Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways,
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out
and screaming ~ WOO HOO what a ride!

Thomas Hamlett

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More to come :)

The Halloween Party was a Blast!!! It's amazing how grown up everyone actually was, not talking about people like in past years just good ole fun...It's about time!! The Eagles won too WOAH!!! LOL. What a great weekend!!! I'll write more when I have time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Girls...

OK so here are the pictures I promised....I still need a new cord to download to my lab top but given the lack of time I quickly used the sick computer......anyway her they are, the girls had fun with my Mom and Brent and we all had a blast with them :)

Well we all know that I can not denying Emma she looks like a mini me and Chris....Tatum on the other hand does not really look like either one of us...I know she is mine because her limited vocabulary consists of about four words...Yes we all know she says Emma but the new words are Yes, Eat and Dadee....I know no Mommy yet but at least she does not say no. LOL

My friend Jody's kids have to dress up in old School clothes for school tomorrow. So they came to raid my closet for cool shirts to go with there stretch pants...I am sending Claire home with a super cool Madonna tee-shirt from the Virgin Tour in 86 and some big red earrings and Zoe got a big pink polo oxford with a tie and streamer clips with beads on the end....Remember those!!! They look great!!! I hope Jody takes a picture in the morning.

This weekend is the big Halloween party at Jody's ,it should be terrific! Tomorrow night I am making a pinacolada jello brain so fun!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This was a terrific weekend, you could not have asked for better weather and the girls were very well behaved. I feel liked I crammed alot into only two days but it really worked out. Today was a bit hot, the Eagles lost and I still can't find black leggings, but all in all a great day. The girls and I walked around downtown had lunch and went in a few shops. I can not believe I had on shorts and a tee shirt this late in October, talk about global warming...
I even carved a pumpkin today, its actually one of my better ones...LOL too bad that is not saying much but it is fine when your only impressing a 4yr old.

Yesterday my Mom and Brent visited and spent the night ,woo-hoo Chris and I got to go out.
In the afternoon we all headed to a pumpkin patch. We gave up on our usually spot because it has become so pricey and checked out a new farm. Welp new farm wins and we are hooked!
Emma got her face painted hit the pumpkin head moon bounce and we all took a ride in the tractor thing out to the pumpkin patch...it was super fun.

When we first arrived there we were waiting to get tickets and I started talking to this lady and her little boy...I could tell the baby had just started walking and was much older then he looked. After talking to his Mom for a while I found out this little guy had nunens syndrome. I do not know anything about this syndrome except They tested Tatum for it and she did not have it. Some of the medical issues mirror Williams...Pulmonary stenosis eye issues late development and SUPER CUTE :)
Alex and Tatum share the same Cardiologist and both go to Wilmer for there eyes...small world. He is having a Cath and Angeo very soon so he'll defiantly be in our thoughts. It was so cool to meet someone out randomly that is walking the same path and has a very similar attitude. Hopefully Mary, Alex's Mom, and I well be able to get in touch with each other again soon.

I started this post last night and finished today so sorry for the days being all mixed up from top to bottom....Our desk top at home is possessed again...it started blaring music at 1:30 in the morning and I had to shut it off...I think it needs a total redo of the system meaning we are going ot lose everything....I was afraid to even put new pictures in there, hopefully at lunch today I'll be able to get out and find the proper cord to load pictures from my camera to my wk computer or lab top...Until then no pics :( I really have some good ones too...

Anyway....Yesterday in Church I left with a good question from the pastor in my head...It was what is your purpose here... and if you could ask God a question what would it be....I immediately jumped to the Why me God? thing, then I thought I know why me so that would not be a good one to ask. Now I wonder if it has something to do with purpose...who knows just food for thought...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Almost Famous...LOL

So here is the link to the article like I promised....It is really nice, the only mistake I noticed is that Tatum does not need a valve replacement she needs her descending Aorta replaced...The area of the aorta that is narrow is much to long for a patch, also her blood pressure remains high everyday but the doctors feel it is best to leave well enough alone since she has been tolerating it since she was a fetus... Actually Katie read my blog and corrected the on-line article and a correction well run in tomorrows paper...Man she is on the ball :)

Not such a good picture of Chris and I but hopefully people well just check out the cute kids...

Thanks Leslie for doing the article you are the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Slice of Life

Today I got a email from Katie Leslie, a reporter with the Frederick new post, about doing an article about Tate. I meet her and a photographer at my home around 4:30 for her to interview and pictures. She was so nice and seemed very interested in Tatum and all our blogs. Being the charmer that Tatum is she just won everyone over. Katie was in our home for a good hour and a half, she said that she would most likely be emailing me with questions for the next few days. The article is supposed to run in Friday's news post...I can not wait to see it, I make sure to post a link for you all. I thing the title of the section the article is to appear in is called a slice of life or something like that...

On a totally separate note I am so excited...My roommate and one of my best fiends from college is coming through town tomorrow...Look out world Erin and Lisa are hanging out for the evening. Er has never meet Tatum so I am psyched she is finally is getting that opportunity. I actually have not seen her since we first moved into our home we live in now...Wow that was before Emma turned 2. I am sure she'll be amazed with Both girls, maybe Tatum well start walking for her, we can keep our fingers crossed. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures :)

Hope everyone is having a good week :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Whoa Life

"Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. "

author unknown

By the way Chris LOVES then new job so far...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gotta Love Hump Day

Well I fell a disagreement coming on between Chris me and my love affair with Wednesday evenings... He get so much time and Weds are all I ask for...
Tonight we had a work moral boasting happy hour/dinner...Yeah I'll admit it was more happy then dinner but it was on Wed so it is not like I was asking for an extra day. I do so much during the week and weekend that one evening a week is not going to kill anyone ,but I think that I am alone in that thought pattern...

Kinda funny this evening I was talking to one of my newer co-workers, I actually met his wife last week and loved her, anyway...their daughter was tested for WS and although she does not have that she has some other very real issues...I knew I felt a instant connection to his wife, now I know why LOL...Anyway we spoke about it for a while and it was so nice to actually have someone that could REALLY relate to what we have and are going through with Tatum...Small world eh, who would have thought...

In the past few months the dynamic in our office has totally changed with the coming and going of new people. After being there 5 years this week I have to admit I LOVE IT...I think it is the best we have been in a while and that makes me happier then ever and more positive to say that we are going to make it through this crazy mortgage debacle...It is so much easier to be successful when everyone gets along and has one goal in mind. It is awesome when every one's goal is success!!!!

Night all :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Another weekend gone...

I feel like the weeks and weekends just keep flying by...This weekend the girls with a big clan of neighborhood friends hit the Renn Fest...We also brought Autumn for her first time, if you have never been this is quite a experience...

Between shows, face paining, fairy dust, slides, ponies, food and beer it was a very long day...

We also arrived around 10:30 and stayed till after 6...
When we got home Autumn stayed with the girls and Chris and i actually went out together....Although we had a great time I do not know if it was really the best idea.

Sunday I was so tired from Saturday that I gave Autumn my ticket to the Redskins game, she and Chris went. The two of them seemed to have a really good time and I totally enjoyed my day alone with the girls...and wow, before you know it another weekend over...

I can not really figure out what is going on lately with me...Loans at work have been anything but easy....it has gone from 40 easy loans with a bad week at the end to maybe 20 loans in a month all hard and everyone of them seems to have a fuse of 3 days....Almost a game, the company that can close it the fastest gets the loan....in the long run this has caused the last place I want to be when I get home is the computer.... Also it just amazes me how much less time I have to myself. With everyday that Emma gets older, although great, it is hard work....Everyone that has older kids must know what I mean....it is not the same as baby hard but just as busy in a different way....I now spend my evenings explaining what I mean when I saw certain things or drawling pictures pictures for people. It amazes me just how smart and what exactly she understands...And believe me she understands EVERYTHING!!!

Tatum is also getting older I know she wants nothing more then to walk but the whole balance thing is just killing her....Give her a push toy and she is history but alone with no help it is the bear crawl everywhere and boy is she quick on the stairs, funny thing is she has no interest in going down alone or learning how. Tatum well crawl to the very edge hang her head over lay for a moment then come to one of us for help... It is pretty funny....We have yet to put a gate up in the house we simply have things that go in front of the stairs to block her....We never bought a formal gate for Emma either....

To be honest with you all with the exception of plug covers we have never formally baby proofed a house. Naturally we do not have anything low or lit candles hanging out on the table but we also do not have toilet locks or cabinet locks, I guess we have been lucky that the girls have never been interested. Our coffee table has baskets under them but ya know they are fair game....It is kinda funny maybe because we did not make a big deal about all that stuff they stay away...

With Emma we did not even have to worry about the bathroom but Tatum on the other hand ca n entertain her self forever in there so we have to remember to close shower door and toilet lids...too funny

Anyway I guess the answer to me blogging less right now is that I am just simply exhausted...But believe I me I am trying...my goal is three a week :) You can call off the highway patrol Kerry I am fine :) Just busy.... Iwas wondreing if anyonw knew when the Mom grows the third arm... :) Oh yeah check it out I finally cut Emma's hair...:) Looks good eh....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quick update...

I guess not blogging as much has its plus and minuses... Plus being that I do not feel that I need to blog I am fine with my life and where Tatum is in her's. I know she is not as advanced as I would like but since I can not control that...Minus being I blog when I have time to myself and it is not as often as I would like....Oh Well I guess you can not have it all.

Tatum was feeling pretty yucky all weekend, she had a unbelievably diaper rash ( it is much better now) and is cutting about 5 teeth...Emma and I hung out alot since T was out of commission. Emma has become pretty fun to hang out with lately, when she is in a good mood that is...

Work has been pretty busy, we are not out of the woods yet but it is totally looking better. October so far is the busiest month out of the last three. At least we are steady right now, that is a very good thing...Chris starts his new job on Monday I know he is pretty psyched...I would be if my drive was .9 miles... but then again if it were that short I would never get to talk to friends....My commute is my only alone time...