatever works right… Tatum is still not really talking but the babble is loud and out of hand. She has some words that I think only we can understand them. For example if you say I love you to her she babbles the same thing back every time, if you ask for a kiss she turns her head and leans her cheek toward you with a big smile. Her hair is simply out of hand but I love it. She is doing much better walking around inside and out especially on different textures. She really loves it outside although her allegories are killing her, I feel so bad poor kid, and I think she gets them from me. I did find a natural allegory suppressant at the organic market on Sunday so hopefully that’ll help….

I guess I better stop slacking….I am glad everyone had great weather and turn out for the WS walks last weekend ;) Oh yeah here is one more picture of Tatum and Peyton from the weekend we were in VA. When the two little ones did play together they were super cute!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


That has pretty much sums up my past week...I am just wondering when it is going to stop...

If I do not have Emma in my bed it is Tatum on top of last week in month and my Anniversary (yeah an excuse to go out with just Chris)I need a good 5 extra hours a day.
So far this week we have knocked them all out. Emma in our bed on Monday night Tate in the bed last night, well early this morning, don't worry it was way after we got home from our anniversary date ;).
This evening I even came home from work and went on a walk with the girls. I figured since I was so sore from gardening on Saturday STILL I may as well keep exercising...right, makes sense...:) The older the kids get the busier I get....trying to blog at 11:20 is sad....I started this like an hour ago but I had to go give Em "snuggles", again. At least she is in her bed for now anyway. So now I have totally lost whatever it was I started blogging about...I'll have to finish in the morning, hopefully I should have time since I am planing on waking up early to run ( walk fast and run a little) Whatever get you up and moving right.....

Well I have been awake since 5 but did not get to run :( Tatum has been awake with me yippee, actually she has been pretty pleasant and very cute. I am going to have to get my jog stroller down so next time I can just take her with me. Well I have some extra time this morning so I think I'll make Tate and I some eggs for breakfast :) Have a good day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Everyone loves Adam Sandler...or DanaCarvey lol

I am starting to realize that I am never going to catch a break in my house. Between Emma and Chris I do not know what I am going to do except maybe die laughing. The two of them are just two peas in a pod right down to the TV shows they watch. Thank god Tatum and I just go with the flow or we would really be in trouble.

The other day I overheard Emma singing....cute I know.... I asked her to repeat her song because surly my ears were mistaken me.... nope they were right my almost 5 yr old was sitting at her table in the kitchen singing Adam Sandlers song "chopping broccoli". She was doing this with all the bells and whistles..."I'm chopping it chopping it chopping it ". I was dying it was just to funny. I guess we do not watch reruns in our house. Apparently her and Chris sign this together. Oh what am I going to do with those two.

There's a lady I know
I didn't know her
She'd be the lady I didn't know.

my lady, she went downtown
She bought some broccoli
She brought it home.

She's chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli

She's chopping broccoli
She's chopping broccoli
She's chop.. ooh!
She's chopping broccola-ah-ie!

So happy for spring we have our first softball game this weekend and I love playing with the kids outside!!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor

This weekend we all headed to VA Beach to visit my friend Heather and her family. Heather is also a dentist so I was lucky enough to get her to fix my tooth that I broke in December. This particular weekend was picked so we could also enjoy Taylor's 3 birthday . It was also a long over due visit to check out there not so new anymore house but still new to me, it is AWESOME, I think we may have to vacation there this summer LOL.

I would imagine we'll be enjoying many more with him since Emma proposed to him last night. I guess after playing all weekend going swimming and taking a bath and nap together she was hooked. Not to mention that he and his baby brother are two of the most beautiful boys ever. Tatum was her happy little self but seemed to enjoy the dog and eating then anything else, she did hang with Payton some but only when the big kids were away...Who knows we may have a budding romance there too LOL. I'll have to get the pictures of the babies playing together from Heather, I downloaded them to her computer and then forgot to save them :(

Life Changing...

I was ready to leave for my friends house on Sat. morning when I got a call from her. Heather was calling to tell me that Benny, a High School friend of ours passed away. News like this certainly puts the problems and issues you have in perspective.
My friend Jen was married to Benny, Chris and I attended their wedding when I was preg. with Tatum. Last Saturday I was unable to attend her baby shower but sent a gift with my Mom. Jen and Benny's first baby is due on my birthday, I am so sad for her and her family. I have no idea what she must be going through. I know that my friend Jen is a very strong woman but no one should ever have to go through something like this and at 8m preg I have no clue how she is holding it together, Most definitely a life suck big time moment.
This is my 5 funeral since I became preg with Tatum and only Nana was an older person. I have attended more funerals in the last 2.5 yrs then some in a lifetime.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Poem From The List Serve

I do not read many list serve email because there is just not enough time in the day but yesterday someone posted a poem they wrote and i wanted to share it:

Angelic faces with upturned smiles
Voices that carry through to every ear
You might not see their beautiful Wings
Although invisible, they are always there.

Hearts of gold and eyes so bright
The most Loving of the earthly plane
Most blessed are we with their empathy
And their truthful tears that fall like rain.

These Children of God who are treasured by some
And by others cast away
If you could take one look inside their souls
You would see innocence beaming in rays.

They may seem slow upon the earth
Or fumble, stumble and fall
But you see, their wings are for higher places
Where difference is not different at all.

If you happen upon a little pixie
Or a one who has grown into their wings
Remember to hold them as tight as you can
And lovingly let them sing.

This is for all of you on the board. I wrote this regardless if I have
William's or not because I know what it is like to be different and
also to love those who are "Special"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another week down...Almost

Well Today is My sisters Birthday my friend Dana's b-day Tyler's B-day (I think). On top of all the birthdays my friend Michelle is have a heart cath and maybe a patch put on. She is participating in a blind research study. The Doctors that are doing the cath are actually Tatum's old group from Fairfax. Thank god she got he one we like there:)
I have to tell ya I hate caths no matter who is having them just talking about it freaks me out. I am sure she is fine I just can not wait to hear from her or someone just so I know all went well....

This weekend we are going to Tyler's b-day party yeah I am very psyched I have not seen Heather's not so new anymore house, it should be fun I think the kids well have a blast. On Monday I am getting my tooth fixed oh so glad this thing is killing me. I have never had anything wrong with my teeth so the though of a possible root canal kinda wigs me out. At this point whatever stops the pain is good for me.

Well I am sure well have some fun pictures to share after the weekend. I just love taking pictures in the spring!!!

OH yeah one more thing...I sent my money in for the Strasburg Railroad trip so its official we are going, keep your fingers crossed no sick kids this yr.!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I Think Chris is gonna try and make it down there tonight, I hope he does anyway. Nothing like a good WSP show to put you in a great mood!!!

Warner Theatre
Washington, DC

SET 1:
A OF D >

SET 2:


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Showers bring May Flowers

But really the rain could stop at anytime.....

Sorry I have been big time MIA but the trusty end of the month always gets me with work.....

Anyway today is supposed to be Tatum's Annual review with Infant and toddlers but I cancelled, I have a terrible tooth ached and do not think that I can actually pay attention to anything important while messing with my tooth at he same time. Does that make any kind of sense? Not to mention I am going to see Widespread Panic with my friends at 7 this evening....So between both excuses I just can not make it to the IFSP meeting or whatever they call it. I think we'll make it another month.....

I have finally decided on daycare for the kids, they are YMCA bound. It seems like a good deal I can use flex spending and the summer camps for Emma look fun. Best of all I can send her to VBS without have to pay for two daycare's that week. I know we are really going to miss Pim but it is just time she has to start back to school and medically with Tatum we are in a much better place. Anyway I am about done answering the phones and now back to my desk. Hope everyone has a great day.