Sunday, August 31, 2008

What happend to summer??...

Well the first week at school seemed to go well for Emma, she loved it. Thursday afternoon I got a call at work to come pick up Tatum, she has pink eye, by the time I got through traffic to get her I could pick both girls up. Emma had just gotten off the bus and was not ready to leave she got mad at me for coming to early. Oh well I gave in and let her stay, Steve picked her up when he got his kids I still had way to much to do to waste time arguing with her.

Anyway Chris is racing Tinkerbell this weekend and I am not going to make it to any races, Emma went to the track with him this morning. He is racing again at the end of September so I think we'll make a weekend out of it then. Tatum is all eye gross a bit congested and super clingy so I decided it would be easier to keep her here, not to mention I have a ton to do around the house. Tomorrow is my day to do NOTHING but enjoy the last day of the pool day so I have alot to get done today. We are also do the neighborhood triathlon tomorrow... I am only doing the bike part and that alone may kill me. LOL

Softball is also over so no more games on the weekends...Kinda sucks I though the last game was the best, or at least my best haha we won 2 games all season, no worries we were the most fun team ;)

Ok well I guess I better get started on my day so far all I have done is a bike ride.... Oh yeah Whitney is supposed to have her little baby girl this Friday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well Today was Emma's first day of Kindergarten, wow where did the time go. She was in the kitchen and dressed faster this morning then I had ever seen before, she even brushed that hair. We( Ma. Walt, Dad, Tatum and Me) arrived at day care to see Emma off on the bus...It never stopped so the kids ended up taking the center shuttle over to the school no biggie same thing happened yesterday but it seemed to be fine for the way home... This is a picture of Emma waiting for the bus this morning , and the other is Alex sending her off. The kindergartners here have a staggered start, meaning they all go random day Mon-Wed (IE: Alex went to school yesterday and Em stayed at the new center ) all the kindergartners go together on Thursday.

Emma was so grown up I could to believe it, she did not even want me to come have lunch with her. After following her around all morning with a camera and crying a bit we had to let her go. I am going back when they get out to catch her getting on the bus back to after school care. Other then the bus kinks so far so good the new daycare and school are working well. Until the newness wares off....

So while I wait I am cleaning, working ( brought a little bit home) and trying to put a room together for Tatum. After 2 weeks in her toddler bed she is moving on up to the daybed from the guest room...does that make the guest room a full on computer room/ office now since there is no bed?...
Anyway in order for this to happen I first have to find the daybed under all the clean laundry that needs folded, then take apart the crib and toddler bed that are both currently in Tate's room, at that point...well that is where I am...and I am bloggging instead of finding the vacuum... Anyway I'll have to update more later when I have the after school pictures of Em, and maybe Tatum's room LOL...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're back....

It took me a while to post since we got home from the beach but it seems I have just hit the ground running.... Our little mini girls vacation was great, the girls LOVE the beach. Tatum was a trip everyone around us must have gotten a kick out of watching her run around and dig in the sand. Both girls love the water also. Wed my Mom and I took the girls to the beach, we meet friends from our neighborhood that were down for the week and hung out with them for the day and on Thursday I took the kids to Bethany for the day. Thursday we meet up with Chris' sister and her family for they day since they were down for the whole week. The girls had a blast playing with their cousins on the beach. thanks to the help of Uncle Joe Joe they dug a great big hole that was great for containing kids. From now on when I go to the beach that is my new first priority... I wonder if Tate would have napped in there if I tried...nahhh who needs a nap at the beach!!!

Friday we hung around in Dover and Saturday morning we headed home, Em was so ready to see her Dad she had been at my Mom's since the previous Sat.

The rest of the weekend we spent just hanging around home Emma had a birthday party on Sat and we hit the pool for a bit on Sunday.
This week has been a bit of a blur, I have had tons to do at work, Emma got her Kindergarten Teacher assignment and Tatum has slept in a bed every night this week ( I do not want to jinx it). I am looking forward to doing nothing but sunning and playing at the pool this week, our softball games were canceled so there is no excuse to not be at the pool....Open invite if anyone wants to join us :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

3 years, always counting

Chris' Dad passed away three years ago today, seems to always be a sad month around my house... It is not easy when Emma says things like I wish Granddad were here so I could give him a hug...I am so disappointed that I'll never have a picture of him with Tatum, at least Emma has things to look back on and try to remember.

I am off to the beach this evening with the kids for a few days, hope the weather is good :)

Friday, August 01, 2008

sing a happy song

I am wondering is singing kids music all day a bad thing??? I guess what makes it worse is I am signing show tunes.....Thanks High School Musical 2 :)