Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Time No Post.....

We we have certainly been blog MIA....I have been way to busy at work yo update and once I get home it seems baths and homework take forever...Another big contributing factor to lack of blog is once I am home from work the computer seem to be the last place I want to be...Anyway we have been busy so let me try and fill everyone in:

In Feb after Tatum's b-day we had a Cardiology apt. It went well her doctor is still not ready to operate...fine by me her thickness is borderline... we are pretty much leaving well enough alone right now

Child find is the pre-k school that Tatum goes to now, it is through the county and is a the pre-k program that follows infant and toddler. Tatum seems to have really come a long way in the month she has been there. There is still a long way to go especially with her speech but we are making slow steady strides. The new added tricks for Tatum include her version of ABC's and if you point and ask who I am she says " Lisa" it is petty cute.

Also in Feb my Mom had her 60th b-day so we went to visit her to celebrate. We also got to see my Aunt's since they were visiting for my Mom's day. Since we do not get to see my Mom's sisters very often if was a nice visit. and it is always cute when Julie, my sister, and I can get our girls together.

Onto Emma:

Emma is not really digging Kindergarten and fearing 1st grade even more...last night she actually said she wanted to stay back...She is having issues with the independent work piece, he teacher says she is not disrupting the class or anything she just doesn't want to work. I guess her teacher has told her that once in first grade she'll have to do this work and if she can not get it done she'll have to do it over... Needless to say Emma did not like that idea to much...he reading is slow but steady...she needs to be at a reading level of 7 by Kindergarten end and right now we are almost at a 6 so i am confident we can meet that mark. It is just crazy Kindergarten s certainly not what it used to be. At this rate Emma's children well be taking the SAT in Kindergarten...

Our big milestone was last night Emma lost her first two teeth at the same time, good thing I made a dentist apt last week. opps and she is allergic to amoxacillen...foud that out the hard way a few weeks ago...