Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Oh the Paces You'll Go"

Well I am not sure who needed the pep talk Emma or Mommy but looking back now I think I got the most out of it. As our new night time drama was winding down with "I;mmmmm noooot tirrreeed’ spiling out of Emma we head upstairs for bed.
Usually I am looking for reasons to take books away because I would never make it awake through three...anyway tonight she had 1 book left...she grabbed 2 and I talked her into 1 the 1 I wanted. She put the princess book back and we hoped in bed to snuggle. The book I coaxed her into was one she had never read before, the cover caught my eye and I was on a mission to read it...."Oh, the Places You’ll Go!".
I was given this book twice in my life once as a high school graduation gift and again from my Manager at Express ( I was her asst. 1 job after college) when I finally knew I had to leave NC.
I know I read the book each time when it was given to me or at least skimmed it... LOL...everyone knows the story...I urge you if it has been a while go back and read it. Dr. Seuss has never hit home like he did this evening....Em must think I am nuts...I teared up, I laughed I even got lost in thought...do it pull out your old book I bet if it has been a while that light bulb is gonna go off and BAM you finally get it, even though you have always gotten it.
There is something different about it now, something true that really makes sense and hits home...Am I right or am I right????? Dr. Seuss was a very smart man and I know he touched may lives. I believe he touched mine and Chris’ at some point. I know both the girls are going to love and learn him as they grow up.

"OTPWG" By Dr. Seuss This is one of my fav parts of the book, it is at the very end of the story...

"You’ll get mixed up of courseas you knowYou’ll get mixed upwith many strange birds as you go.So be sure when you step.Step with care and great tactans remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.And never mix up your right foot with your left.

And will you succeed?Yes! You will indeed!(98 3/4 % guaranteed)


Be you nameMatthew or Abi or Daven or Erik or Clare or Szabi Tatum Avery Brady Emerson Micheala O'Caleb,
Your off to Great Places!
Today is Your Day!
Your mountain is waiting,

So. . . get on your way! "

many names not included, but this is true to all of our little guys.. Thanks to all for being so helpful all the time!!! We are all going great places


Every minute counts.... said...

I love that book...I haven't read it in so long I might have to go dig it off the shelf. Thanks Lisa!!


Aspen said...

I'm all teary now! I do love that book and of course have always loved the saying of "oh the places you'll go." I love the moments in life when things just "click" in your head. Something we may have heard for many many years, but suddenly we get it.

I love you Lisa!

Lynn said...

I teared up last time I read it to Angie and you've got me all watery again. Sniff!

Nancy said...

Ah crap, woman, here I am with wet contacts again and a big smile on my face. What a beautiful way to look at an wonderful, old story.


Heather said...

Lisa, you are such a beautiful person.. Yes Dr. Seuss has a way of getting the point across without the reader realizing it. Subliminal messages?? anyway, it works. Love you, Heather (ps. Dr.S are the only books I can get Caleb to try to read. we love them!!)

Kerry said...

I love that book.. it has defintiely been awhile since checking it out though, and it's amazing how those words can mean so much more now :)