Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Lyme disease...HAHA

So apparently you can not get Lyme disease without a tick....whatever LOL Tatum has a ear infection still and was having a reaction to the old antibiotic. They hooked her up with some augmentin so we should be good by tomorrow in time for a great weekend!!!

The Gut got the ear infection part correct....I just feel like she is doing so well that the other shoe is gonna drop anytime.....

Gut Feeling

This morning I am taking Tatum to the Doctor. I just have a weird feeling that it is something more then a cold. Two weeks ago she had double ear infections, we just stooped the antibiotics a few days ago. This makes me think that the medicine did not work. I think she still has her ear infections on top of something else.
Tate threw up about 6 times yesterday, last night she has a low grade fever,was a bit splotchy, super congested and wheezy; actually a perfect example of how she sounds is Darth Vader, pretty sad eh. I just have the pneumonia feeling in my gut.
I can tell by listening to her that her O2 level is not where it should be and that scares me. I know the min. I get to the doctors office they are going to bust out our good friend Mr. Nebulizer, should be fun. Tatum hates that thing the older she gets the harder it is to do it.
I am just so tired of not being able to brush off a cold or something simple last night I was googling symptoms all over the place...All I could come up with was Lyme disease .OK you are allowed to laugh at me for that one. She does actually have a little spot on her arm that she has had for a while now. I thought or think that it is just dry skin in a perfect circle but you can never be to sure.
I know one thing it is a good thing that Tatum LOVES pedilite, weird kid... at least we know she is not dehydrated... Wish me luck...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hump Day

Finding time to post lately has not been easy so sorry for the neglect;)....Anyway we had a pretty good weekend for the most part it was beautiful outside and Tatum loves the pool. I am just loving watching both girls grow up. I can already tell this summer with Tatum is going to be so much better. It is amazing how much both girls grew up over the winter. Emma even learned to load the dishwasher this weekend, so good for me you know. She and Chris can do it all that time if its up to me. The two of them are so anal they are perfect for each other. You could have seen Chris explaining to her where each dish went, I just put them in there and start, if Chris catches one of my loads he'll reload it his way...What a nut!!!

We were at the neighborhood pool Monday, I left Tatum with Dana for a second while I went to the bathroom came back and it seemed that Tatum had formed a fan club....there were no joke about 6 big kids all circled around her giving her love. Everyone who meets Tatum just falls in love, whats not to love right she is pretty darn cute. I know I am bias... But she is and her eyes have made a remarkable difference. You should see this kid move, she even has a little walker push toy she has been trying to rock lately. We have a bunch of Dr. apts this month so I am pretty excited to showoff her new moves. Am I a proud Mom or what...

We did have one major set back this weekend, my car was vandalized in my driveway Sat. night. Thank goodness nothing was stolen but sheesh what a pain in the ass!!! The lack of knowledge and control some parents have is just beyond me. I just hope I do not become one of these Mom's. There is still glass all over my car, I had to wash the baby seats and we have already vacuumed twice. I though the replacement glass place would vacuum it out some too but silly me wanting something for nothing..... Like my back window, yeah I know it is gone, check out the front one. We are so lucky nothing was taken...On the bright side Chris cleaned out the garage so I have my spot back next to Tinkerbell... and we did actually meet some of our neighbors...Every one's always noisy when something like that happens...Hey I do not mind I am the same way LOL

Well that is about it nothing to exciting going on....the next few weeks are busy, this weekend should be pretty calm but then we have Em's dance recital and birthday...She should be excited back to back EMMA weekends... It should be very cute...now if we could only get rid of Tatums cold and cough before that.
Happy Hump day everyone :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog

Bloging has been a weird experience for me. First of all this is one of the only things I have stuck with for any length of time. I cannot believe it has been an yr, I remember telling Aspen that I would have nothing to say…. I know me with nothing to say imagine that LOL.

The only thing I have stuck with as long as my Blog is my love for reality TV. I know I have issues summer to me means Big Brother time!!!! It was a bad week though I was cheering for Blake and Bevin (bachelor) they both lost at least I picked Apollo. Thank god for Tivo…I can maintain all my TV lol.

The one show I managed to catch this week was a old medical incredible it had a segment it in it about WS, you know the lady that signs in a million languages…. any way…her baby pictures look exactly like Tatum…I know that lots of WS kids look alike but this was almost Erie, they were identical. It was actually the first time that I really sat down and paid attention to the details…

Basically my week has been uneventful the kids are fine, Tatum seems better and the weather is beautiful. Tatum is pulling herself up a lot now it is pretty funny but then again so is she. As verbal as Emma is and Tatum is becoming I am worried. There is really never going to be a dull minute at our house.

We did have one big change this week; miss Pim has acquired a third kid. Nathan or “Nat Dog” as Em calls him now comes over during the day. In the fall Emma and Nathan are going to school on alternating days so it should work out good and save us a little money.

Well everyone have a great holiday weekend we have birthday parties and BBQ's to attend…Yeah the pool opens!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Plans never seem to workout...

This past weekend was perfect, with the exception of not being able to go to Dutch Wonderland ;(
Tatum went to the Doctor on Friday, double ear infections… I was not really in the mood to truck all over a kiddy park changing Tatum’s antibiotic diapers, at least not by choice if you know what I mean. We decided that we’d go back to DW sometime this summer and maybe even stay a few days. Maybe it well be a better time for other people to go as well...

The plus side was we were able to get a lot done around the house…All the flowers are planted the roof deck is cleaned up and ready to go and my house and car are both clean…You really can not beat that. This weekend looks as though it too is low key…. we have a first communion to go to and a b-day party but hey are both local so no big deal. I hope it is as nice this weekend as last.

Recently I got in touch with a lady that lives in NY and moving to my area…. Anyway her and her Husband were in the area over the weekend house shopping so they cam by our place. We ended cooking out with them last nice and had a really good time. They have a 4yr old little boy with WS along with 3 other kids. Jim and Liz were so nice I cannot wait till they move here so we can get to know them better.
I think one of the coolest things I have experienced in the past yr is that this WS thing just automatically bonds you to people. The WS parents that I have meet in the last yr have all become instant friends. I guess that the comment you take the good with the bad is the theme here…

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's been a while...

Well between work, and car races I have had no time to blog and I picked up a stomach virus of some sort...I have felt pretty yucky since Sat. morning.

Chris did very well for his first race he finished 7 in his class. The Track was beautiful it was the nicest track I had ever been too. I even ran into a old college friend. His dad has a dealership in Greensboro and Stew was racing a stock showroom car, pretty cool. If Chris does this race again I'll go kid less... Tatum did not really like the loud cars and it was also nap time when the race started and Emma was being a very protective big sister, she would not let anyone near her once she feel asleep.

The race was fun but the drive to the race track not so fun. Traffic and 4 kids 5 and under just do not blend, It actually turned into a 8 hour trip. This went against all my kid traveling principals while validating them at the same time....Planes are the way to go!! Any trip longer then 5 hours round trip should not be made with children under 5 in a car that is.
The good thing is Dana and I made it to the track and we did not kill anyone... The details are really not that important, right...

We all ended up coming home a day early so we could enjoy Sunday and go back to work somewhat rested.

Yesterday was very laid back...I really did not feel well so after Emma and I went to church we stayed home and rested for the rest of the afternoon.
Chris set up Tatum's pool toy out back and let the girls have at it. Our fences always make it feel much warmer back there. The girls really had a good time together.
We got a funny video clip of Tatum...Hope I can get it to work for you all...

Oh yeah I almost forgot Yesterday I caught Tatum standing up in her crib!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Chris...We love you so much, even if you are out numbered and drive us all crazy !!!! ;) Your a great Dad and even at your age still a ton of fun!!! LOL

Monday, May 07, 2007


Yesterday was the local Marathon, the past two years my friend's husband has ran and we have been the cheering crew. I love going to races, I guess since Chris has completed 3 iron mans and a handful of marathons I know the dedication that goes into the training and how much all the support means...not to mention it is so fun to cheer for everyone competing. It was a super windy day and Tim did fantastic!!!

While sitting at between mile 22 and 23 waiting for Tim, Emma looked at me and asked when Daddy was coming by...ya think she has been to a few races...Chris did his 2 Ironman when Emma was 6 weeks old, her first official race that she was a spectator was the ripe age of 3m.. . at 4m she made her first trip to the race track...

Tatum has not yet missed one of Tim's races this was her 2 Marathon and she has 1 triathlon under her belt. She may be his biggest fan that is not one of his own kids :)...
On a separate note

Tatum and her little boyfriend Jason got together this weekend and were so cute...I am glad they get along so well since Jason's daddy and Chris are racing buddy's. We are actually going to a race this weekend. Dana, Jason's Mommy and are so excited for Mothers day at the race track...LOL

Another funny moment this weekend was when I found Emma giving Tatum a "bath" while watching the girls new favorite show "Little Einsteins" I was laughing so hard I almost missed the picture. As you can see Tatum was to interested in the TV to pay attention to what Emma was doing to her... Like always we had a very busy and fun weekend they are always non stop and busy.... the next two weekends should be fun...racing in Va this weekend and Dutch Wonderland for a Williams Syndrome outing on the following weekend.... I was looking on line yesterday at DW and Emma is going to have a blast, she can ride all t he rides there :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby PJ

Just wanted to let you all know that Baby PJ is doing great...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Early Start

Today I was able to get a early start, it was a bit hard to leave my three cuties in bed but someone has to do it, right. Chris took the day off from work, pretty sad when you'll make more money at home doing side work that at your actually place of employment. Anyway, I came in early since I have to leave early. Tatum has her follow up eye apt at Hopkins this afternoon, after this apt we do not have to go back for 6 weeks, I am just glad to have this eye stuff behind us.

I know it is frowned upon that our bed is where everyone ends up in the morning but a doctor told us when Emma was born to sleep however you can, so that is what we do.
Emma does not really come to our bed much anymore and when she does alot of times we do not even know till morning...she is stealth like that...LOL
Tatum gets in our bed around 5:30 when she wakes for a bottle and then falls asleep there for another hour and a half or so...don't they all look so peaceful sleeping in the dark...you can hardly see Chris on the end...:)

I recently found out that a Sorority Sister from college( younger then me so I never had the opportunity to meet her) has a son having heat surgery at Duke today. The surgery is to close a VSD but apparently this is a much riskier surgery then normal due to the terrible lung damage that baby PJ has. I was forwarded his care page by a friend, since then I have faithfully been reading and crying for this young family.
Please keep all of them ,especially PJ, in your thoughts and prayers today... I want Jenna to be able to snap a photo like the one I did today on her way to work someday.
I have a good feeling baby PJ is a very strong boy and a fighter...It is crazy how real all this has become to me...to think just 14m ago...oh never mind like Noel said sometimes you do not want to remember.

This is PJ Care Page if interested: