Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Time keeps on slipping..."

Sometimes it just seems funny how time just keeps moving...I got a call Friday from Dr. Brenner he is going to see Tatum every four months. I was at first concerned about this but after speaking to him I think it makes sense. He feels that our last Doctors were a bit over kill and it was at my expense.
There is nothing that could get away from us in a four month period as far as her care is concerned.Dr. Brenner explained that her regular pulmonary arteries are almost normal for a child of her age and weight; there is really no way to tell if this growth happened on its own or the the 2 angeo's helped.
The left Branch pulmonary had a segment over an inch long that is very small then it gets a bit bigger before they are small again, but no as small as the beginning of the branch.
Dr. Brenner did not say much about her aorta other then "it is a different story". ..I would love to be able to have a day in my life that the thought of Tatum losing this battle does not run through my head... I know that it is not how I should think but it is hard. I feel terrible having these thoughts, to look at Tatum she is just amazing, she must be the fattest tannest William's baby around there is no way anyone would ever know how sick her little heart really is. We were at the pool on sat. I was sitting talking at the baby pool with other mom's and the next thing I knew Tatum was standing up next to me holding on to my chair and so proud. The other Mom's there must have thought me crazy for being so excited....At least I did not look so nuts since Dana was next to me all excited too... Later that evening when we got home we were cooking out with some of our neighbors and came up with Tatums new out door table high chair...I think she digs it huh...To think this time last yr we were in the hospital having her very first cath...what a difference a yr has made in everyone not just Tate.

I think this week should go by pretty fast. Emma has Dance class pictures on Tuesday evening Tatum has a eye apt at Wilmer on Wed morning and then on Sat Emma has her recital and family b-day party. I can not wait to show you all how adorable Emma looks in her dance costume, it is beautiful. Somwhere in between all that stuff I have to get raedy for her party work and buy gifts. She does have one gift down Emma finally got her ears pierced this weekend they are soooo cute, and she wants to show everyone. Emma was a very big girl she only cried for a sec after it was all over I have to say that I was very impressed. What a big girls she has become.


Every minute counts.... said...

First off...LOVE the earings!!

Tate is a very strong little girl. I know what you mean about people not being able to see how sick your kid really is. They just see the smile and can't see past. I try to tell the people who constantly tell me I worry to much," you know what she's not see through! You do not know what is going on under her skin! Do not make judgements on things you can't see. I have seen what is wrong( through echos, CT scans MRIs..)and guess what you would worry too much too!!!" Tate will fight. She will make a difference in so many people's lives!and I am sure she already has touched many that you don't even know about!

Keep your chin up! The girls are beautiful and loved a ton by their parents!

Kerry said...

WOW!! Standing up ~ be careful, she will probably run away soon! :) That is awesome. Yes, she may have a sick heart, but she is such a joy and beauty... the angels are over her, so don't fret. :)

And Em... be carefuly- she'll be in your jewelry box next! :)

Lisa R said...

Thanks for the pepe talk ladies thatis why I count on you all...

Kerry, She has already been in my jewlery box, I had to actually buy one I could hang on the wall up high. Sat. we bought her jewlery at a yard sale so she could have her own "dimonds" LOL

Amy K said...

Tate just looks gorgeous!!! Life is mysterious, and I just can't help thinking that how Tate is doing on the outside, so great, bodes well for the rest of her life. The drs. say her aorta is awful, but she is thriving and yes, the fattest, tannest WS baby I know! Plus strong, smart, and advancing so well. She'll be walking & talking before Avery!!\XOXO\

Lynn said...

You leave me speechless again, Lisa! In the face of all the difficulty, you and your family handle it with grace, love, and fun!

Aspen said...

OMG, Tatum is getting so chunky! I love it. And of course...tan! I wouldn't expect anything less from you my dear Lisa. And what a big girl Emma was, yay for her. Lovely earrings! ;-)

Standing! Sheesh, she is growing so fast...LOVE it!

Teresa & Shawn said...

What a difference a year does make. Take one day at a time, Lisa. That's what I do. You cannot worry, worry, worry about the future when you have no control over it. Just focus on the fact that Tatum is doing great!