Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pandora's Box

Well I have had more time to think vent and discuss...I have to admit I am a bit sensitive about Williams Syndrome so that made the article extra hard for me to read and actually see a point in it but it has become a bit clear now...And what does any good American do? Offend people...so raging republicans beware I am going there.... This is not teachers or the schools fault this is our governments fault...I would gladly give back my 300.00 that I received in a Tax cut when bush took office in order to help school funding.....I guess all I can do is hope that our public school system gets some help. As a parent of a Williams child I think awareness is the key since there are different degree's of this syndrome it is going to be our job to now educated since the WSJ left us feeling that ALL Williams kids are like Andrea...

I do realize how frustrating that it could be to have disruptive children in a classroom but it has always been like that 20 years ago there were just not as many labels...I want the best for Emma and Tatum as far as education goes, what parent wouldn't but I also do not want the best for Em at Tatum's expense, is that to much to ask?. I can only hope that 2008 brings change for the better, can it get worse?

What a CROC!!!


I emailed this article to most that I know but I would encourage you all to read this and respond to the WSJ... As frustrating as having a special needs child is Teachers like the one telling this story make it so much worse....Am am appalled this woman is part of our country's education system...I can not imagine that she could be a mother as well!!!!!!

OK...let me calm down a bit....I agree that not all special need children are cut out for a mainstream classroom but alot of are...A teacher by no means is there to save the world and no one is expecting them too but to label and entire...Maybe I am taking this the wrong way but I feel like this means that since what is good for my child is not good for the "regular children" then my kids get screwed....sounds like a terrific public school system...Really should this be a problem that is harped on or one that a solution should be brought to the table or even suggestions...I am not trying to teacher bash, if I could do college over I would more then likely try to become one. The teachers I know would never belittle one of there students on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or any paper for that matter...I do see both side but I feel the presentation sucked!!!

Same ole same ole....

So far we have had a pretty laid back summer, I guess that is the pulse side to having no money you do not go far from home. We had another great pool weekend, my trick is to go before Tatum's nap time we play then she crashes for like two hours wakes up eats and plays more. I wonder how many different pic I can take of Tate crashed out at the pool. We are lucky to have such a cool neighborhood pool, it is actually two pools and next summer there is going to be another community center and pool very close to our house. If the girls love it now they are really gonna dig it next summer.

Molly also turned 1 on Sat. her party was alot of fun and the girls got to see there Aunts, my Mom's sisters, that they do not see often. Molly was not as into her cake as Tatum was when she turned one but no worries Tate helped her cousin out, no wasting cake while Tate is around. Face painting and moon bouncing what fun...thanks for having us over Aunt Julie and Uncle Rupp

Goodness these girls are all getting so big. I could not even tell you the last time that Tatum ate baby food...or Emma stuck that thumb in her mouth...
slowly but surly we are eliminating baby stuff from the house soon enough we are going to be all big girl around here at least food wise lol...we have a way to go before Tatum is ready to give up her baby toys, that's ok I do not want her to grow up that fast.

Tomorrow I am getting the mystery mole removed and biopsied....it should take all of a half hour to cut off and stitch. I am sure it is nothing but a ugly moley bump it is just a bit weird because II have never had a mole or anything like this before. The fact that it popped up on top of my birthmark out of nowhere is also a bit freaky but tomorrow it well be gone...I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

We are taking off this weekend for a few day's with My Dad and Bonnie then we are back home to enjoy our family vacation in the neighborhood this yr. I think it is going to be very relaxing...the girls got the cutest new skirts and tee shirts for the forth of July. Who knows maybe this yr Emma well want to see fireworks...she does not really like them...

Work Work Work is going to be my motto this week lots to wrap up before you can take a week off and it hte month end, alwys a fun time in my office. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

A great end to the week

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day, aside from working late but that was not even so bad.

I woke up yesterday and discovered 20 bucks in the pocket of my skirt, what a start eh…this justified my Starbucks coffee yesterday and today, thank god!!!!!
With ice coffee in hand Tatum and I sat out for the Genetics Doc. No more then 2 min’s after getting on the interstate I hear Tatum in the back seat yelling at me. I was minding my own business listening to the radio she had a bottle and a banana nut muffin so I had no clue what her deal could be. I turned around to evaluate the situation and Tatum is yelling (talking loud not crying) and gesturing to the car roof…. That little bugger wanted to watch Peter Pan!!! As soon as I pulled the DVD screen down she was quiet. This lasted all of 2 min’s. I think that must have been how long it took her to realize that she had the cartoon to watch but instead of the cute little voices she was hearing the morning radio show…again I got the gestures and loud noises until the sound to Peter Pan was also on. Look’s like Tatum next trick is mastering the headphones in the car.


We got to the doctors office and were shown right in. Dr. Rosenbum is awesome and very informative.
This was just her regular check up with him and he’ll see her again in 9m and from there he said it well be yearly…He wants to see her in 9m so her annual schdudle coincides with her birthday.

During the visit Tatum babbled climbed and crawled, she was laterally all over the place. She kept her glasses on some; by the end of the visitI hooked them to my shirt, figures.
She was 10% in height and weight on the regular scale and 50% on the WS growth chart this is pretty much where she has been for a while. 21.6 was her weight...

While talking with the Doctor he informed me of how lucky we really were with Tatum (heart issues aside) she has had no medical problems like many WS kids have. No calcium issues no scoliosis not even eating issues believe me we count are blessings everyday. Her eye problems, most likely associated with WS, are very common in any child and really would not have been an issue at all if her heart were healthy. He said heart is not making her sick at this point in her life it is just sick. To take a look at her she is the epitome of a healthy child. Although she is a bit delayed she is pressing forward with leaps and bounds in the development department right now. He suggested shoes with orthotics in them and told me a store to check out. We are going ot get on this about mid july, we agreed that would give her a little more time to countinue learning how her feet work.

The comment he made I found most interesting was also the best thing I had heard in reference to Tatum’s condition ever…

He said when he started doing this 35yrs ago he told all WS parents that there children would have some degree of mental retardation over the last 10 years he has found this to be untrue. He now tells parents that their children are going to have some degree of learning disabilities and maybe a degree of mental retardation but not all kids have this.
Going back to how lucky we are with Tatum he informed me that although slightly delayed now she shows no sign of any mental retardation. He assured me that we well have learning issues to deal with but she is a totally with it child and he was very impressed with her communication skills especially since she does not use words but multiple sounds. I was psyched, who knows what the future holds but the now is pretty good.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. You can guess where we'll be; pool and birthday parties...Molly turnes one on Sat.!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crazy busy

I have been super busy these past two weeks Tatum is at a full on crawl...yesterday she even climbed two steps....It has been so long since we have had such a mobile little thing in the house. I am contently on Emma to keep her toys off the floor.I swearer if I see another "Polly pocket" shoe (this shoe is about 1/2 the size of my pinkie fingernail) on my floor I am scream. Whoever made these little toys for kids must not have had any....

Work has been a bit nutty, ending the month on top of vacation first week of July, it has left me alot to do. I have to take Tatum to the Genetics Doc at 9am so I am going to. be in late today and work late again.....I guess.
I should just be glad to have a job with work to do, not such good time's in the mortgage industry lately. It is pretty interesting though, I have never seen a market like this I would imagine it is just the first of many in our lifetime.

Total different thought....

Last night while watching "So you think you can dance" one of the girl dancing said she started dancing when she was 2 in front of the fireplace....anyway that is Tatum....she is a trip and always watching herself in the fireplace as she moves about.....

Kids call...I hope everyone has a great day:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where does the time go...

I have been trying to post for a few days now and every time I sit down to type a million things come up....It is either Emma, Tatum or Chris....This morning while I was laying on the couch in our room at 4:30 am with Emma I realized this morning would be my big chance, and here I am 6:30 in the kitchen with the kids having breakfast. I sorta have this breakfast thing down pretty good. Tatum gets cheerios until Emma Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats get to soggy for her to eat ans she passes them to Tatum....Tatum LOVES those mini wheat's!!!! Beware they make a total mess.

Sat. was Emma's fourth b-day, we all had a great time. She had a blast playing with her friends boy were they cute. This was the first year that Emma understood it all and really enjoyed herself. We had a princess cake, picked out by Emma, and quite a party even the parents had fun Is it normal for these parties to last past midnight LOL. I guess when someone brings jello shooters you can expect that HAHAHA. You know it was a good time because even Michelle hung out past 10...Love ya Michelle.....

Now That Emma is four she thinks that she is a grown up. On Sunday at the pool she helped out with the babies just like the big kids do and she played with her friends by herself, she wanted no Mom around, just like the big kids do. Lucky for us the neighborhood pool has a huge shallow end that is three feet all the way to the rope, lucky for me Emma is way to afraid to go past the rope alone. I have a feeling that the rope fear is not going to last all summer so I have to enjoy it while I can. So far this summer Tatum has even been a dream come true at the pool. The last two Sundays she has taken about a 2.5-3 hour nap, Em never did that, and when she is awake she plays in the pool with everyone and is so pleasant. You can see she has showed her little buddy Jason how to sleep at the pool in style those two babies are a trip sometimes they act like a old marries couple together I can just picture them on the beach together in 40 years lol. Yes the baby rafts are good for something other then the bulky thing you carry to the pool with you.

Tatum is pretty funny these days I think she has become totally aware of how to push her sisters buttons. Last night at dinner I just pictured Bart and Lisa Simpson "owe, quit it," yes Emma was Lisa and Tatum Bart. the though it was so funny that she was getting such a rise out of Emma. Tate would poke her and try to take her pasta and emotional Emma was playing right into her, it was very funny. She is also all over the place scooting around furniture and crawling like a crazy person, she has also became quite good at the glasses toss, not sure that she understands that the next pair is coming from her money. ( Is she still to young for that;))

We are all very pleased with Tatum's latest developments she is surprising us everyday with new tricks, even trying to use a fork. Although they are not age appropriate I'll take em...I do not even care that she is a bit behind anymore...good things come to those who wait right.....

Well today is Miss Pim's birthday, what did we ever do without Pim... I wish I had a better picture :( Emma took that one.

Saturday is Baby Molly's wow it seems like Molly was just born now she is such a big girl ands so pretty....I am gonna have to take her to a photo shoot so she can support us all, really she is that pretty!!!!

Hopefully I can get back here this week to post more. We do have a Geneticist Apt on The 21...good times :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Oh the Paces You'll Go"

Well I am not sure who needed the pep talk Emma or Mommy but looking back now I think I got the most out of it. As our new night time drama was winding down with "I;mmmmm noooot tirrreeed’ spiling out of Emma we head upstairs for bed.
Usually I am looking for reasons to take books away because I would never make it awake through three...anyway tonight she had 1 book left...she grabbed 2 and I talked her into 1 the 1 I wanted. She put the princess book back and we hoped in bed to snuggle. The book I coaxed her into was one she had never read before, the cover caught my eye and I was on a mission to read it...."Oh, the Places You’ll Go!".
I was given this book twice in my life once as a high school graduation gift and again from my Manager at Express ( I was her asst. 1 job after college) when I finally knew I had to leave NC.
I know I read the book each time when it was given to me or at least skimmed it... LOL...everyone knows the story...I urge you if it has been a while go back and read it. Dr. Seuss has never hit home like he did this evening....Em must think I am nuts...I teared up, I laughed I even got lost in thought...do it pull out your old book I bet if it has been a while that light bulb is gonna go off and BAM you finally get it, even though you have always gotten it.
There is something different about it now, something true that really makes sense and hits home...Am I right or am I right????? Dr. Seuss was a very smart man and I know he touched may lives. I believe he touched mine and Chris’ at some point. I know both the girls are going to love and learn him as they grow up.

"OTPWG" By Dr. Seuss This is one of my fav parts of the book, it is at the very end of the story...

"You’ll get mixed up of courseas you knowYou’ll get mixed upwith many strange birds as you go.So be sure when you step.Step with care and great tactans remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.And never mix up your right foot with your left.

And will you succeed?Yes! You will indeed!(98 3/4 % guaranteed)


Be you nameMatthew or Abi or Daven or Erik or Clare or Szabi Tatum Avery Brady Emerson Micheala O'Caleb,
Your off to Great Places!
Today is Your Day!
Your mountain is waiting,

So. . . get on your way! "

many names not included, but this is true to all of our little guys.. Thanks to all for being so helpful all the time!!! We are all going great places

Monday, June 11, 2007

So much to say

I have less and less time to post these days....Summer is always busy ...I feel like I have to rush home from work to get to the pool, everyone loves the pool, especially Tatum. Sunday we had a great day at the pool.

We started our day at Church. Sunday was Pastor Matt's last one he got transferred and we have Pastor Tim starting in July. I am sure Pastor Tim well be good but we love Pastor Matt. This is the first time in the 9 years that I have been with Chris that I can actually get him to Church. There are even Sundays now where he is the motivator. I hope that Chris continues to enjoy church as much without Pastor Matt. It is going to be a tough act to follow but we are giving it a whirl with open minds.

After Church we went to the pool. I had the best day, Emma ran around with Fiona making forts with the pool chairs and Tate took a 2 hour nap under a umbrella. When she woke up the older kids took her in the pool. She had a blast I hardly saw the kids all day...well I saw them but you know what I mean. I am so thankful for all these kids, it is great to see how much they love my girls. If it were not for them and there Mom's I would certainly be in a corner rocking or even worse the baby pool...

OK So i know this post is all over the place but I have a bunch of different topics to touch on...Tatum's eye apt. last week went fine, she is actually joining the ranks with most of the WS children I have meet....Tatum has glasses. She looks adorable, between her and Brady I do not know if it gets much cuter... I feel a bit bad because I had no idea how much she needed glasses until now...It is a whole new world for her. When she first put them on her expression alone said it all....Wow I can see. Trust me her glasses are strong I looked through them and got a headache.... Now if we could get her to leave them on, she is doing good but still pulls them off. It did not take her long to figure out how to do that.

Moving on...
OK so I am sorry about the shaking but I was laughing so hard...Emma's dance was a trip the second show was actually better but I was back stage for that one and could only tape the first one. there was no taping allowed so we were on the DL...I did but the DVD that they had made but we do not have it yet. Well here is the video, hope you do not get sea sick...LOL
I think that Alex and Emma look so grown up in this picture...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Little Dancer

The big show is this Sat. but Emma's class had pictures yesterday. All the little girls looked so cute all dresses up. Off to Wilmer for Eye follow up.....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Time keeps on slipping..."

Sometimes it just seems funny how time just keeps moving...I got a call Friday from Dr. Brenner he is going to see Tatum every four months. I was at first concerned about this but after speaking to him I think it makes sense. He feels that our last Doctors were a bit over kill and it was at my expense.
There is nothing that could get away from us in a four month period as far as her care is concerned.Dr. Brenner explained that her regular pulmonary arteries are almost normal for a child of her age and weight; there is really no way to tell if this growth happened on its own or the the 2 angeo's helped.
The left Branch pulmonary had a segment over an inch long that is very small then it gets a bit bigger before they are small again, but no as small as the beginning of the branch.
Dr. Brenner did not say much about her aorta other then "it is a different story". ..I would love to be able to have a day in my life that the thought of Tatum losing this battle does not run through my head... I know that it is not how I should think but it is hard. I feel terrible having these thoughts, to look at Tatum she is just amazing, she must be the fattest tannest William's baby around there is no way anyone would ever know how sick her little heart really is. We were at the pool on sat. I was sitting talking at the baby pool with other mom's and the next thing I knew Tatum was standing up next to me holding on to my chair and so proud. The other Mom's there must have thought me crazy for being so excited....At least I did not look so nuts since Dana was next to me all excited too... Later that evening when we got home we were cooking out with some of our neighbors and came up with Tatums new out door table high chair...I think she digs it huh...To think this time last yr we were in the hospital having her very first cath...what a difference a yr has made in everyone not just Tate.

I think this week should go by pretty fast. Emma has Dance class pictures on Tuesday evening Tatum has a eye apt at Wilmer on Wed morning and then on Sat Emma has her recital and family b-day party. I can not wait to show you all how adorable Emma looks in her dance costume, it is beautiful. Somwhere in between all that stuff I have to get raedy for her party work and buy gifts. She does have one gift down Emma finally got her ears pierced this weekend they are soooo cute, and she wants to show everyone. Emma was a very big girl she only cried for a sec after it was all over I have to say that I was very impressed. What a big girls she has become.