Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What a week...last week

Well I have to admit last week was just exhausting and emotional. I went to KY over the weekend, was able to have Tatum evaluated by Dr. Mervis and her fabulous team as well as attend the services for Blake. They are in IN about 30mins from Louisville.

This was the first time I attended a funeral for a child and I can promise you the next one I go to is to soon. In spite of everything Whitney looked great, she is even starting to show. I got to have lunch with Troy, Whitney, Brandon one of the cousins...I forget his name but he and Brandon were just to cute. It was really nice to spend time with them away from everything. I am so excited because Whitney is coming to MD when her sisters Baby is born, that is like anytime now, so I am totally getting to see her again soon.

Dr. Mervis thought Tatum was doing really well with the exception of her comprehension and speech but we are working on that. Her fine motor skills are terrific. She was awesome on the plane and everywhere we went actually I do not think she cried but maybe three times all weekend and two of the time were because she wanted me. Yes it is true I have a Williams Kid that is major clingy, it is sweet, I guess :) not so common from what I understand.

Anyway you would all be happy to know that when we returned home there were locks on the kitchen cabinets ( the lower ones) and yep a gate at the top of the stairs. Way to go Chris, all it took was a trip to the ER and last Wed. night he had to do the Heimlich to get the change out of her that she was chocking on, I think I forgot to mention that last week.... Well anyway that is behind us moving forward we are Tatum proofed :)

Happy Hump Day Everyone !!!


Every minute counts.... said...

Love ya Lisa!!
I hope Spring comes soon for you too! Sunshine always improves my mood!
Glad to hear Chris "Tatum" proved stuff!!


Julie said...

Glad everything went well with your visit to Dr Mervis. Thanks for keeping us updated on Whitney. Yeah no one should have to bury there child. It is a truly devastating thing. Just thought I would let you know, Noah figured out how to get the baby locks open on our cabinets this weekend. Don't get to comfortable.:)

Penny said...

I am glad you were there for Whitney. You are a dear friend

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

I have been worried about you. I'm glad you're "talking" again. A child's funeral is the worst. Glad you are back.

I think Chris put the gate up because he was afraid of me!

Heather said...

hey, glad to hear from you. That was nice that you could get Tate in with Dr. M. Hmmm,I remember Caleb being the only kid I needed the saftey locks for. He was such a little stinker. Change? Ugh. I bet you two were freaking! Thank goodness she is okay :) I remember trying to hold Tate at the picnic, and she cried because she wanted her daddy. I'm glad that you are getting a turn before she grows out of it. :) My little guy doesn't even want me to tuck him in anymore. :( so sad...

Katie said...

Glad Chris managed to fix up the place for madam!
How nice she is clingy, Jai couldnt care less if i dissapeared for a month, as long as someone is smiling at him he is theirs LOL.
Im so glad you were able to attend the service for Blake, Whitney would have been glad to have you there.
Tate sounds like she is going really well! Speech will come, most likely all at once when u least suspect it ;-)

Connie said...

Hi, Lisa. I haven't emailed a quite awhile, but I have meant to and have been thinking of you, knowing about sweet Blake. Just thought I would let you know you have been in my thoughts.