Sunday, December 09, 2007

Husle bustle..

This was a jammed packed weekend and since it was super wet we never made it out to get a Christmas tree..Oh well maybe tomorrow... The later we get it the less mess in the house, I guess that is one way to look at it. I am sure we'll get one this week because now Emma has gotten involved and she thinks we need one NOW!!!

The brunch was awesome and the kids adorable.... Autumn meet me there, that was nice I was guaranteed to know at least one person.
Tatum made some new friends,and as long as there were joining her near the food table she was ready to hang out...What a little piggie I have ;) The little baby in the above photo was at the picnic we attended over the summer, he has grown so much and really looks terrific!!! Such a cutie.
I tried to get at least a pic of all the kids but they really did not want to stay out for to long so it was a bit hard but I really love this picture for some reason... Isn't it beautiful, so deep in thought.
The best part about watching these kids together was they were so excited to be together and truly just loved one another.

To bad I am horrible with names but I did have a great time and hopefully I'll get together with this little group again soon. It was much closer to my house then I had thought it would be :) Wow maybe I could even do a brunch or something one of these day's. From talking to the different families I here there are going to be quite a bit of people heading out to Louisville at the beginning of the yr. To bad not the same time as me but Jan and early Feb I bet are packed :)

After the brunch I went Christmas shopping....YUCK !!!! I actually think I am about done, but damn if I thought we were poor before it is much worse now HAHA...I am laughing but really it sucks ;) to think three hours in a ghetto mall was all it took...The Macy's was trashed the Lord and Taylor over priced, Children's Place packed and Bombay Company totally picked over...Wow the things you do just to hit a mall with a Disney Store.

Hopefully this week I can get my house together I feel like I have a never ending mess and it is slowing stressing me out big time.... Oh yeah one more thing Tatum took about five steps two different times today, I think walking may be right around the corner for us.... now if I can only catch her on video...

Maybe it well stop raining tonight and dry up so tree shopping well be easier for us tomorrow :) I guess I can say at least the snow stopped...


Heather said...

Hope the tree thing works out for you tonight. Mine is finally up. I was looking at it when I was talking to you and noticing how crooked the trunk was. I just kept thinking "Charlie Brown" Now that it's decorated it doesn't look bad at all.
Hooray for Tatum!! I knew she would be going for it before too long. Just have to build up that confidence thats all!
Glad you went to the brunch and had a good time too! xoxo

Julie said...

Glad you had a good time at the luncheon. Good job Tate!!

Penny said...

Walking is so exciting!

Kerry said...

She is really keeping her glasses on! What's your secret??? I'm glad you had a good time at the brunch - it is always great to hook up with other families.

Katie said...

Good luck with the tree! to
Love the pics, im glad the brunch went well!

Every minute counts.... said...

I am glad that you had fun at the brunch. It does sound like a lot of fun. I wish that my house could hold more people and I could have a brunch myself. I am really needing some contact from people who understand at this point:)
We haven't gottena tree yet either. I wish we could have snow right now we are getting freezing rain..yuck! and all the kids are home.