Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wraping up 2007... Bringing in 2008

I started this before Christmas and I am finishing up late sorry... so This is the scoop with us since Christmas...sorry in Advance for babble....HAPPY NEW YR!!!

I have to say I think that this yr has flown by, I guess that is is true the older you get the faster times passes... It certainly helps that I am in a much better place this year then last. The girls are getting so big it is just crazy. My baby Emma is a big girl and Tatum is well on her way. We stoped by my Dads in Dover on Sunday and that was when I really notice how big the girls were getting. We also had a chance to visit a good friend and see there new baby...He is really not that new any more but the big kids had fun playing and visiting :) Even if it was a very quick stop :) Longer next time I promise :)

Christmas dinner turned out to be pretty good. I actually cooked something, with a little help. The day after Christmas I had to take Tatum to get new shoes and her glasses fixed. What a great way to drop 200.00 in a matter of 5 mins. I do think the bigger shoes are helping and I think life without scratched glasses must be good LOL

I noticed from reading some of the other blogs that your WS kids were not so big on there toys. Tatum was not really into opening gift but she did get this chair end table thing tat she just loves...I totally recommend it. I guess the good thing about Tatum not caring we all had extra gifts to open...I have to tell you even after a week the chair toy is still a hit, we actually travel with it to Yvonne's on Christmas eve...Lucky it was a gift from Dover. As always went together Alex and Emma were cute as every...Santa was good to both of them even though they look like furture trouble together.

News Years went great we all stayed home the girls were in rare form and Chris and I had no energy to deal...it turned out to be a very nice evening and we all slept in till 10....I can not remember the last time that happened, everyone in their own beds!!! What a way to start the new yr. maybe it is a sign...

Well today entail football and cleaning, The Kerry count down is on!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby Blake Update

I spoke to Whitney this morning and honestly she was not having that great of one. The nurses are driving her crazy the Doctors are not much better and Blake has not slept in three days. They finally gave him a bit of benadryl and it was seeming to do the trick for now anyway.

The Dr.'s in KY want to cath him to "buy some time" and then do open heart surgery this summer after RSV season. Right now he has a virus so they have to wait before they can do anything. The Dr. In MI that Whitney has been speaking with thinks the cath would be pointless and really make no change ( just like the last cath was pointless) and do the surgery now. She really does not know what to do I am sure any advice from you all is welcomed. She did not know the address but is going to find it out for us and if you want to send me an email I can give you her cell number. Gotta get to Work, XOXO Lisa

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whoa....Whitney called...

Well Christmas was goo back to work tomorrow. I'll post more ten I really promise. Whitney
called today just as I was getting a haircut....any way...wait till ya see it...LOVE IT... sorry sidetrack...

On a way more serious note Blake went into heart failure on the 24th and was taken to the ER. Per Whitney he has been on track to at some pt have heart failure but in the last few weeks it seems he has been headed there fast. Blake is set to have a Cath 1-9 he may be in the hospital till then or they may move the cath date to sooner... I'll talk to Whitney on my way to work tomorrow and also get a number and hospital address for us... Night guys...

praying for Baby Blake, Family and Maybe a little extra for my girl Whitney, who by the way is a hero of mine.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I hope everyone had or is having a terrific day....I post more pictures and write about it later but wanted to share our best gift....I think we can now honestly say Tatum is walking...still loving the bear crawl but definitely walking as well... XOXO Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Never Ending

GO GO GO I feel like that is all I do!!! Especially this time of yr. Don't you all worry though, you know me and I always leave time for fun. Seriously though between GO GO and FUN FUN I am exhausted. I just got a call from the kids doctor I forgot to schedule Tatum's synergis shot...oops looks like we are getting it tomorrow morning... I can not wait, there is nothing better then a doctor's office in December...yeah right!

I am about done Christmas shopping I guess I should be since it is less then a week away, but still not completely done. I did finished up a bunch last night so that is a little stress lifted... The Christmas tree is up and decorated now if only I could get one of those invisible dog fences around it we would be good. I think whoever invented Christmas trees did not have small children or maybe just ornaments that didn't break... so far nothing is broken almost a few little fingers but that does not count right???

We are having Christmas dinner at our house this yr, that is exciting I get to use my Christmas dishes...One problem we have no clue what to prepare...I am open for suggestions anyone???

I am really looking forward to having time off next week I was thinking that i had to work on Christmas eve but we were just given the day off and I took off on the 26 this yr...wow what am I going to do with myself???? Oh wait I know CLEAN, LOL

Anyway I am still waiting on my second batch of Christmas cards to come in the mail so if you have not received one I have not forgotten just kidding myself on the initial number of cards I need to buy...I have been saying this all week but hopefully they are in my mailbox when I get home today.

Before you know it Kerry's and her clan are going to be at my house!!!! They are stopping through on the way back from KY...
I can not wait!!!! Do you think the guys well mind when we leave them with the kids? HAHA hmmm I think I'll wait to spring that on um....

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season...Merry Christmas :) XOXO

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pretty Lame

So the photo contest thing is pretty lame and I know I am not going win anyway so vote if you want but trust me I am not going to hurt...you have to go through some dumb spam thing to vote...who knows give it a whirl if you want....

Finally I think Chris and Emma are off to get a tree this evening... It always goes up late and stays up to long...I am constant losing the Christmas tree battle I just want a fake one!!!!!

Help Tatum win $2,500 in the Great American Photo Contest!

I just entered Tatum in the Great American Photo Contest. The baby with most votes this month wins $2,500 (that could be a nice amount to put away now for college!!). Please do me a big favor and click on this https://www.greatamericanphotocontest.com/voter1/index.aspx?
and vote for Tatum. It takes a minute. I really appreciate it, and so does Tatum . Thanks in advance.

p.s. Tell your friends to tell their friends!

I know I am a Dork LOL!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Husle bustle..

This was a jammed packed weekend and since it was super wet we never made it out to get a Christmas tree..Oh well maybe tomorrow... The later we get it the less mess in the house, I guess that is one way to look at it. I am sure we'll get one this week because now Emma has gotten involved and she thinks we need one NOW!!!

The brunch was awesome and the kids adorable.... Autumn meet me there, that was nice I was guaranteed to know at least one person.
Tatum made some new friends,and as long as there were joining her near the food table she was ready to hang out...What a little piggie I have ;) The little baby in the above photo was at the picnic we attended over the summer, he has grown so much and really looks terrific!!! Such a cutie.
I tried to get at least a pic of all the kids but they really did not want to stay out for to long so it was a bit hard but I really love this picture for some reason... Isn't it beautiful, so deep in thought.
The best part about watching these kids together was they were so excited to be together and truly just loved one another.

To bad I am horrible with names but I did have a great time and hopefully I'll get together with this little group again soon. It was much closer to my house then I had thought it would be :) Wow maybe I could even do a brunch or something one of these day's. From talking to the different families I here there are going to be quite a bit of people heading out to Louisville at the beginning of the yr. To bad not the same time as me but Jan and early Feb I bet are packed :)

After the brunch I went Christmas shopping....YUCK !!!! I actually think I am about done, but damn if I thought we were poor before it is much worse now HAHA...I am laughing but really it sucks ;) to think three hours in a ghetto mall was all it took...The Macy's was trashed the Lord and Taylor over priced, Children's Place packed and Bombay Company totally picked over...Wow the things you do just to hit a mall with a Disney Store.

Hopefully this week I can get my house together I feel like I have a never ending mess and it is slowing stressing me out big time.... Oh yeah one more thing Tatum took about five steps two different times today, I think walking may be right around the corner for us.... now if I can only catch her on video...

Maybe it well stop raining tonight and dry up so tree shopping well be easier for us tomorrow :) I guess I can say at least the snow stopped...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dear Samanthaclause.....LOL

Wow I gotta tell you this yr and last yr this time are about COMPLETE 360'S....This time last yr I was lost a bit still, starting to get it that whole WS thing but not really ya know. If I could tell you how much I have grown/changed it would just be crazy...
I love that when I get a chance to blog there are a ton more to read it is so different every time....I can only hope that blogging is/has helped everyone as much as me, it's feeling a part of something....Kinda like "Cheers" here in blogland...

I do not think it matters where you find it or how but support of any kind certainly does make a huge difference. I could not even tell you where I would be today without cyberspace...Thanks all you guys rock!!!

Tatum is on the verge of really walking maybe she is saving it for Christmas. In the mean time I am enjoying my last few weeks of calm before I have two nuts running around my house, hmm and I thought just Emma was a handful. I think I am going to have my work cut out for me, actually I know!!!

Anyway work is crazy our new favorite word is declining market...don't worry we all live in one and if not now shortly :)

Saturday I was invited to a WS brunch in VA. It starts at 10am so I can only count on Tatum going with me. Although I do think I have talked Autumn into going, I'll know one person...We are planning on getting a Christmas Tree and maybe even a breakfast with Santa so the weekend may be busy, like they all aren't busy...

On Wed. morning Emma woke up to snow falling, she asked if Santa was coming...I had to explain yes but not today...aren't kids cute!!! She is to funny I wish I could actually show you all but not even a video would do her justice...raising kids has to be the most rewarding thing ever...Have a terrific weekend everyone. XOXO oh yeah and her new favorite cartoon is "Peanuts" you gotta love it...To bad I never knew how funny it really was until this yr. Isn't being a parent great :)