Monday, May 14, 2007

It's been a while...

Well between work, and car races I have had no time to blog and I picked up a stomach virus of some sort...I have felt pretty yucky since Sat. morning.

Chris did very well for his first race he finished 7 in his class. The Track was beautiful it was the nicest track I had ever been too. I even ran into a old college friend. His dad has a dealership in Greensboro and Stew was racing a stock showroom car, pretty cool. If Chris does this race again I'll go kid less... Tatum did not really like the loud cars and it was also nap time when the race started and Emma was being a very protective big sister, she would not let anyone near her once she feel asleep.

The race was fun but the drive to the race track not so fun. Traffic and 4 kids 5 and under just do not blend, It actually turned into a 8 hour trip. This went against all my kid traveling principals while validating them at the same time....Planes are the way to go!! Any trip longer then 5 hours round trip should not be made with children under 5 in a car that is.
The good thing is Dana and I made it to the track and we did not kill anyone... The details are really not that important, right...

We all ended up coming home a day early so we could enjoy Sunday and go back to work somewhat rested.

Yesterday was very laid back...I really did not feel well so after Emma and I went to church we stayed home and rested for the rest of the afternoon.
Chris set up Tatum's pool toy out back and let the girls have at it. Our fences always make it feel much warmer back there. The girls really had a good time together.
We got a funny video clip of Tatum...Hope I can get it to work for you all...

Oh yeah I almost forgot Yesterday I caught Tatum standing up in her crib!!!


Lynn said...

Congrats, Chris! Isn't VIR GORGEOUS!!! Glad you guys had such a good time. Let us know when you're at Summit Point next ...

Aspen said...

Congratulations Chris! And Congratulations Tatum! Standing up in her crib is huge! Just take my fair warning...but that mattress down, take my word on that. I loved the video, so precious!

Oh and I couldn't go without saying...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!!

I love you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Lots of Love,

Kerry said...

What a cute video! Did you notice Tatum push Emma when Em sat in front of her... heh heh ... here comes some fun!!

Yeah again on standing! Here she goes!

Every minute counts.... said...

Love the pics and the video. Congrats Chris! and Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

Your girls are beautiful!!!


Teresa & Shawn said...

That was so adorable!

Nicole said...

That video was so cute!! Your girls are precious!! How in the world do you do a video?...I'm going to have to call you to walk me through it.

Happy belated Birthday Lisa!!!

Gina said...

Gianna and I watched your video together-about 6 times because she just kept saying "again!" She loves watching people,especially children, in videos and tv. The girls looked like they were having a blast! It makes me anxious for summer!!!