Sunday, October 21, 2007


This was a terrific weekend, you could not have asked for better weather and the girls were very well behaved. I feel liked I crammed alot into only two days but it really worked out. Today was a bit hot, the Eagles lost and I still can't find black leggings, but all in all a great day. The girls and I walked around downtown had lunch and went in a few shops. I can not believe I had on shorts and a tee shirt this late in October, talk about global warming...
I even carved a pumpkin today, its actually one of my better ones...LOL too bad that is not saying much but it is fine when your only impressing a 4yr old.

Yesterday my Mom and Brent visited and spent the night ,woo-hoo Chris and I got to go out.
In the afternoon we all headed to a pumpkin patch. We gave up on our usually spot because it has become so pricey and checked out a new farm. Welp new farm wins and we are hooked!
Emma got her face painted hit the pumpkin head moon bounce and we all took a ride in the tractor thing out to the pumpkin patch...it was super fun.

When we first arrived there we were waiting to get tickets and I started talking to this lady and her little boy...I could tell the baby had just started walking and was much older then he looked. After talking to his Mom for a while I found out this little guy had nunens syndrome. I do not know anything about this syndrome except They tested Tatum for it and she did not have it. Some of the medical issues mirror Williams...Pulmonary stenosis eye issues late development and SUPER CUTE :)
Alex and Tatum share the same Cardiologist and both go to Wilmer for there eyes...small world. He is having a Cath and Angeo very soon so he'll defiantly be in our thoughts. It was so cool to meet someone out randomly that is walking the same path and has a very similar attitude. Hopefully Mary, Alex's Mom, and I well be able to get in touch with each other again soon.

I started this post last night and finished today so sorry for the days being all mixed up from top to bottom....Our desk top at home is possessed again...it started blaring music at 1:30 in the morning and I had to shut it off...I think it needs a total redo of the system meaning we are going ot lose everything....I was afraid to even put new pictures in there, hopefully at lunch today I'll be able to get out and find the proper cord to load pictures from my camera to my wk computer or lab top...Until then no pics :( I really have some good ones too...

Anyway....Yesterday in Church I left with a good question from the pastor in my head...It was what is your purpose here... and if you could ask God a question what would it be....I immediately jumped to the Why me God? thing, then I thought I know why me so that would not be a good one to ask. Now I wonder if it has something to do with purpose...who knows just food for thought...


Amy said...

I dunno about purpose anymore, I just let it ride and see what happens day to day. Maybe that is enough, to give of yourself what you can to others and be kind and raise your family to be the same way?

Heather said...

Definitely a question to chew on.
Glad you had a nice weekend.
Can't wait to see the pictures. :)

Julie said...

I think I have finally come to a point where I don't necessarily think I have one great purpose for being here. Sucks does'nt it? I always thought I was pretty special. :) Ha! I kind of think for me personally that I am just here for God to throw stuff at I am supposed to run with it and not drop the ball. I have fumbled quite a few times. I do think I have learned a few lessons along the way though. Hopefully I will teach some too. Glad you had a great weekend.

Every minute counts.... said...

I go back and forth on purpose. I think that I have decieded that the stuff that has happened in my life thus far, is directing me to help others in any way I can. Even if it is lending an ear,fixing someone dinner who is having a hard time, or the latest...decorating someone's porch who is in the middle of a thorrible divorce.She didn't feel like her rented place was home so a friend and I made it look more like home for her.
That is the stuff that makes me feel like I am making a difference, even if it is a small one.
Okay...I'll stop.
I can't wait to see the pic from this weekend!


Laura said...

Thanks for swinging by and leaving your sweet comment... I'm wondering if you found me through my friend Camille's site. She has a son with Williams too.

Loved your last paragraph on this post: That "why me God?" question is a tough one.

Tara said...

I do ask "why did it have to be Payton?" a lot....I think I ask that a lot when I look towards the future (which I really shouldn't do so much). I like the thought about purpose though. I feel like everything God brings into my life is building me and molding me....I just hope I'm becoming a better person through all of it.

Kerry said...

What a fun weekend~

I've been mulling over the purpose... I think we'll find out when we enter the pearly gates. When I reach them, I'll send a note down to you -- along with some ice water since you'll be plenty hot DOWN there!! LOL

Lisa R said...

Only Hot because of global warming...It well be bad by then and besides you are so much older you'll probably go sooner LOL....Kidding Love you Kerry :)

Heather said...

You guy's crack me up!

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled time.
I've thought about that question every now and then...no answer yet, though. Maybe it will be clear someday.