Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Morning!!!

I ran into my friend Erika while dropping the girls off this morning and she informed me that I was a slacker and I am not blogging enough. So sorry everyone it has gotten a bit harder to blog lately with Christmas and a very mobile Tatum.

That little girl is all over the place she almost has mastered sitting and she has no problem getting from point a to point b by rolling…it is very cute. She is also verbalizing a lot more…my baby is getting big she is going to be all about eating wrapping paper at Christmas. It is her new favorite dish; funny I do not remember Emma eating paper like this one does.

I do have one great thing to report. Tatum slept all night!!!!! She usually gets up around 5 has a bottle and goes back to be till her morning number 2 (around 7) this morning she slept right through until she could sit in the diaper no longer…It was great and we actually got to work closer to on-time.

So who knows it could have just been a fluke but I’ll take it. She is such a good baby although she gave me a good run for my money for a while she is recently coming into her own. Now if we could just fix that little ticker. :)

Still a bit stressed about Tuesday but planning to call anesthesia again today to touch base. I should also be able to post a picture of the Christmas decorations this weekend, we still have a work in progress...The boss(Emma) says we need more lights...that girl, what are we going to do with her :)

This picture is one of the photo's we had taken at my sisters house. As my Mom calls it a generation picture. Julie and I with our girls and My Mom and Nana (Mom's Mom). I thought it turned out pretty good :)


Kerry said...

Wow- what a great pic! You will come to treasure that picture for years to come, I am sure.

I know what you mean about blogging... I have a lot of drafts started but not finished because something always comes up.

How awesome of Tate!! She is coming right along :) Keep us up-to-date about next week's surgery. She will do great, I am sure! :)
Love -K

Nancy said...

Wonderful photo. What is your secret for looking gorgeous in every freakin' picture?

Congrats on Tate sleeping through the night...it should happen more and more, even if it doesn't every night, but you know that already.

I demand photos of the decorations!

Aspen said...

Way to go Tate! And just for the record...I am SO jealous! Daven has not been sleeping at all lately! And by at all...I mean AT ALL!

And I cannot wait to see the Christmas pictures! Love the generation pictures. I have taken many a generation picture!

Lynn said...

Great photo - I love the family resemblance!

Sleeping through the night? Sweeeeet! It's enough to give a mother hope, isn't it? We've got Nick sleeping like a champ -- if only Angie were doing the same! Seems like if it's not one kid, it's the other, huh?