Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Same ole same ole....

So far we have had a pretty laid back summer, I guess that is the pulse side to having no money you do not go far from home. We had another great pool weekend, my trick is to go before Tatum's nap time we play then she crashes for like two hours wakes up eats and plays more. I wonder how many different pic I can take of Tate crashed out at the pool. We are lucky to have such a cool neighborhood pool, it is actually two pools and next summer there is going to be another community center and pool very close to our house. If the girls love it now they are really gonna dig it next summer.

Molly also turned 1 on Sat. her party was alot of fun and the girls got to see there Aunts, my Mom's sisters, that they do not see often. Molly was not as into her cake as Tatum was when she turned one but no worries Tate helped her cousin out, no wasting cake while Tate is around. Face painting and moon bouncing what fun...thanks for having us over Aunt Julie and Uncle Rupp

Goodness these girls are all getting so big. I could not even tell you the last time that Tatum ate baby food...or Emma stuck that thumb in her mouth...
slowly but surly we are eliminating baby stuff from the house soon enough we are going to be all big girl around here at least food wise lol...we have a way to go before Tatum is ready to give up her baby toys, that's ok I do not want her to grow up that fast.

Tomorrow I am getting the mystery mole removed and biopsied....it should take all of a half hour to cut off and stitch. I am sure it is nothing but a ugly moley bump it is just a bit weird because II have never had a mole or anything like this before. The fact that it popped up on top of my birthmark out of nowhere is also a bit freaky but tomorrow it well be gone...I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

We are taking off this weekend for a few day's with My Dad and Bonnie then we are back home to enjoy our family vacation in the neighborhood this yr. I think it is going to be very relaxing...the girls got the cutest new skirts and tee shirts for the forth of July. Who knows maybe this yr Emma well want to see fireworks...she does not really like them...

Work Work Work is going to be my motto this week lots to wrap up before you can take a week off and it hte month end, alwys a fun time in my office. :)

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Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

OMG, your girls are so CUTE! I love the pic of Tatum helping out with the cake. Molly's expression is priceless. Enjoy your pool time, and let us know when your biopsy results come in. Can't help it; I worry.