Friday, December 29, 2006

Still Sick

Well I gave daycare a whirl yesterday...we lasted there all of 30 mins. They called to let me know that Tatum had a fever and we needed to come pick her up, about 5 mins after I got to work. Lucky for me Chris took care f it so I could get some work in. Today is a different story, I guess it is his turn to go to work. As pleasant as Tatum is sick the lack of sleep is killing me. Right now it is 3:45 am and she is rolling around and talking like it is morning time....UGGGGGGG when is it going to end I need sleep!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3 Man Band

Well today we have to take Tatum to the doctor in the morning, they want to check her out...Her fever is totally gone and has been since Sat. morning but the breathing is still bad. The nebulizer is a pain in the ass and unless Tatum is asleep she is not getting much out of it. Last night I did finally get Emma to sit long enough to do a treatment...I had to read the same book over like 5 times but I think that it was worth it, gee I wish Tatum would fall for that one.

Christmas was nice the girls got a ton of gifts, to my surprise Tatum is really enjoying this Hooke poke Elmo doll and this leapfrog animal doll thing. The Elmo is a funny little thing, we are thinking that tickle one may be good for her birthday and much easier to get by then. Emma enjoyed her new princess dress she wore it ALL day.We actually did not have a Bell dress so it was nice to add a new one in the mix. I love this picture of the girls "playing" together...too cute!!

The funniest part of the day came while we were at Angie and Joe's house for dinner. Tori, Emma's cousin, got a real electric guitar for Christmas. After dinner Emma and Tori found all the instrument's that were in the play room. Emma ended up with the girls old Barbie guitar while Tatum opted for a drum. I have to tell you this was the cutest band ever and Tatum was very amused. Lucky for us Emma got to bring the guitar home with her, she has already put her name on the back.

I'll be sure to update later after we see Dr. Desuza, I am hoping that she is well enough to go to daycare today but for some reason I am doubting it. Chris stayed home yesterday so I was able to get alot done but there is always more and missing a day at the end of the month is the pits.

UPDATE: Staying home with T today. Doc says she sounds so much better, keep up with the meds, and she'll see her next week...Daycare tomorrow for Miss Tatum :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Change in Plans...

Well this year we are staying put for the holidays...We have put the house on lock down...Miss Tatum has decided to make her first Christmas a memorable one by coming down with pneumonia...I know lots of fun and great timing... She actually is much better today then yesterday. Her breathing is still very loud and awful sounding and her cough is way to big to come from something so little but today there is no fever. We went to the Pediatrician this morning to have her pulse/ox checked...This should be 100 yesterday it was in the 80's...After two nebulizer treatments we got it up to 95. This morning it was 94, not great but not bad either.

Today has been a beautiful day, upper 60's I would think. I did get to sit outside a bit and watch Emma play while Chris and Tatum took a nap. Emma loves to chalk draw on the patio and play in her little house out in the little back yard we have. Today with the help of Nestor, Emma drew a Christmas Tree... I wish the weather would stay like this :)

Well then again maybe it would be better if it were not so nice out...then I would stay in and finish wraping gifts...Time to nebulize :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

Well we are headed to DE to visit my Mom and Dad for Christmas and then coming home on Christmas Eve to be home Christmas morning. This is actually the first Christmas I have spent at my own house, and I have owned a home since '01. I can not tell you how much we are looking forward to it.

I have decided not to worry about the Doctor thing and not to waste time writing a dumb letter to a Board of Medicine. I did send the nurses in the office a apology letter for being "That Mom"... If I had to guess these ladies have no idea that the Dr. gave us the boot using them as a major part of the lame excuse. Oh well Child Cardiology Associates is just not the practice for us and it not nearly the practice that I at one time thought it was...how disappointing...

I have a appointment with a Doctor from Hopkins on Jan. 4, hopefully this well work out for us.

I was thinking that Oprah may need another email...She would love to hear about these nutty doctors....

Happy Holidays Everyone.....

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today we went to the Cardiologist; our appointment was scheduled for 11:30. This was the first time that Chris had meet Dr. Shapiro…boy was that interesting…

We fist had the echo done, Tatum was great for that. Then we waited in the exam room for the Dr. While waiting one of the office workers gave up a huge bag of gifts for Tatum. There were at least 5 packages, I asked if they did that for all the kids and the reply was not just some of the special ones.

The Dr. finally came in after reviewing the Echo and began his examination. He made no mention to the prior situation and seemed a bit cold. He did not even shake Chris’ hand when I introduced him. He told us that there had been no real change in Tatum’s heart and the heart was not getting any thicker so for now it is best to leave well enough alone. He told us to be seen again in 2m…after that he promptly told us that we should find a new practice… I wish I could have seen my face when he said that and I wish all of you could have seen Chris…He told us we should trust our doctors and since I do not trust them and have a problem with one of the doctors in the practice that it would be best if we left. Oh yeah and I am “unpleasant” to the nurses…OK that is true, whatever, I have a great relationship with the nurses!!!

During the visit I did ask Dr S if he thought I was wrong to move the surgery for Tatum’s Eyes. His reply was no…I would also want to be someplace more prepared. Ok so hmmmmm I was right!!!!! He made no excuse or apologies for Dr. Lindsay’s lack of follow up or advice in this situation but instead penalized me for going against one of their Dr.’s advice…. Weird eh…. talk about a serious god complex. Chris thinks that the relationship with the office fell apart the day they found out we were going to Philly. They did not feel a 2nd opinion was needed and therefore never sent her file to the cardiologist at CHOP.

Chris and I had discussed seeing a new practice but did not really want to switch because Dr. Telep was already familiar with her. He is the Dr. that has preformed her Cath’s. Maybe we can still have him Cath her when needed…who knows. I have a friend who has a daughter Emma’s age with heart disease. Ella has already had 3 open-heart surgeries, Poor girl, not to worry Ella is doing great!!! Anyway we are going to start seeing her Doctor, maybe a healthy change is what we need, I guess we’ll see since the decision was made for us by some arrogant Dr. I can not believe this man wasted two hours of our time to tell us this…Chris actually voiced it to them along with a bunch of other stuff…

I think I am going to be writing a letter to the State Medical Board…That should be fun…I think I am actually still in shock…I have never been fired by a Doctors office before.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its Official

I think that today marks the first day that I can actually say Tatum can sit up...She can not get into this position alone but once in it she sit for what seems forever. Today she actually sat up and ate a cookie...she figured out a way to suck down all the cookie part so at the end all she had left were the chocolate chips...Granted it was all over her but I must say I was impressed. She was a bit messy after the cookie so I started the bath..She sat up the whole time while waiting for the tube. Once Emma could sit up we used one of those bath rings in the tub for her and this time around I can not seem to find them anywhere. Did they stop making them?

Friday night was the Kids Daycare Christmas show. This is truly one of those moments that make being a parent worth it. I think that Emma's class was the cutest one up there. The babies just sit there with there teachers the next group gets a bit cuter but there is nothing like a good group of three year old's. Emma's classmates have all been together since before they were 1,well maybe not all of them but a good core group. Being around them is a treat, the kids play off each other in such a way the pure joy just pours from all of them. This is a picture of Emma group signing "This Little Light of Mine". Tatum's class did "Rudolph the red nose reindeer". Although very cute not the best...LOL...Oh yeah I don't even want to get into the Santa...He was a really good santa, real whiskers and all. He sat all the kids down in a circle and told them all a story. Then called them up to sit on his lap and recieve a little gift, These kids were in Heaven. The Santa looked like something right out of Saturday Night Live...Chris thought he was drunk but who knows...

Today Chris and Emma went to Breakfast with Santa at Whiskey Creek Country Club. Nestor, Ronell and Nathan also went, I am counting on Ronell for some cute pictures. While they did this Tatum and I went to Church. Today was the Sunday School Christmas program, and very cute. Tatum loved all the music. I wish Emma was as good in Church as Tatum was today. After the service they had cookies and punch for everyone. I was enjoying someone awesome CC cookie when suddenly a little hand grabbed it from me. Tatum decided it was her cookie and proceeded to hold on to it for dear life. The church service is held in the middle school just down the street from my house. We could actually walk if we wanted or had the time so you can imagine how short the drive is. I was driving home from church hoping that Tatum would not choke on the cookie in the back seat while I was driving the two min. drive home while also knowing I was going to have a mess on my hands. I got home and took her pictures before I got her in the tub. I think this actually brings this post full circle... :)

MUST WRAP GIFTS....I hate this part

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yeah For Blogger

Well I have done a bit of testing with the help of a friend and it appears that the comment glitch is fixed...Ok I can cross that off my list...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Beta Blogger Is For The Birds!!!!!

So I made the huge mistake of switching to Beta Blogger...Once I started it was to late to quit, oops...anyway I have email Blogger help and hopefully soon you should be able to leave comments again...I have no idea right now why it is only excepting anonymous comments... While looking at the blogger customer support topics I have noticed that I am not the only person having these issues so hopefully it well be fixed soon...I miss hearing from all my Moms :(

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pretty Lights...

Before reading this take into consideration that I grew up with white lights only and not many if any lights outside. I do remember a few years when Julie and I actually got colored lights on the tree but only because we had two trees...LOL This is the first year that we have ever put up lights, we have bought them a million times and just never put them up. I think it is different now because Emma is all about lights. What I really wanted was a snow globe blow up thing but there over $100, I did not want it that bad. We are just going to have to enjoy our neighbor on the corners house...They have Santa on a motorcycle, very cute.

I think living here you have to get into lights, I have really never seen anything like it. One house even has its own radio station... I am pretty sure as long as we live in this house we are going to have Christmas lights... I am taking bets as to when, if ever, Chris takes those lights down... :) He put them pretty high up.

We did get out tonight so I could show Em some of the lights. Lucky for me Emma liked the white lights better then the colored but she liked lots... way more then we have...and I actually thought I was outdoing myself...LOL

WOW this is the radio station house puts a entire new spin on gawdy eh. I bet there electric bill is sick. Once we got home from checking out the lights a Fire Engine drove by the house and guess who was on board...? Santa Clause, boy was Emma excited since we missed him at breakfast the other day...long story, basically we were late. Anyway Santa came up to the door and gave Emma a candy cane and let me snap a quick picture. I really do have to get her to the mall to see Santa...this has been a very cyber Christmas, to bad there is no cyber Santa for her to visit...HAHA

Although we missed seeing Santa on Sat. the breakfast was still very fun and we had a nice time visiting with friends. My opinion may be a bit tainted but I think the girls looked absolutely adorable...I can not figure out who talks more. I think Chris and I are doomed.

Monday, December 11, 2006

It's going around

Today I took Tatum and Emma to Tatum's eye apt. Her Dr. said she had a email a colleage of hers from Childrens in DC to Tatum's eye surgery. We are planning on this to be in January but no set date yet. Also the patch did its job and she does not have to wear it anymore. That is a good thing since she now takes it off herself about 20 mins. in.

After the apt was over I dropped the girls off and got to wk about 10. As soon as I arrived I got a message that the Dr. Lyndsay( Cardiology) had faxed the realese for Tatums surgery...Funny it was only a week late, and I no longer need it. When I returned the phone call to the nurse I cancelled my furture apt. with Dr. Lyndsay and made a new one with Dr. Shaperio. I am pretty pleased with my new change. I just do not think that Dr. L is the best match for us.

I only lasted at work untill 1:30, daycare called, aparently Tatum has the bug that is going around. She has had lots of poo and throw up...gross. I picked up both girls and headed home, gosh I sure do hope this is a 24 hour thing and Emma does not get it. Tatum actually seems to be bettter now hopefully that is a good sign.

Oh well now I am home, I guess tha is not all bad I am pretty tired from The football game yesterday. Chris and I went to the Redskins/Eagles game....What a great battle for the basement, LOL, atleast my team won!!! GO EAGLES...LOL It really was a great day for a football game, great seats and awesome weather.

Bettter run Tatum is pulling all the wipes out of the package...funny girl.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Kepping those Crossed Eyes

Today I decided that Tatum is not having eye surgery, at least not on Tuesday. The hospital that the surgery was scheduled is really not the best facility for Tatum. Although it is a fine hospital they are missing one very important thing that Tatum needs in case of emergency...A bypass machine. Without this they can not do open heart surgery in the event of a emergence. If something were to happen to Tatum during this procedure I would never forgive myself.....SO we wait.

I am a bit annoyed with my Cardiologist, she was not the best advocate for my baby...I can not figure her out she is super nice but nice is not always the answer. I am on the fence about finding a new practice...can you say confusion!!! Dr. Desuza ( Tatum and Emma's pediatrician) suggested maybe John Hopkins if I was interested, we'll see. Right now I know only one thing, I am sleeping much better tonight knowing that this eye surgery is postponed. Besides those eyes are adorable!!!

I just want to get through Christmas without medical worries...Tomorrow morning is our annual breakfast with Santa...I can not wait, I wonder what the girls are gonna think of the big guy in the red suit. I am betting that it is pretty interesting :)


Tatum is starting to babble and babble more everyday. She is making new strides by leaps and bounds, we are having so much fun watching her. The thing that kills me the most is I am starting to realize that Emma is not the only daddy's girl in the house. Yep you guessed it, Tatum too.

She just smiles the minute her Daddy looks at her and to top it all off this morning she looked at him and just started babbling "ahhhh Dadadadadad" now I know this is just babble but to him she said Dada lol... Men, to think they always want boys. I think that Chris would be lost without his girls.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Morning!!!

I ran into my friend Erika while dropping the girls off this morning and she informed me that I was a slacker and I am not blogging enough. So sorry everyone it has gotten a bit harder to blog lately with Christmas and a very mobile Tatum.

That little girl is all over the place she almost has mastered sitting and she has no problem getting from point a to point b by rolling…it is very cute. She is also verbalizing a lot more…my baby is getting big she is going to be all about eating wrapping paper at Christmas. It is her new favorite dish; funny I do not remember Emma eating paper like this one does.

I do have one great thing to report. Tatum slept all night!!!!! She usually gets up around 5 has a bottle and goes back to be till her morning number 2 (around 7) this morning she slept right through until she could sit in the diaper no longer…It was great and we actually got to work closer to on-time.

So who knows it could have just been a fluke but I’ll take it. She is such a good baby although she gave me a good run for my money for a while she is recently coming into her own. Now if we could just fix that little ticker. :)

Still a bit stressed about Tuesday but planning to call anesthesia again today to touch base. I should also be able to post a picture of the Christmas decorations this weekend, we still have a work in progress...The boss(Emma) says we need more lights...that girl, what are we going to do with her :)

This picture is one of the photo's we had taken at my sisters house. As my Mom calls it a generation picture. Julie and I with our girls and My Mom and Nana (Mom's Mom). I thought it turned out pretty good :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

End of The Road

Well there was fun all around to be found while we were in NY. The wedding was amazing and our friends all looked great. Fran made such a beautiful bride. We stayed with my friend Karen's (college Roomie) parents in NJ. Karen had a baby about 2.5m ago so I got to meet her and Ralph's beautiful little girl, she is a great baby. We all had so much fun. It truly was a beautiful wedding but expected nothing less from Fran :) This was the last in our little wedding series that we had going on this past fall/winter and I can honestly say we went out with a bang. I can not remember the last time I laughed so hard, we really need to spend more time with Karen and Ralph, they are great!

Tonight we are planning to decorate the Christmas tree that Emma and Chris bought last night, I am looking forward to it. We also have some decorations to put outside...I have no clue how this is going to turn out but I'll keep my fingers crossed... I have never done lights outside before, I usually make fun. How bad am I...well I am going all out and this year I am throwing the tacky word out the window and doing it up. Look out neighbors :)