Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Whitney's sister Tiffany...


I finally got details, I will post them below:

Blake Matthew Hill
July 6, 2007 - Feb. 26, 2007

My sister will be posting later on her site, I'm not sure when, but I wanted to get the information out to all of you lovely people who have supported her and Blake throughout.

Visitation and services will be at:
Gehlbach and Royse funeral home
318 E. Chestnut St.
Corydon, IN 47112


Friday, Feb 29 12 noon - 8 p.m.
Saturday, Mar 1 9 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Service starts at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Expressions of sympathy can be sent to the funeral home or donations made to the Lili Claire Foundation.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

July 7, 2007 - February 26, 2008

You'll Always be in our hearts Baby Blake...We all Love You...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We've had happier days

I spoke to Whitney briefly she mentioned that they would maybe have to let Blake go this evening. The MRI results showed little to no brain activity....Please email me or one of the other WS Mommy's if you would like an address or more details, I just do not have it in me to post.

God Bless Baby Blake he has been through so much in his little life and so have his parents...I feel so honored to have been given the opportunity to at least hold him once.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not a bad Mom???

I feel so honored Chris sent is very first Text Message today and it was to me saying I was still a good Mom...he knows how terrible I still feel since technically that tumble happened on my watch...anyway the Doctor said she was fine and not to worry her 20m old did the exact same thing, not that it really made me feel any better....so here are the terrible stairs and poor Tate's head, I guess it does not really look that bad today, I just hope she doesn't get black eye's from it. Told ya they are pretty steep... Nice purple bump huh, can you see it in the middle of her for head??? Sorry Tate I love you ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

This has been an exhausting weekend, we helped Autumn move in her new place on Saturday and today I went through all the girls clothes, I am not even done totally and I spent a good 5 hours between the two rooms...I am ready to have a huge garage sale come spring. Our neighborhood has one planned for 5/4...this may actually be the first year I am prepared.

Anyway I am just hanging out listening to Tate scream herself to sleep like she does every night. Normally I do not listen but tonight I am thinking it is a good idea since she fell head over heel down 14 wooden stairs, yep the front staircase of coarse that would be our luck no need to fall down the carpeted stairs...I knew that no baby gates would get us eventually and today it did. Now maybe Chris well put up the gate we have and buy so more for the rest of the stairs ( we only have three flights all no less then 13 stairs and only the bottom flight has carpet, not even a runner on the others ) I guess if he won't listen to me about gates before today maybe he'll listen to the paramedic that was in our living room around 6:30 this evening. I' d take a picture of the staircase to show you but It would just be embarrassing. Those who have been here know how I must have been freaking... Chris had to keep his cool because Emma and I were both a mess along with Tatum those are some pretty steep stairs.

Chris thinks we are one step away from social services being called since the cop that answered the 911 call was the same one that was here last weekend for Emma's 911 hang up call.... I think she was testing how it worked because we had no clue she even called until they called us back to let us know they dispatched an officer....great huh. Anyway...

Tatum has a huge black and blue bump on the front of her forehead that took all of 4 mins to show up and had a bloody noise, she was absolutely hysterical ( which is actually a good thing for the situation) so the medics recommended that we take her to the ER instead of traumatising her more with a ambulance ride she was responsive and never lost consciousness or threw up so they thought she would be fine if we took her to instead of them.

Needless to say we spent he remainder of our evening there. The Dr. thinks she is fine by the time he saw her she was pretty much her normal self but did recommend that I take her into the pediatrician's office in the morning. To be honest think I was as shook up as she was. I think she is going to be just fine she had no trouble throwing down a happy meal around 9:30 when we got home, poor kids got a very late dinner since that was where we were headed when all this happened.

The two funny thing we learned from this is that our local hospital has a Dr. Pepper..no joke we heard him paged, Emma got a kick out of that, and Tatum totally knows what a hospital and a Dr. is and she is not so fond of them or anything that they do. She ripped that little red O2 reader off her foot just has fast as they put it on and wanted no parts of an ID bracelet...Awe the ID bracelet another one fore the collection...

I feel so bad when she cries herself to sleep but I really have no choice if I let her sleep with me she just moves around usually falls off the bed and finally falls asleep after like 2 hours...Once she is asleep she is out but getting her to go to sleep has never been easy for us.

At least she wakes up happy..... We actually had to wake her up on her birthday so she could open her presents before my Mom and sister had to leave, look happiest little thing ever...

Anyway here are a few of the pictures from her b-day...Like the Ghetto candles, what can you do I forgot to buy some..good thing she was only turning two, just imagine if I forget for Emma and have to put five candle sticks in there...HA HA that would be one holey cake!!! Welp she is finally asleep and all is well, I can hear her breathing and no vomit... I hope her head doesn't look worse in the morning...I'll try and get a picture of it...trust me it is not pretty, my poor little princess...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not so good...

Well I spoke to Kim and Ava seems to be doing better, they just are not sure what is wrong with her. She should be able to head home in a few days so if anyone wants to send anything just email me and I can give you an address...

Our little baby Blake on the other hand is really not doing so well. Just keep praying for him and the family I know this has to be a hard time for all of them, I bet the hardest thus far. My emotions have gotten the best of me so there is not much more to say...Good night everyone...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life Keeps Moving

Wow…so I wrote a post last night about my families last two weeks, Nemo on ice that we all went to see on Sunday afternoon and tons of pictures. I am sure this post is going to make it on the blog at some point this week so yeah we have a guaranteed two-post week.

Instead I am taking a moment to tell you all how brave each and every one of you are in your own way with each very different DX in the best way we know how. I imagine that this is taking a toll on all of just as much as it takes a toll on me.

I have recently decided that I should spend more time at home do my best to avoid drama (I swear sometimes I feel like I am living a HS nightmare) and eliminate the relationships in my life that are not easy. I can’t handle the grief in my life and my fiends that need me as well as grief from relationships that should just be thoughtless. So now that I have that off my mind, I have some Williams baby updates…

Blake is still hanging in there no real change…they are having a very hard time weaning him off any of his meds, if anything he is requiring more. Whitney’s Mom is up there with her for a few days. Not such good new but yesterday Ava was transferred up there as well. Kim called last night for Whitney’s number. Ava is also not doing so great she can’t eat anything and is just wasting away. Her organs are also showing signs of shutting down, Kim has promised to keep me posted but she is just not up for blogging. Hopefully Laura, Ava’s Mom and Whitney well be able to find so comfort with each other up there. It is always easier when you have a friend; please keep these babies and there very young Mom’s in your thoughts and prayers…. I am trying to get an address so we can decorate their rooms with love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iced over and Sick.....

Sorry long time no post but we have been attacked by the flu bug. The girls and Chris were sick most of the weekend. By the time Sunday rolled around Tatum was much better and even Emma seemed fine. Around 3am Monday morning the flu bug got Emma and she is still sick. I can not get her fever to break to save my life. Her cough has gotten much better but that fever is going no where fast.

We did not really do much for Tatum's birthday, My sister and Molly came by ( Molly is now sick too) my Mom Chris' Mom and Walt and a few friends braved the germs. Sharon stopped by and Dana and her family. It was nice very low key, it was great to actually get to hang out with Dana, Scott and there boys.

Pim had a interview with a School yesterday so Chris' Mom came down on Monday to help with the girls, she may get to go home sometime today if the weather cooperates but we don't mind keeping her, the girls love it.

I got a message from Whitney and spoke to her quickly Blake's lungs are a little wet from better blood flow. I have pictures to post but the kids are up and I need to get ready for work so maybe I can download some this evening when I get home :) Have a good day all and be careful driving!!!

hmmmmm my spell check is not working anyone else having that problem?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Don't be jealous...LOL

I am so busy at work so I only have a quick second....No news from Whitney I hope everything is OK there......I am blog slacking sorry to all I peek but have not commented in forever but I am checking at least once a week :)

We are doing something small for Tatum on Sunday since it is her b-day and tonight I have a date with Emma, Alex, Yvonne and Fiona...Yes Hannah Montana in 3-D....What are we getting ourself into HA-HA...

Have a great day!!!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baby Blake

I spoke to Whitney around 10am today Blake's saturation level had dropped to like 68 and they bagged him but he was still breathing on his own. They were just grabbing something to eat. I think Amy was going to try and visit her. I wish I could I just want to give her a big hug. If I can catch her again I'll be sure to let you all know....May I can get her to text me a picture... Keep saying extra special prayers.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where does the time go...

How anyone with a full time job has time to blog is beyond me. I mean do not get me wrong I used to be able to find the time but now between chasing two kids down from the moment I get home and just a tiny bit of down time for my self I am just not seeing it.
I mean right now I have a second between American Idol, calls from loan officers that are still at work, and Emma's in the tube. The colored water should entertain her for awhile or until Chris brings Tatum to me... By the way have I mentioned that Emma wants to sing Annie on AM...she is nuts!!!

We finally have Autumn back we found this kick ass Apt close to me in cute little downtown frederick...Yip ehh we finally got her back!!!!! I told her if she did not rent the place we found I was. It is adorable right in the middle of downtown and walking distance to all the fun spots best of all I have a parking spot now when the girls and I go walk around on nice days...haha at least I have an unloading spot right :)

Well Business has certainly picked up although it has not helped us out a bit financially as of yet but soon right I have my fingers crossed!!! Tomorrow morning I am taking Tatum to the eye doctor. I have given up on routine visits at Wilmer I mean I love them but I just can not waste the day there for one anointment so we are going back o the original eye doctor at least for general eye checkups...if in the future eye surgery comes up again back to Dr. Cameron we go.

I can not believe my little baby is turning 2 on Sunday it is just beyond me...I feel like 2 down 3 to go since the doctors said we want to get to 5 before any major surgery's...something is keeping her going strong and I am not going to question it just ride it out ya know.

Sorry to hear about everyone’s bad weather ours as been sporadic but for the most part good 50-60 over the weekend and supposed to be nice tomorrow Chris actually took Emma swimming this weekend. We have to get her little butt swimming across the pool by summer alone in order for her to swim on the summer team. Personally I think she looks more like Rocky then a swimmer but you knw Em she had to wear my sweat shirt LOL......
ok-ok I got to get these prunes out of the tube...Tatum joined Emma a little big ago...4 yr olds the biggest undercover blessing you'll ever meet!!!

Blake update...

I spoke to Whitney and Blake has gone in HF 2 times but seems to be doing a bit better now....I think all the prayers he can get are going to help our little fellow. Whitney is hanging in there but she is literally sick to her stomache over it all. She thinks that Blake just needs a bit more time to get it together. Email me if you need her number.