Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Where to start.....

I think I am having a hard time these days, between everyday life and the stress of economy issues, stemming from my beloved mortgage business, I may lose it. I feel like I 'm looking for some security that is not there and can really be filled by nothing...I have always felt like everything was going to be OK, and I know it is, but right now I can tell that OK is a ways off...

My Dad was an Air Traffic Controller fired in 80 by Regan ( note to self do not strike against the federal government) point is I remember that not being the best time for my family. We did make it and it was looking back now one of the best opportunities of my Dads life. Starting over turned out to be a great thing for him and I imagine totally changed his/our life.

I guess what I am getting at is life sure does come full circle... I still have a job today, if I had to guess I'll keep my job. I work hard and believe in the company I work for...(although life with bonus was way better I do have a OK base) Chris' job on the other hand I have to ask is it worth it? He is not happy nor is he close to home. On top of that he is always complaining...he totally needs a change and it stresses the hell out of me that during this already not so great time we are going to have to end up with another change. I guess we'll get through whatever pay cut he takes in order to be happy. I just have to remember what I said before...Life comes full circle...


----Please do not worry we are not headed to foreclosure or anything crazy like that you must remember this is my journal of sorts and I vent--------

This is the good ole' life stuff that helps us grow up into good parents right...

good thing they have pills for this stuff now:) LOL------I am kidding Mom, really I am kidding but I am totally laughing out loud as I am typing ;)-----LOL


Julie said...


When I was raising my 2 girls by myself on one income believe there were some real tough times. I became really good at a game I like to call musical bills. Anyway it always worked out. We didn't have much, there were rarely summer vacations, but we had each other and somehow when things would get really bad the money would somehow come from somewhere. Hang in there. Your in my thoughts. Isn't it great to have a place to vent.

Katie said...

Hi Lisa,
We have heard about the
"US Mortgage Crisis" here in Australia on the News, but to be perfectly honest i have only paid attention long enough to think "i hope this isnt affecting Lisa too badly!"
I have certainly been at the 'not quite sure where the next meal is coming from' stage several times. Lucky so far it has always turned out ok. Hope the "crisis" eases soon.
take care

Heather said...

These times certainly make us stronger Lisa. We have had rough times ourselves and are definitely just week to week people. We normally don't have 2 pennies to rub together for a savings. Just know that no matter what happens, you will still survive. Everything happens for a reason. If he is really that unhappy, then he should definitely look for something else. Life is way too short and we only get one chance at it. (at least this time around)Love ya! Heather

Every minute counts.... said...

Hey keep your chin up...they cut the rates last night...maybe that is what the mortgage business needs!!
Trust me I hear you...construction is not all that great right now either and it is our only source of income! It is amazing what you learn how to juggle...I love Julie's line "musical bills" I think all of us have to do that some..if not all of the time. Great being Middle Class America!
You have each other..and us! (As long as you have internet!!!) LOL
Just kidding...I would be there even without internet!


Kerry said...

Just remember to shove that pill into a jello shot for easy going down ;) LOL Just kidding!

I am pretty sure we all have similary thouths and concerns.. you just have an inside scoop at work about stuff we should be more concerned with. Sometimes knowing too much ain't too good!

Life does come full circle - and you can't change what you don't have control over. So freak out a bit, but then put both feet on the floor and relax. You are doing what you think is best for your family and that is all anyone can do.

Tara said...

I hate change - I'm not good with it, so I can only imagine the stress you feel over your husband's job (when they're not happy in their job, life can be miserable - or atelast with my husband it was!) and I really keep hoping and praying the housing situation will get better. I'm thinking about you - and admire your outlook. Oh yeah - I LOVE the last comment to your mom!!! :)