Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and all That :)

Well once again we have been up to everything...We had a great visit with the Clayton's when they breezed through town on the way to CHOP. They were allowed in the house to watch football once Chris explained to Noel the the Redskins are from DC LOL, kidding Noel;) Anyway Tatum and I also got to hang downtown and take in a museum with them one day, lots of fun they are a great bunch. The girls really had a great time together.

Emma is rocking and rolling in Kindergarten her first report card was good and she is making some great strides towards reading. Tatum is going to transition to the Child Find program in Feb and also move to the three yr old class at Day care, she is doing awesome. Tate is signing songs finishing sentencing and general making great progression in her learning.

I think our main goal with Tatum is to keep her healthy for her upcoming sedated echo she seems to love to hang on to a cold all winter long and they love to not sedate her...errrr anyway I am about done with Christmas shopping but I have no desire to decorate anyone have a motivators??? I am sure it doesn't help that I have spent the weekend sick, AGAIN.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Fun

I know it has been a while again, but like always we are super busy. I actually have not been feeling very good and last night I ended up in the ER. Nothing to worry about I got tons of antibiotics ( even an IV full) and I am going to make it.
I had to take a ambulance from work to the hospital, since I work in Montgomery County the ambulance would take me to the hospital closest to my work. That hospital was on a code yellow so traffic was being re routed to a hospital on the other side of Bethesda. I was so not thrilled about that since it is way far from my house, we live North in Frederick Co. I somehow managed to talk the ambulance drivers to take me cross county lines to FMH instead of Suburban...not bad for someone in total pain huh... Anyway that has been the excitement for this week so far and it is only Tuesday.

Friday I meet with the lady from Child Find about transitioning Tatum into pre-school in Feb, I can not believe my baby is turning three. She is really progressing well , she knows Mommy and Daddy and uses our names and she is a terrific when it comes to "Old McDonald had a Farm" we are in one of those new things everyday phases...

Two weekends ago we went to a WS hayride on Saturday and On Sunday I took the girls to Baltimore and had lunch with Autumn , Aspen and Logan before Aspen and Logan caught a plane back home. It was great to see them and the hayride was a blast. I love all these WS events the kids are great and Emma always has a blast meeting new friends. There was a little girl at the hayride and no joke she could have been Tatum's twin just a little older...they were super cute...Next week Noel and her family is stopping through on there way to CHOP...so excited!!!