Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog

Bloging has been a weird experience for me. First of all this is one of the only things I have stuck with for any length of time. I cannot believe it has been an yr, I remember telling Aspen that I would have nothing to say…. I know me with nothing to say imagine that LOL.

The only thing I have stuck with as long as my Blog is my love for reality TV. I know I have issues summer to me means Big Brother time!!!! It was a bad week though I was cheering for Blake and Bevin (bachelor) they both lost at least I picked Apollo. Thank god for Tivo…I can maintain all my TV lol.

The one show I managed to catch this week was a old medical incredible it had a segment it in it about WS, you know the lady that signs in a million languages…. any way…her baby pictures look exactly like Tatum…I know that lots of WS kids look alike but this was almost Erie, they were identical. It was actually the first time that I really sat down and paid attention to the details…

Basically my week has been uneventful the kids are fine, Tatum seems better and the weather is beautiful. Tatum is pulling herself up a lot now it is pretty funny but then again so is she. As verbal as Emma is and Tatum is becoming I am worried. There is really never going to be a dull minute at our house.

We did have one big change this week; miss Pim has acquired a third kid. Nathan or “Nat Dog” as Em calls him now comes over during the day. In the fall Emma and Nathan are going to school on alternating days so it should work out good and save us a little money.

Well everyone have a great holiday weekend we have birthday parties and BBQ's to attend…Yeah the pool opens!!!!!


Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Wow. Your husband better get used to lots of noise! Tatum and Ava are doing so many of the same things right now. Ava, too, is pulling herself up and now she walks behind push toys. It's amazing how much has happened since the eye surgery. Do you think it's all connected?

Have a great weekend. I'll have a margarita in your honor!

Nancy said...

Yaayyy! I'm so glad you posted. I thought about you as I watched AI last night.

Kerry said...

Summers used to be so carefree... now there's BB three times a week! Don't the networks think of the little people and their habits and give us a break?? LOL

Every minute counts.... said...

Have a great weekend!! I am glad to hear your girls are going down the same route as mine! LOL. Funny story...Abi was in Speech on Thursday and got mad because she didn't get her way and she says to the teacher " you're being a butt!"..thankfullly the teacher didn't seem to understand the last word she said...boy Abi ha become a handfull. When she gets mad she'll say her piece but then she is your friend again!

Nicole said...

I too am addicted to reality TV. I really have a hard time admitting that I am 32 years old and still watch the Bachelor. I was so happy to hear that someone else watches. I know that it's trash, but I can't help myself. One worse, I like MTV reality programs (yes, all of them). I do have TIVO as well, so I can save a lot of time fast forwarding through commercials. Hello everyone, my name is Nicole and I am a reality showaholic. There, I said it!! :)