Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hump Day

Finding time to post lately has not been easy so sorry for the neglect;)....Anyway we had a pretty good weekend for the most part it was beautiful outside and Tatum loves the pool. I am just loving watching both girls grow up. I can already tell this summer with Tatum is going to be so much better. It is amazing how much both girls grew up over the winter. Emma even learned to load the dishwasher this weekend, so good for me you know. She and Chris can do it all that time if its up to me. The two of them are so anal they are perfect for each other. You could have seen Chris explaining to her where each dish went, I just put them in there and start, if Chris catches one of my loads he'll reload it his way...What a nut!!!

We were at the neighborhood pool Monday, I left Tatum with Dana for a second while I went to the bathroom came back and it seemed that Tatum had formed a fan club....there were no joke about 6 big kids all circled around her giving her love. Everyone who meets Tatum just falls in love, whats not to love right she is pretty darn cute. I know I am bias... But she is and her eyes have made a remarkable difference. You should see this kid move, she even has a little walker push toy she has been trying to rock lately. We have a bunch of Dr. apts this month so I am pretty excited to showoff her new moves. Am I a proud Mom or what...

We did have one major set back this weekend, my car was vandalized in my driveway Sat. night. Thank goodness nothing was stolen but sheesh what a pain in the ass!!! The lack of knowledge and control some parents have is just beyond me. I just hope I do not become one of these Mom's. There is still glass all over my car, I had to wash the baby seats and we have already vacuumed twice. I though the replacement glass place would vacuum it out some too but silly me wanting something for nothing..... Like my back window, yeah I know it is gone, check out the front one. We are so lucky nothing was taken...On the bright side Chris cleaned out the garage so I have my spot back next to Tinkerbell... and we did actually meet some of our neighbors...Every one's always noisy when something like that happens...Hey I do not mind I am the same way LOL

Well that is about it nothing to exciting going on....the next few weeks are busy, this weekend should be pretty calm but then we have Em's dance recital and birthday...She should be excited back to back EMMA weekends... It should be very cute...now if we could only get rid of Tatums cold and cough before that.
Happy Hump day everyone :)


Nancy said...

So sorry about your poor car!

Looks like you are having fun at the pool. I am slathering on the fake tan these days, getting ready! Scar-ee!

Miss you, girlie. Now get out there and have some fun.

Kerry said...

Wow, I can't believe about your car!!It's so annoying when things like that happen! They didn't even steal anything? What losers!

Glad you guys had a good weekend - hopefully it will be another warm one coming up