Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is coming...

Easter, what can I say with Easter comes our second Williams Syndrome DX anniversary, it souled be worse…at least it was warmer then last year. You know Since Williams is what it is and such a part of our life's now I think I am done with remembering anniversary's in reference to it, I mean really why bother, it is not like I really knew Tate all that well pre Dx she was super little. :) Anyway.....

We had a pretty full weekend again Saturday I took the girls to our church’s “Easter Eggxtravaganza” it was a bit chilly but lots of fun. We actually had to call Chris and have him bring us some hats and gloves LOL. Emma brought a friend with her and I have to tell you the two girls were adorable they did two egg hunts, dug in a sand box for toys and oh yeas we hit the moon bounce about three times. It is so nice to see Emma grow up and interact with her different friends I just can not believe she’s my 1 baby. I guess I have to get used to the fact that she is my big girl.

Sunday was a lot warmer outside, the weekend turned out a lot nicer then predicted we got up and went to Angie and Joe’s for our annual Easter egg hunt and yummy breakfast then over to Baltimore for an early dinner at my sisters house. The girls all had fun looking for the eggs, even Tatum got into it. I think the picture I have posted may be my favorite of all the girls together.Autumn joined us for dinner this year that was a nice extra. Poor Chris was total the chauffeur since we all sat in the back seats to watch Enchanted on the DVD, super cute movie.

The kids all had a good time playing, at one time I looked in the living room and they were all playing very nice just not at all together, too funny. Julie had a fantastic dinner like always and I even got to go home with some stuff from her closet. Got to love that!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Always on the go....

Well another weekend over!! The older I get the faster they go. I got to have lunch with Whitney and her sister on Friday afternoon and Whitney came back to my house with me. I do not think that Emma is ever going to stop talking about her. Whitney played the littlest pet shop with her and read her a million books. They were really cute.

Saturday morning Emma went to the movie with one of her friends and I had to take Whitney back to her Sisters, they had spa appointments at 11. After I dropped Whitney off and picked up some Easter stuff at the mall I drove into Baltimore to check out our friends new store grand opening. The store was adorable it is called Bediboo, this is the website... http://www.bediboo.com/

So anyway, after that Tatum and I stopped by Dana and Scott's house to play for a little bit. Tatum had a blast playing with Jason, although she was a dirt ball by the time we left it was totally a beautiful day.
Once we got home we headed out for a cook out with Chris' co workers. It was fun to meet them and we actually ran into an old friend we had not seen in like 4 years. Kinda random and funny all at once.

Sunday was a bit colder then Saturday but we still managed to get alot done. Chris went to Costco while I ran around with the girls. We had dinner at Angie and Joe's house to celebrate Chris' Mom 's b-day. It was nice to see everyone and Emma had a great time playing. I was psyched because I finally got to see what Gautier Hero is, I know lame but I had never seen it played before. I can not wait to see what the video games are like by the time we are actually buying them for the girls...

Needless to say it was a busy weekend. Wow I can not believe it is time to go back to work already....Got to get these kids in bed. Hope you all had a great weekend can you believe it is almost Easter...

Monday, March 10, 2008

DST already....

Well hopefully you all feel better then me today....I love and hate daylight savings time all at once. I love it because it means SPRING...I hate it because it steals sleep and although only an hour I may as well have gone on vacation in Hawaii and taken a red eye to get to work... At least the kids seemed to handle it well...

It was pretty cold all weekend so we really did not do much. Chris took Emma to the pool on Saturday to work on her swimming skills. I think by the time summer starts she'll be very close if not swimming alone. Not so sure we'll make the swim team this year but who knows, I guess we'll just have to see how she does. Tatum should be pretty funny this summer too, I am sure she'll love the pool as long as I am right there with her. I can not believe how stuck to Mom she is...I guess I should enjoy it since she is so darn cute.

We saw the genetics Doctor on Thursday and he was also concerned about her speech, I am not as worried about it as everyone else I know she'll talk eventually. I am going to attend some of her speech therapy for the next few months to see what I can do to help her along, I think we'll have her saying more in no time. Compared to other Williams kids she is not that behind in speech right?

I have to start getting Emma's forms together to register her for kindergarten, wow I can not believe she is going to school this yr. it seems like just yesterday that she was born. I am also thinking about putting in Tatum in a more structured Daycare, I think it would really help her out with her communication skills. The YMCA where Emma goes to pre-school seems to have a really great program for children Tatum's age too. I am thinking that she'll get much more out of that then just being at home one on one with a sitter. Thoughts anyone?

Anyway I have work to get done...I'll try and get some pictures up soon and post more this week. Whitney is coming out to visit her sister on Thursday so hopefully I'll get to catch up with them this weekend. Happy Monday :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What a week...last week

Well I have to admit last week was just exhausting and emotional. I went to KY over the weekend, was able to have Tatum evaluated by Dr. Mervis and her fabulous team as well as attend the services for Blake. They are in IN about 30mins from Louisville.

This was the first time I attended a funeral for a child and I can promise you the next one I go to is to soon. In spite of everything Whitney looked great, she is even starting to show. I got to have lunch with Troy, Whitney, Brandon one of the cousins...I forget his name but he and Brandon were just to cute. It was really nice to spend time with them away from everything. I am so excited because Whitney is coming to MD when her sisters Baby is born, that is like anytime now, so I am totally getting to see her again soon.

Dr. Mervis thought Tatum was doing really well with the exception of her comprehension and speech but we are working on that. Her fine motor skills are terrific. She was awesome on the plane and everywhere we went actually I do not think she cried but maybe three times all weekend and two of the time were because she wanted me. Yes it is true I have a Williams Kid that is major clingy, it is sweet, I guess :) not so common from what I understand.

Anyway you would all be happy to know that when we returned home there were locks on the kitchen cabinets ( the lower ones) and yep a gate at the top of the stairs. Way to go Chris, all it took was a trip to the ER and last Wed. night he had to do the Heimlich to get the change out of her that she was chocking on, I think I forgot to mention that last week.... Well anyway that is behind us moving forward we are Tatum proofed :)

Happy Hump Day Everyone !!!