Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wraping up 2007... Bringing in 2008

I started this before Christmas and I am finishing up late sorry... so This is the scoop with us since Christmas...sorry in Advance for babble....HAPPY NEW YR!!!

I have to say I think that this yr has flown by, I guess that is is true the older you get the faster times passes... It certainly helps that I am in a much better place this year then last. The girls are getting so big it is just crazy. My baby Emma is a big girl and Tatum is well on her way. We stoped by my Dads in Dover on Sunday and that was when I really notice how big the girls were getting. We also had a chance to visit a good friend and see there new baby...He is really not that new any more but the big kids had fun playing and visiting :) Even if it was a very quick stop :) Longer next time I promise :)

Christmas dinner turned out to be pretty good. I actually cooked something, with a little help. The day after Christmas I had to take Tatum to get new shoes and her glasses fixed. What a great way to drop 200.00 in a matter of 5 mins. I do think the bigger shoes are helping and I think life without scratched glasses must be good LOL

I noticed from reading some of the other blogs that your WS kids were not so big on there toys. Tatum was not really into opening gift but she did get this chair end table thing tat she just loves...I totally recommend it. I guess the good thing about Tatum not caring we all had extra gifts to open...I have to tell you even after a week the chair toy is still a hit, we actually travel with it to Yvonne's on Christmas eve...Lucky it was a gift from Dover. As always went together Alex and Emma were cute as every...Santa was good to both of them even though they look like furture trouble together.

News Years went great we all stayed home the girls were in rare form and Chris and I had no energy to deal...it turned out to be a very nice evening and we all slept in till 10....I can not remember the last time that happened, everyone in their own beds!!! What a way to start the new yr. maybe it is a sign...

Well today entail football and cleaning, The Kerry count down is on!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby Blake Update

I spoke to Whitney this morning and honestly she was not having that great of one. The nurses are driving her crazy the Doctors are not much better and Blake has not slept in three days. They finally gave him a bit of benadryl and it was seeming to do the trick for now anyway.

The Dr.'s in KY want to cath him to "buy some time" and then do open heart surgery this summer after RSV season. Right now he has a virus so they have to wait before they can do anything. The Dr. In MI that Whitney has been speaking with thinks the cath would be pointless and really make no change ( just like the last cath was pointless) and do the surgery now. She really does not know what to do I am sure any advice from you all is welcomed. She did not know the address but is going to find it out for us and if you want to send me an email I can give you her cell number. Gotta get to Work, XOXO Lisa

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whoa....Whitney called...

Well Christmas was goo back to work tomorrow. I'll post more ten I really promise. Whitney
called today just as I was getting a haircut....any way...wait till ya see it...LOVE IT... sorry sidetrack...

On a way more serious note Blake went into heart failure on the 24th and was taken to the ER. Per Whitney he has been on track to at some pt have heart failure but in the last few weeks it seems he has been headed there fast. Blake is set to have a Cath 1-9 he may be in the hospital till then or they may move the cath date to sooner... I'll talk to Whitney on my way to work tomorrow and also get a number and hospital address for us... Night guys...

praying for Baby Blake, Family and Maybe a little extra for my girl Whitney, who by the way is a hero of mine.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I hope everyone had or is having a terrific day....I post more pictures and write about it later but wanted to share our best gift....I think we can now honestly say Tatum is walking...still loving the bear crawl but definitely walking as well... XOXO Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Never Ending

GO GO GO I feel like that is all I do!!! Especially this time of yr. Don't you all worry though, you know me and I always leave time for fun. Seriously though between GO GO and FUN FUN I am exhausted. I just got a call from the kids doctor I forgot to schedule Tatum's synergis shot...oops looks like we are getting it tomorrow morning... I can not wait, there is nothing better then a doctor's office in December...yeah right!

I am about done Christmas shopping I guess I should be since it is less then a week away, but still not completely done. I did finished up a bunch last night so that is a little stress lifted... The Christmas tree is up and decorated now if only I could get one of those invisible dog fences around it we would be good. I think whoever invented Christmas trees did not have small children or maybe just ornaments that didn't break... so far nothing is broken almost a few little fingers but that does not count right???

We are having Christmas dinner at our house this yr, that is exciting I get to use my Christmas dishes...One problem we have no clue what to prepare...I am open for suggestions anyone???

I am really looking forward to having time off next week I was thinking that i had to work on Christmas eve but we were just given the day off and I took off on the 26 this yr...wow what am I going to do with myself???? Oh wait I know CLEAN, LOL

Anyway I am still waiting on my second batch of Christmas cards to come in the mail so if you have not received one I have not forgotten just kidding myself on the initial number of cards I need to buy...I have been saying this all week but hopefully they are in my mailbox when I get home today.

Before you know it Kerry's and her clan are going to be at my house!!!! They are stopping through on the way back from KY...
I can not wait!!!! Do you think the guys well mind when we leave them with the kids? HAHA hmmm I think I'll wait to spring that on um....

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season...Merry Christmas :) XOXO

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pretty Lame

So the photo contest thing is pretty lame and I know I am not going win anyway so vote if you want but trust me I am not going to hurt...you have to go through some dumb spam thing to vote...who knows give it a whirl if you want....

Finally I think Chris and Emma are off to get a tree this evening... It always goes up late and stays up to long...I am constant losing the Christmas tree battle I just want a fake one!!!!!

Help Tatum win $2,500 in the Great American Photo Contest!

I just entered Tatum in the Great American Photo Contest. The baby with most votes this month wins $2,500 (that could be a nice amount to put away now for college!!). Please do me a big favor and click on this https://www.greatamericanphotocontest.com/voter1/index.aspx?
and vote for Tatum. It takes a minute. I really appreciate it, and so does Tatum . Thanks in advance.

p.s. Tell your friends to tell their friends!

I know I am a Dork LOL!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Husle bustle..

This was a jammed packed weekend and since it was super wet we never made it out to get a Christmas tree..Oh well maybe tomorrow... The later we get it the less mess in the house, I guess that is one way to look at it. I am sure we'll get one this week because now Emma has gotten involved and she thinks we need one NOW!!!

The brunch was awesome and the kids adorable.... Autumn meet me there, that was nice I was guaranteed to know at least one person.
Tatum made some new friends,and as long as there were joining her near the food table she was ready to hang out...What a little piggie I have ;) The little baby in the above photo was at the picnic we attended over the summer, he has grown so much and really looks terrific!!! Such a cutie.
I tried to get at least a pic of all the kids but they really did not want to stay out for to long so it was a bit hard but I really love this picture for some reason... Isn't it beautiful, so deep in thought.
The best part about watching these kids together was they were so excited to be together and truly just loved one another.

To bad I am horrible with names but I did have a great time and hopefully I'll get together with this little group again soon. It was much closer to my house then I had thought it would be :) Wow maybe I could even do a brunch or something one of these day's. From talking to the different families I here there are going to be quite a bit of people heading out to Louisville at the beginning of the yr. To bad not the same time as me but Jan and early Feb I bet are packed :)

After the brunch I went Christmas shopping....YUCK !!!! I actually think I am about done, but damn if I thought we were poor before it is much worse now HAHA...I am laughing but really it sucks ;) to think three hours in a ghetto mall was all it took...The Macy's was trashed the Lord and Taylor over priced, Children's Place packed and Bombay Company totally picked over...Wow the things you do just to hit a mall with a Disney Store.

Hopefully this week I can get my house together I feel like I have a never ending mess and it is slowing stressing me out big time.... Oh yeah one more thing Tatum took about five steps two different times today, I think walking may be right around the corner for us.... now if I can only catch her on video...

Maybe it well stop raining tonight and dry up so tree shopping well be easier for us tomorrow :) I guess I can say at least the snow stopped...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dear Samanthaclause.....LOL

Wow I gotta tell you this yr and last yr this time are about COMPLETE 360'S....This time last yr I was lost a bit still, starting to get it that whole WS thing but not really ya know. If I could tell you how much I have grown/changed it would just be crazy...
I love that when I get a chance to blog there are a ton more to read it is so different every time....I can only hope that blogging is/has helped everyone as much as me, it's feeling a part of something....Kinda like "Cheers" here in blogland...

I do not think it matters where you find it or how but support of any kind certainly does make a huge difference. I could not even tell you where I would be today without cyberspace...Thanks all you guys rock!!!

Tatum is on the verge of really walking maybe she is saving it for Christmas. In the mean time I am enjoying my last few weeks of calm before I have two nuts running around my house, hmm and I thought just Emma was a handful. I think I am going to have my work cut out for me, actually I know!!!

Anyway work is crazy our new favorite word is declining market...don't worry we all live in one and if not now shortly :)

Saturday I was invited to a WS brunch in VA. It starts at 10am so I can only count on Tatum going with me. Although I do think I have talked Autumn into going, I'll know one person...We are planning on getting a Christmas Tree and maybe even a breakfast with Santa so the weekend may be busy, like they all aren't busy...

On Wed. morning Emma woke up to snow falling, she asked if Santa was coming...I had to explain yes but not today...aren't kids cute!!! She is to funny I wish I could actually show you all but not even a video would do her justice...raising kids has to be the most rewarding thing ever...Have a terrific weekend everyone. XOXO oh yeah and her new favorite cartoon is "Peanuts" you gotta love it...To bad I never knew how funny it really was until this yr. Isn't being a parent great :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

So this is what goes on at my house during the day...


Baby Blake

Whitney called last night on my home from wk to let me know they had to rush Blake to the hospital....His O2 levels had dropped. They admitted him an was scheduled a cath first thing this morning but then bumped him back to a later time due to a baby in worse shape.

I spoke to Whitney again this morning and as you can imagine she is just a bundle of nerves. Try to keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers today as little Blake returns to the cath lab for the second time..... I would imagine he is there now or on the way. Whitney is supposed to call and update me later this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through God who strengthens

The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a
loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called
caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs.
But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called
Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will
make it to a place called Success.

Enjoy your day...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nice to be off for a few days

Well I hope everyone had a good Holiday we sure did...We had Thanksgiving in WV with Terry and Walt( Chris’ Mom and Stepdad ) a few of their neighbors and Terry’s brother Tom. This was my first time getting to meet Tom so that was cool. He was really nice and the girls, well mostly Tatum, loved him. I have to give Terry credit, I am not the biggest turkey fan and I can honestly say that it was the best turkey I have ever had.

The rest of the weekend was pack full with Amy's B-day on Wed. ,Thanksgiving, cleaning the house, laundry , Tidal Waves for Tatum was Sat. afternoon, and Sunday after church we went to see Enchanted. Oh yeah and tonight it is my footballs team to face the Patriots. I guess some ones has to do it... Tim is a huge Pats fan so we are watching the game with them; there is a 98% chance that there may be a upset, LOL. The Redskins choked today, ASU lost on Thanksgiving Day so I figure it is our (well mine anyway) turn to get a win!!! GO EAGLES!!!!-----I wrote this in WP prior to the game it may get posted after------

The Swim-A-Thon went well, I think ( or by the end anyway) that enough money has be raise to pay for Tatum’s and my trip to Louisville in February. That is super helpful it is a big expense right after Christmas that I am not going to have the money for....I am going to put together a slide show so everyone can see the pictures. I think it was a pretty good Sr. project for Sam.

To wrap up the weekend we took Tatum to her first movie hmmmmm....It went a bit like this...I saw the part up to when the princess ended up in NY..then saw two other scenes they were they were actually the only other big song and dance scenes after the move left animation. I guess that was good. I did get a new pair of pants for Yvonne’s “Gluwein” part on Sat. night....Anyway...

Going to see Tatum’s Doctor on Tuesday, hopefully we’ll be able to figure something out. I love her regular doctor but when she is not around I feel a real problem with the competence of those left in charge as far as Tatum’s concerned....Dr. DeSuza did agree with me that I should be a bit upset over what happened Wed. she also wanted to see us ASAP....I spoke to her Sat afternoon, and right now weather I change doctor’s or not Tatum needs to be seen for this cold. I did check out two other practices over the vacation I guess time well tell...

OMG are you all watching this Football Game...KERRY :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dr. Dumb Ass

Get this!!! Today Tatum went to the doctor she has been super congested and all snotty, her cold has gone beyond Dr. Mom so I figured it would be best to have her seen...

After today my worst fear has been confirmed I must find a new pediatrician...Tatum has not had a flu shot not had synergis and was never even sent notification about it when the cards went out for the high risk kids....OK so mistakes happen I can over look that...

Not this one Pim took Tate to the Dr. for me and called Me when they left. Dr. Roseman From Children's Pediatricians and Associates sent them home with a RX for Zyrtec!!!! Funny if you Google Zyrtec this is the first thing it says:

Avoid Zyrtec if you have severe high blood pressure, severe heart disease, high pressure in the eye, glaucoma, or difficulty urinating. Zyrtec is not to be combined with any drug classified as an MAO inhibitor. This would include antidepressants such as Nardil and Parnate.
Use Zyrtec sparingly in cases of high blood pressure or heart disease. Be very cautious, too if you have diabetes, or a tendency to increased pressure in the eyes, glaucoma, or using Zyrtec with overactive thyroid gland, or an enlarged prostate gland. Patients with kidney or liver problems should make sure your doctor is aware of it. The dosage of Zyrtec may have to be reduced.

I do not think I'll be giving this to Tatum and I am also thinking that it is the last straw...Anyone know a good pediatrician....What a pain!!!! Thank god Pim did not just fill it and give it to her.
Do you think I am over reacting???

Oh yeah Happy Thanksgiving all :)

To Little Time

The weekend went well I have some great pictures to share and visited alot of Family...

End of the month Blues because wk is busy and on top of the end of the month busy there isa holiday... Tomorrow is my Friend Amy's b-day so thursday I should have time to catch up on blogs and give you all a good update...sorry to keep you waiting...

OK OK, a little photo tease Emma's new best friend is our cousin Ali...too cute!!! And as always Tatum stole the show with her Tatumness :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One last Hurrah...

My Mom called this morning to let me know that my Grandma (Nana) passed away. I had been expecting this call for almost a month now, Nana had been suffering from Alziemers for sometime now. Recently it had gotten pretty bad so it is good to know she is finally at peace.

When someone dies you have such mixed emotions the thing that made me most sad today is the fact that I bet I don't see my cousins again for a long time...Grandparents kinda link that all together... Although we have a funeral to attend I know this weekend is going to still be fun...Remember and reminiscing with everyone is also going to be fun. The last time we were all together at one time was October of 04 when Pap pap ,Nana's husband, passed away. We all we sorta together in Aug when Nana turned 90 but James and Ali could not make it. They are missing from the above picture.

It is also pretty weird to think that this is going to be our last trip to Wheeling...The very last chance to catch the "Wheeling Feeling" I almost feel like the time of yr gives closure..
Christmas is Wheeling best side and the lights at Oglebay are the tops. It has been forever since we have all gone to see the light festival together. Maybe we can even hit the Wheeling Island race track once more, that would be fun...

All the great memories we have to look back on, It makes me smile...

I'll sure miss Nana and everything about having grandparents. How blessed I was by all of them...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sedated Echo...nahhhh not for us :)

Tatum and I got up bright and early and headed down to Hopkins for the highly anticipated sedated echo. We arrived there signed in and waited. Tatum played in the waiting room like a champ, certainly not like a 21m old who was starving :)... That thought last about two mins. after they called us into and exam room, Tate wanted no part of the EKG stickers or the blood pressure cuff. In her defence it was about 10:45 and she was still awake and still no food. After the nurse gave up we went back to the waiting room so she could play while we waited for a room to see the doctor. When they called us in a different nurse informed us that she was to congested to be put under and we should feed her, it was now 11:00. My friend Jodi even commented that she had not seen a kid eat a banana that fast in her life. Needless to say little piggy Tatum was tired and very Hungry... The nurse then as asked if we wanted to just go home and reschedule. Ahhh no was she crazy!!! When I looked at like she was from mars she decided to get the doctor.

but it seemed forever I picked her up put the Dr. Brenner's fellow( or whatever she is) came in to see Tatum first and T was not cooperative. In between the time the other doctor was out and Dr. Brenner cam in Tatum calmed down...I gave her my IPOD to listen too, she LOVES Bob Marley, how funny is that. She was an angle for Dr. Brenner, too funny. She was also super tired by this time so Dr. Brenner suggested that we take off her dress ( he got us some blankets) and walk her around. After a ton of walking maybe 15mins, we returned back to the exam room for so cuddling and rocking. I gave her my IPOD back in her and she was out in two songs.

We quickly took her to the echo room not wast any time and she laid there asleep and letting the tech have a field day taking all the pictures needed, we even squeezed a EKG out of her. By the time we were finished talking with Dr. Brenner it was close to 3...Wow that was a long day. He wasted to compare the pictures to old echos' but at first glance he told us there was no real change. Her left ventricle had moderate thickness but not serious enough for intervention. Unless I notice something or we have a good reason we do not have to go back until May.

I view this as a very good sign hopefully her Aorta well fix itself and if not there is not reason to continue looking at the exact same thing unless it is making her sick...Right now she is just fine :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bringing you up to speed...I know 2 in a row WOW

This was a pretty good weekend for the most part, the weather is finally becoming season appropriate. The girls and I went shopping on Sat to find Jason a birthday gift and we checked out a few other stores. Jason, Tatum's pool buddy, my friend Dana's baby turned one. He was adorable and we could not have had a better time at his party. The crazy thing these days is that kid parties and just being around little kids in general just get me thinking, Tatum is going to be 2 in 4 months ans she seems more like the kid turning one. I do not want to complain she is cute as a button and a terrific baby but if would be awesome to get some animal sounds without her mimicking us or a few steps without the support of a toy...I don't know I should be grateful that Tate is doing as well as she is but it sometimes does get to you, ya know.

Tatum has her first sedated echo on Monday, Veteran's Day. I am grateful that we have made it this far in her life with having to do a sedated one but as this one fast approached I can not help but be a tiny bit stressed. She also hasn't had an echo since April, she was scheduled for one over the summer but was not a very cooperative little girl. I have this pit in my stomach that the news is not going to be good. I guess if I prepare for the worst the news can only be good, kind of a funny way to look at it huh.

Other then all this life in MD has been pretty much the same ole' same ole'...
Chris and I have actually gone out together two weekends in a row so that has been nice and the swim-a-thon for Tatum has been coming along nice. My Dad told me today he is stopping by on Sunday when he passes through town, he ordered the tee shirts for us, I can not wait to see how they came out.
I do need to catch up with Sam ( It's his project) about it to go over everything but all in all it is coming along great.

Remember to keep Tatum and I in your thoughts this week, hopefully I can hold off my anxiety attack until Monday...or maybe even avoid it all together...:)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

I am psyched I finally got my lab top working again, amazing all it took was 15 Min's on telephone with Comcast...Unfortunately the adapter I bought to download pictures from my camera is not the right type so no Halloween pictures...sorry. Emma was Jasmine, Bell and Sleeping Beauty. I know it sounds funny but she seriously put on three different outfits, when I got home from work she had on Jasmine, then she changed into Bell and ended the evening in Sleeping Beauty. Tatum was Little Red Ridding Hood. They both were super cute, and luck for us we have enough candy to last a year.

Here are a few of the pictures that we took, sorry it has taken so long to post...As you can see I started this post with good intentions and with all my procrastination you do get to see Halloween pics...yeah :)

We also stopped over at one of my co-workers house after trick or treating to check out there crazy decorations....They had an amazing spider web, we missed seeing the human spider but I think that was a good thing the girls would have freaked out. You can see how big the spider web was from the pic of Yvonne and the girls...crazy eh :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways,
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out
and screaming ~ WOO HOO what a ride!

Thomas Hamlett

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More to come :)

The Halloween Party was a Blast!!! It's amazing how grown up everyone actually was, not talking about people like in past years just good ole fun...It's about time!! The Eagles won too WOAH!!! LOL. What a great weekend!!! I'll write more when I have time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Girls...

OK so here are the pictures I promised....I still need a new cord to download to my lab top but given the lack of time I quickly used the sick computer......anyway her they are, the girls had fun with my Mom and Brent and we all had a blast with them :)

Well we all know that I can not denying Emma she looks like a mini me and Chris....Tatum on the other hand does not really look like either one of us...I know she is mine because her limited vocabulary consists of about four words...Yes we all know she says Emma but the new words are Yes, Eat and Dadee....I know no Mommy yet but at least she does not say no. LOL

My friend Jody's kids have to dress up in old School clothes for school tomorrow. So they came to raid my closet for cool shirts to go with there stretch pants...I am sending Claire home with a super cool Madonna tee-shirt from the Virgin Tour in 86 and some big red earrings and Zoe got a big pink polo oxford with a tie and streamer clips with beads on the end....Remember those!!! They look great!!! I hope Jody takes a picture in the morning.

This weekend is the big Halloween party at Jody's ,it should be terrific! Tomorrow night I am making a pinacolada jello brain so fun!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This was a terrific weekend, you could not have asked for better weather and the girls were very well behaved. I feel liked I crammed alot into only two days but it really worked out. Today was a bit hot, the Eagles lost and I still can't find black leggings, but all in all a great day. The girls and I walked around downtown had lunch and went in a few shops. I can not believe I had on shorts and a tee shirt this late in October, talk about global warming...
I even carved a pumpkin today, its actually one of my better ones...LOL too bad that is not saying much but it is fine when your only impressing a 4yr old.

Yesterday my Mom and Brent visited and spent the night ,woo-hoo Chris and I got to go out.
In the afternoon we all headed to a pumpkin patch. We gave up on our usually spot because it has become so pricey and checked out a new farm. Welp new farm wins and we are hooked!
Emma got her face painted hit the pumpkin head moon bounce and we all took a ride in the tractor thing out to the pumpkin patch...it was super fun.

When we first arrived there we were waiting to get tickets and I started talking to this lady and her little boy...I could tell the baby had just started walking and was much older then he looked. After talking to his Mom for a while I found out this little guy had nunens syndrome. I do not know anything about this syndrome except They tested Tatum for it and she did not have it. Some of the medical issues mirror Williams...Pulmonary stenosis eye issues late development and SUPER CUTE :)
Alex and Tatum share the same Cardiologist and both go to Wilmer for there eyes...small world. He is having a Cath and Angeo very soon so he'll defiantly be in our thoughts. It was so cool to meet someone out randomly that is walking the same path and has a very similar attitude. Hopefully Mary, Alex's Mom, and I well be able to get in touch with each other again soon.

I started this post last night and finished today so sorry for the days being all mixed up from top to bottom....Our desk top at home is possessed again...it started blaring music at 1:30 in the morning and I had to shut it off...I think it needs a total redo of the system meaning we are going ot lose everything....I was afraid to even put new pictures in there, hopefully at lunch today I'll be able to get out and find the proper cord to load pictures from my camera to my wk computer or lab top...Until then no pics :( I really have some good ones too...

Anyway....Yesterday in Church I left with a good question from the pastor in my head...It was what is your purpose here... and if you could ask God a question what would it be....I immediately jumped to the Why me God? thing, then I thought I know why me so that would not be a good one to ask. Now I wonder if it has something to do with purpose...who knows just food for thought...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Almost Famous...LOL

So here is the link to the article like I promised....It is really nice, the only mistake I noticed is that Tatum does not need a valve replacement she needs her descending Aorta replaced...The area of the aorta that is narrow is much to long for a patch, also her blood pressure remains high everyday but the doctors feel it is best to leave well enough alone since she has been tolerating it since she was a fetus... Actually Katie read my blog and corrected the on-line article and a correction well run in tomorrows paper...Man she is on the ball :)

Not such a good picture of Chris and I but hopefully people well just check out the cute kids...

Thanks Leslie for doing the article you are the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Slice of Life

Today I got a email from Katie Leslie, a reporter with the Frederick new post, about doing an article about Tate. I meet her and a photographer at my home around 4:30 for her to interview and pictures. She was so nice and seemed very interested in Tatum and all our blogs. Being the charmer that Tatum is she just won everyone over. Katie was in our home for a good hour and a half, she said that she would most likely be emailing me with questions for the next few days. The article is supposed to run in Friday's news post...I can not wait to see it, I make sure to post a link for you all. I thing the title of the section the article is to appear in is called a slice of life or something like that...

On a totally separate note I am so excited...My roommate and one of my best fiends from college is coming through town tomorrow...Look out world Erin and Lisa are hanging out for the evening. Er has never meet Tatum so I am psyched she is finally is getting that opportunity. I actually have not seen her since we first moved into our home we live in now...Wow that was before Emma turned 2. I am sure she'll be amazed with Both girls, maybe Tatum well start walking for her, we can keep our fingers crossed. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures :)

Hope everyone is having a good week :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Whoa Life

"Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. "

author unknown

By the way Chris LOVES then new job so far...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gotta Love Hump Day

Well I fell a disagreement coming on between Chris me and my love affair with Wednesday evenings... He get so much time and Weds are all I ask for...
Tonight we had a work moral boasting happy hour/dinner...Yeah I'll admit it was more happy then dinner but it was on Wed so it is not like I was asking for an extra day. I do so much during the week and weekend that one evening a week is not going to kill anyone ,but I think that I am alone in that thought pattern...

Kinda funny this evening I was talking to one of my newer co-workers, I actually met his wife last week and loved her, anyway...their daughter was tested for WS and although she does not have that she has some other very real issues...I knew I felt a instant connection to his wife, now I know why LOL...Anyway we spoke about it for a while and it was so nice to actually have someone that could REALLY relate to what we have and are going through with Tatum...Small world eh, who would have thought...

In the past few months the dynamic in our office has totally changed with the coming and going of new people. After being there 5 years this week I have to admit I LOVE IT...I think it is the best we have been in a while and that makes me happier then ever and more positive to say that we are going to make it through this crazy mortgage debacle...It is so much easier to be successful when everyone gets along and has one goal in mind. It is awesome when every one's goal is success!!!!

Night all :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Another weekend gone...

I feel like the weeks and weekends just keep flying by...This weekend the girls with a big clan of neighborhood friends hit the Renn Fest...We also brought Autumn for her first time, if you have never been this is quite a experience...

Between shows, face paining, fairy dust, slides, ponies, food and beer it was a very long day...

We also arrived around 10:30 and stayed till after 6...
When we got home Autumn stayed with the girls and Chris and i actually went out together....Although we had a great time I do not know if it was really the best idea.

Sunday I was so tired from Saturday that I gave Autumn my ticket to the Redskins game, she and Chris went. The two of them seemed to have a really good time and I totally enjoyed my day alone with the girls...and wow, before you know it another weekend over...

I can not really figure out what is going on lately with me...Loans at work have been anything but easy....it has gone from 40 easy loans with a bad week at the end to maybe 20 loans in a month all hard and everyone of them seems to have a fuse of 3 days....Almost a game, the company that can close it the fastest gets the loan....in the long run this has caused the last place I want to be when I get home is the computer.... Also it just amazes me how much less time I have to myself. With everyday that Emma gets older, although great, it is hard work....Everyone that has older kids must know what I mean....it is not the same as baby hard but just as busy in a different way....I now spend my evenings explaining what I mean when I saw certain things or drawling pictures pictures for people. It amazes me just how smart and what exactly she understands...And believe me she understands EVERYTHING!!!

Tatum is also getting older I know she wants nothing more then to walk but the whole balance thing is just killing her....Give her a push toy and she is history but alone with no help it is the bear crawl everywhere and boy is she quick on the stairs, funny thing is she has no interest in going down alone or learning how. Tatum well crawl to the very edge hang her head over lay for a moment then come to one of us for help... It is pretty funny....We have yet to put a gate up in the house we simply have things that go in front of the stairs to block her....We never bought a formal gate for Emma either....

To be honest with you all with the exception of plug covers we have never formally baby proofed a house. Naturally we do not have anything low or lit candles hanging out on the table but we also do not have toilet locks or cabinet locks, I guess we have been lucky that the girls have never been interested. Our coffee table has baskets under them but ya know they are fair game....It is kinda funny maybe because we did not make a big deal about all that stuff they stay away...

With Emma we did not even have to worry about the bathroom but Tatum on the other hand ca n entertain her self forever in there so we have to remember to close shower door and toilet lids...too funny

Anyway I guess the answer to me blogging less right now is that I am just simply exhausted...But believe I me I am trying...my goal is three a week :) You can call off the highway patrol Kerry I am fine :) Just busy.... Iwas wondreing if anyonw knew when the Mom grows the third arm... :) Oh yeah check it out I finally cut Emma's hair...:) Looks good eh....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quick update...

I guess not blogging as much has its plus and minuses... Plus being that I do not feel that I need to blog I am fine with my life and where Tatum is in her's. I know she is not as advanced as I would like but since I can not control that...Minus being I blog when I have time to myself and it is not as often as I would like....Oh Well I guess you can not have it all.

Tatum was feeling pretty yucky all weekend, she had a unbelievably diaper rash ( it is much better now) and is cutting about 5 teeth...Emma and I hung out alot since T was out of commission. Emma has become pretty fun to hang out with lately, when she is in a good mood that is...

Work has been pretty busy, we are not out of the woods yet but it is totally looking better. October so far is the busiest month out of the last three. At least we are steady right now, that is a very good thing...Chris starts his new job on Monday I know he is pretty psyched...I would be if my drive was .9 miles... but then again if it were that short I would never get to talk to friends....My commute is my only alone time...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well yesterday afternoon I went to a meeting about Tatum's services...This is what we now are starting...Speech once a week OT once a week PT twice a month and Education once a month...this is pretty much the most I am going to get...Once Tatum starts walking the OT well decrease and as she gets older the Speech well increase...Poor kid that is a super busy week for anyone... I did get some good information to look into about state medical wavers and hippotherapy for Tatum. Although I was a good 20mins late and felt super rude, the meeting went well and Tatum did great on her hearing test.

No matter what time of day I swear you can never predict the traffic in this area...The morning just keep getting worse and worse...I can only keep my fingers crossed that today does not follow the weeks trend on a 20mile one hour and twenty min. ride.....Frustrating to say the least... I had my camera in the morning the other morning and snapped this photo so you all could really feel my pain...It is sad that you get used to it, well I do anyway Chris is a total different story, thank God he is getting out of this mess...

In Other News...
We had a great weekend as far as I am concerned, The Eagles won we took the kids to the fair Sat. night, I know I said I was not going ot go but I really wanted a funnel cake and i was feeling like we needed to just get out of the house.
Sunday the girls ( all the girls, mine Zoe, Clare and Morgan) and I went to Kylie's b-day party at Adventure Park on Sunday...I am not sure who had the best time. Emma and I kicked butt in the go-carts although I am not sure that she'll ever go on that ride with me again and I was the first person there to ever play laser tag with a baby strapped to my hip...It was fun but I was a little sore from caring Tatum and the laser tag pack....you can imagine how silly I must have looked...Good thing Chris had my camera with him at the race track... He went up Sunday to see his buddy Scott race.
Anyway Busy during the month at work or not it always pours the last week so I'll be working a ton the next bunch of day...I do not mind thought just happy to have work...Happy Hump Day :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm loving this Poem....Shoes in Church

Shoes in church

I showered and shaved...I adjusted my tie..
I got there and sat...In a pew just in time.
Bowing my head in prayer...As I closed my eyes.
I saw the shoe of the man next to me...Touching my own. I sighed.
With plenty of room on either side...I thought, "Why must our soles
It bothered me, his shoe touching mine...But it didn't bother him much.
A prayer began: "Our Father"...I thought, "This man with the shoes...has
no pride.
They're dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the
"Thank You for blessings," the prayer went on.
The shoe man said...a quiet "Amen."
I tried to focus on the prayer...But my thoughts were on his shoes
Aren't we supposed to look our best...When walking through that door?
"Well, this certainly isn't it," I thought, Glancing toward the floor.
Then the prayer was ended...And the songs of praise began.
The shoe man was certainly loud...Sounding proud as he sang.
His voice lifted the rafters...His hands were raised high.
The Lord could surely hear...The shoe man's voice from the sky.
It was time for the offering...And what I threw in was steep.
I watched as the shoe man reached...Into his pockets so deep.
I saw what was pulled out...What the shoe man put in.
Then I heard a soft "clink"...as when silver hits tin.
The sermon really bored me...To tears, and that's no lie.
It was the same for the shoe man...For tears fell from his eyes.
At the end of the service...As is the custom here.
We must greet new visitors...And show them all good cheer.
But I felt moved somehow...And wanted to meet the shoe man.
So after the closing prayer...I reached over and shook his hand.
He was old and his skin was dark...And his hair was truly a mess.
But I thanked him for coming...For being our guest.
He said, "My names' Charlie...I'm glad to meet you, my friend."
There were tears in his eyes...But he had a large, wide grin.
"Let me explain," he said...Wiping tears from his eyes.
"I've been coming here for months...And you're the first to say 'Hi.'"
"I know that my appearance..."Is not like all the rest.
"But I really do try..." To always look my best."
"I always clean and polish my shoes..."Before my very long walk.
"But by the time I get here..."They're dirty and dusty, like chalk."
My heart filled with pain...and I swallowed to hide my tears.
As he continued to apologize...For daring to sit so near.
He said, "When I get here..."I know I must look a sight.
"But I thought if I could touch you..."Then maybe our souls might
I was silent for a moment...Knowing whatever was said
Would pale in comparison...I spoke from my heart, not my head.
"Oh, you've touched me," I said..."And taught me, in part;
"That the best of any man..."Is what is found in his heart."
The rest, I thought,...This shoe man will never know.
Like just how thankful I really am...That his dirty old shoe touched my
You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.
I respect you, and truly cherish you.
Send this to your friends,
No matter how often you talk, Or how close you are.
And send it to the person who sent it to you.
Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends
you never will.
Remember, everyone needs a friend.
Someday you might feel like you have no friends at all.
Just remember this e-mail and take comfort in knowing that someone out
there cares about you...and always will.

Who am I to ever judge anyone? What a great reminder....OK so remember I am sooooo ADD it is not even funny...Jumping topics is my forte....I told Chris to take the job...:)

Here's the kicker

The job sounds like a pretty cool opportunity for Chris, a bit less money but close to home so he would make up for it in gas and car wear and tear....Literally 5 secs from home he could bike it if he wanted and I'll bet he does... It would also be good for me because I could drive the little car as opposed to my truck everyday.
Got to love saving money on gas, I just hate giving my hard earned money to some gas company CEO's retirement and over paid salary when all they are doing is ripping the consumer off anyway....but that is and entire other issue...

The one problem with Chris' potential new job is they offer NO health insurance. Under normal circumstances that would be fine I'd cover the insurance and I will if he decides to take this job...
I just have to pray I do not lose mine, then we would really be screwed...
Even without my job we do not qualify for benefits from the state...I guess I have to trust God, the same way I trusted I would have a healthy child.....peeshh sometimes that is easier said then done...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Calgon Take me Away"

OK so I keep saying it and it doesn't work!!!! It always worked for the ladies on TV...for me I still have Emma non stop talking asking the same question over and over,, Tatum fussing for god knows why she still can not say anything, and my glass half empty ALL THE TIME husband...I tell ya it really makes coming home from work the highlight of my day!!!! I think when Chris gets home I am leaving the house for me time before you all see me on CNN later this evening!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Where to start.....

I think I am having a hard time these days, between everyday life and the stress of economy issues, stemming from my beloved mortgage business, I may lose it. I feel like I 'm looking for some security that is not there and can really be filled by nothing...I have always felt like everything was going to be OK, and I know it is, but right now I can tell that OK is a ways off...

My Dad was an Air Traffic Controller fired in 80 by Regan ( note to self do not strike against the federal government) point is I remember that not being the best time for my family. We did make it and it was looking back now one of the best opportunities of my Dads life. Starting over turned out to be a great thing for him and I imagine totally changed his/our life.

I guess what I am getting at is life sure does come full circle... I still have a job today, if I had to guess I'll keep my job. I work hard and believe in the company I work for...(although life with bonus was way better I do have a OK base) Chris' job on the other hand I have to ask is it worth it? He is not happy nor is he close to home. On top of that he is always complaining...he totally needs a change and it stresses the hell out of me that during this already not so great time we are going to have to end up with another change. I guess we'll get through whatever pay cut he takes in order to be happy. I just have to remember what I said before...Life comes full circle...


----Please do not worry we are not headed to foreclosure or anything crazy like that you must remember this is my journal of sorts and I vent--------

This is the good ole' life stuff that helps us grow up into good parents right...

good thing they have pills for this stuff now:) LOL------I am kidding Mom, really I am kidding but I am totally laughing out loud as I am typing ;)-----LOL

Monday, September 17, 2007

What a weekend...

This was the best weekend!!! The weather was AWESOME somewhere between summer and fall not to hot not to cold. Saturday morning Emma and I hit the neighborhood garage sales, we are totally having one in the spring, then the park. The park was alot of fun especially since it was so nice out. After the park we rolled over to the football field to watch Erin's little boy's football game, that was also pretty fun. Those kids looked adorable in their football uniforms, Yvonne decided that must be where bobble head dolls came from. I had to go home and tell Chris sorry He did not have any boys , I know he would have loved being a part of the whole football thing but hay Dance isn't so bad right? :) Better yet Emma can cheer for the football games...

Sunday we all went to a Williams Syndrome Picnic outside of Baltimore somewhere. IT was about an hour drive for us so it was not so bad. I had attended this last yr but without Chris so it was really nice that he could be there as well. Zoe, my friends daughter, and Autumn, Aspens Sis, also attended. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with all these remarkable smiling faces everyone had a terrific time.

I was so excited to meet Heather and Julie I about ran to the cook out. Julie had to leave shortly after we arrived since they had such a long drive and we are never on time...oops But I did get a chance to visit with her and her beautiful family...Noah and his sisters are just gorgeous, just like there Mom and Dad. Tatum and noah did not get much time to bond but I managed to get one qick picture. Chris was joking and giving her oldest a had time about being a Pats fan... to funny.

Caleb was so excited to see Emma when we first got there it was really cute but Emma did not really want anything to do with it, she has a one track mind and all that was on it was trampoline...I think she spent the whole day there, that was fine with me we always knew where to find her. Once Conner arrived, Megan the deli owner from Nancy's blog's son, Calab forgot all about Emma. That was fine she was into playing with the little girls by then anyway. We also had the opportunity to meet Jeremy , the older WS kid that had the NPR thing back in the spring...what an amazing drummer he is and the funnest boy you'll ever meet. He lives pretty close to us so I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him in the future. He had Megan and I laughing so hard we were nearly in tears. I am not sure that Ziggy ( Megans husband ) and Chris are going ot let us hang out, we could be a bit of trouble together...LOL but I am thinking a ladies camping trip may be in order...

It was really a great time so I can honestly say I am looking forward to next yr, I think Zoe and Autumn are too. I know Emma is she remembered the tramp from last year and now I am sure she is hooked on the drums... The Payns are Awesome for planning such a great cook out and there house and farm rock!!!