Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its Official

I think that today marks the first day that I can actually say Tatum can sit up...She can not get into this position alone but once in it she sit for what seems forever. Today she actually sat up and ate a cookie...she figured out a way to suck down all the cookie part so at the end all she had left were the chocolate chips...Granted it was all over her but I must say I was impressed. She was a bit messy after the cookie so I started the bath..She sat up the whole time while waiting for the tube. Once Emma could sit up we used one of those bath rings in the tub for her and this time around I can not seem to find them anywhere. Did they stop making them?

Friday night was the Kids Daycare Christmas show. This is truly one of those moments that make being a parent worth it. I think that Emma's class was the cutest one up there. The babies just sit there with there teachers the next group gets a bit cuter but there is nothing like a good group of three year old's. Emma's classmates have all been together since before they were 1,well maybe not all of them but a good core group. Being around them is a treat, the kids play off each other in such a way the pure joy just pours from all of them. This is a picture of Emma group signing "This Little Light of Mine". Tatum's class did "Rudolph the red nose reindeer". Although very cute not the best...LOL...Oh yeah I don't even want to get into the Santa...He was a really good santa, real whiskers and all. He sat all the kids down in a circle and told them all a story. Then called them up to sit on his lap and recieve a little gift, These kids were in Heaven. The Santa looked like something right out of Saturday Night Live...Chris thought he was drunk but who knows...

Today Chris and Emma went to Breakfast with Santa at Whiskey Creek Country Club. Nestor, Ronell and Nathan also went, I am counting on Ronell for some cute pictures. While they did this Tatum and I went to Church. Today was the Sunday School Christmas program, and very cute. Tatum loved all the music. I wish Emma was as good in Church as Tatum was today. After the service they had cookies and punch for everyone. I was enjoying someone awesome CC cookie when suddenly a little hand grabbed it from me. Tatum decided it was her cookie and proceeded to hold on to it for dear life. The church service is held in the middle school just down the street from my house. We could actually walk if we wanted or had the time so you can imagine how short the drive is. I was driving home from church hoping that Tatum would not choke on the cookie in the back seat while I was driving the two min. drive home while also knowing I was going to have a mess on my hands. I got home and took her pictures before I got her in the tub. I think this actually brings this post full circle... :)

MUST WRAP GIFTS....I hate this part


Lynn said...

I love the photos of the kids doing the Christmas show at daycare. I miss that! I always thought the 3 year-olds were the cutest -- they're finally old enough to perform a bit and still young enough to be just plain CUTE!
Congrats to Tatum for reaching another milestone. Go Tate!

Nancy said...

What an adorable post. I am giggling like a schoolgirl.

As for Santa, I would be dipping into the egg nog myself all the time if I had kids wetting their pants on me every day for a month. Who can blame the poor guy.

Your girls are beautiful. Go, Tatum!

Aspen said...

OMG...Tatum is sitting up! Lisa...that is AWESOME! I love it. And the pictures are amazing. Such great news.


Nicole said...

Yeaaaaah, Go Tate!! She looks like such a big girl sitting up like that. The pics are adorable love the girls with Santa and Tatum's cookie face.

Gretchen Pike said...

Those cookie pics are too freaking cute. What a sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the commentary. When you say you hate wrappping gifts no one understands the depths of that statement. Do you remember---you would hand me a paper bag and tell me what was in it--- not to have to wrap it!!!!