Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where does the time go...

How anyone with a full time job has time to blog is beyond me. I mean do not get me wrong I used to be able to find the time but now between chasing two kids down from the moment I get home and just a tiny bit of down time for my self I am just not seeing it.
I mean right now I have a second between American Idol, calls from loan officers that are still at work, and Emma's in the tube. The colored water should entertain her for awhile or until Chris brings Tatum to me... By the way have I mentioned that Emma wants to sing Annie on AM...she is nuts!!!

We finally have Autumn back we found this kick ass Apt close to me in cute little downtown frederick...Yip ehh we finally got her back!!!!! I told her if she did not rent the place we found I was. It is adorable right in the middle of downtown and walking distance to all the fun spots best of all I have a parking spot now when the girls and I go walk around on nice days...haha at least I have an unloading spot right :)

Well Business has certainly picked up although it has not helped us out a bit financially as of yet but soon right I have my fingers crossed!!! Tomorrow morning I am taking Tatum to the eye doctor. I have given up on routine visits at Wilmer I mean I love them but I just can not waste the day there for one anointment so we are going back o the original eye doctor at least for general eye checkups...if in the future eye surgery comes up again back to Dr. Cameron we go.

I can not believe my little baby is turning 2 on Sunday it is just beyond me...I feel like 2 down 3 to go since the doctors said we want to get to 5 before any major surgery's...something is keeping her going strong and I am not going to question it just ride it out ya know.

Sorry to hear about everyone’s bad weather ours as been sporadic but for the most part good 50-60 over the weekend and supposed to be nice tomorrow Chris actually took Emma swimming this weekend. We have to get her little butt swimming across the pool by summer alone in order for her to swim on the summer team. Personally I think she looks more like Rocky then a swimmer but you knw Em she had to wear my sweat shirt LOL......
ok-ok I got to get these prunes out of the tube...Tatum joined Emma a little big ago...4 yr olds the biggest undercover blessing you'll ever meet!!!


Katie said...

Whoa!!! When did baby tatum go??
WOW! They are both so grown up all of a sudden, and so beautiful :)
Love the "rocky" shot of Emma!

Laura said...

Love the pictures, they are both so adorable!

Heather said...

me too! Love them. They are growing up so fast... I can't believe Tate will be 2 on Sunday! Wowee Wow WOW!!!!!

Tara said...

I can't believe she's going to be two.....man, time flies. I love the pictures!!

Julie said...

Time flies huh? They are adorable.