Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Today was a little nutty I woke up called the Dr.'s office got the numbers to the orthopedic offices and started calling. The first place I called could fit her in at 7:40 this evening...yeah right!!... the second place could take us at 10:30am, sold, we made an apt with them. Turned out they are a pretty good place so I picked a winner. By this time is was 9, I had to drop off Tatum get the GPS from Chris's work ( I get lost with it too) swing by the hospital to get the films of Emma's foot (that i had asked for oh about 90 times before we even left on Sunday) get coffee and to the apt.
I somehow managed to do this including Starbucks and get to the appointment on time. Best of all I was walking out to the parking lot after picking up the x-rays and even got to plug my so mad at the ER bit...that is a long story and typical ER...errrr. Thanks Nikki for the great directions, she was my phone GPS while driving ;)

So we got to the Doctor and we were in and out in under an hour with a terrific hot pink cast and an appointment to have it removed in three weeks...I love them!!! The prognosis is this she fractured the bone on the top of her foot near the big toe not the small one and it is pretty small.

The Dr. told us it was a small crack but so in your face you just have to cast it. She is able to walk so that is a good thing the shoe from the doctors office was just huge an it was the xs so we cut one of my Crocs to fit it and that is how she walks. Gotta run and get Tatum in bed... she wore her glasses long enough for a pic...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

If it is not one thing it is another...

This has been the most beautiful weekend you can tell fall is in the air. Much cooler then last weekend. We were at the beach and it was pretty warm especially Sunday. We did make it by the WS picnic on our way home but it was much later. Lucky for us there were still a few families around and I got to give Heather a big hug!
We had perfect weather yesterday for our neighborhood garage sale, I do not think it was a busy as the spring one but I did manage to get rid of a good bit of stuff. Chris also took Tatum to pick up her new glasses yesterday, we had gotten to take the summer off from glasses but I think they are now back for a while. To be honest so far she wants nothing to do with them, this should be pretty fun...
Last night we were hanging out playing games with our neighbors and the kids were playing downstairs, sounds pretty typical except this time I guess the kids were jumping down the stairs why who knows but we all did it at one time or another...anyway Em landed bad and broke her foot. That is about all I can tell you about it, we knew last night that she hurt it but were not sure if it was broken. This morning when she woke up and could not walk we decided to get it checked out. I took her to the ER while Chris stayed home with Tatum. Good thing for us we did not really have to wait long, after 3 x-rays the doctor told us it was fractured and showed us where. The fracture is on the bone before the pinkie toe on the top of her foot right where the bone ends and her toe starts. I hope that make sense... She came home in a soft cast and I'll call her doctor in the morning and try and get in to see a orthopaedic...Should make for a great Monday...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3rd Angel Birthday

As many of you know from reading my Blog my Friend Duffy passed away three years ago today. He was on a transplant list when this happened, it is always hard when you lose someone especially when they are so young.

For the last 3 years Duffy's Mom has been doing all she can to raise awareness for organ donors and to keep Duff's legacy alive. I am so proud of the things that Mary Jo has accomplished and I want to share it with all of you...

This is a email from Mary Jo that was sent out today:

As most of you know I have been working hard since February to accomplish several goals for transplant patients. I wrote a proclamation declaring September 2008 Organ Donation Awareness Month which the Governor signed and I have been busy this month getting the word out. I have spoken to several groups and I will be speaking to the Driver Ed students at high schools in Alamance and Guilford County as well as setting up booths at different locations through the remainder of the year to promote organ donation.
Today, Duffy's 3rd Angel Date, we officially opened the Duffy Collins Organ Transplant Foundation bank account to help defray costs for transplant patients. The Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation and every penny you give is deductible. We have almost 100,000.00 people on the transplant list and 50% of them will die while waiting for a transplant. My goal has been to bring awareness to the need for organ donors and also to help defray the costs of a transplant. All of you probably have insurance and you know what the insurance company will pay and what you have to pay out of pocket. For transplant patients it is a tremendous amount out of pocket and most families do not have those funds. After a transplant the anti-rejection drugs are as much as $5,000.00 a month and the recipient of the transplant will have to take them for the rest of their life. That is what this foundation is all about. These people need financial help!!
Chris and Jennifer Benkosky, owners of Electrical Technologies, Inc. in Alamance County made the first contribution to this foundation today. Their compassion and caring has officially opened this account with funds. The picture attached is a copy of their check being handed to an employee of MidCarolina Bank for the first deposit to the Foundation. Please give them a hand for their caring and help.
I am asking all of you to tell your friends, neighbors, church, and any other group you might be associated with about this foundation and help us raise money for these patients.
The address for the foundation is as follows:
Duffy Collins Organ Transplant Foundation
P. O. Box 128
Burlington, N. C. 27216
I thank you all for your help and support this year.
In January 2009 my senator will be introducing a bill to make September Organ Donation Awareness Month for North Carolina. A law will keep it on the books and a proclamation has to be renewed every year. Keep on praying that I can get this done.

Way to go MJ, I love you

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welcome Baby Brenan

I got a text message From Tiffany, Whitney's sister, this morning. The message read "Brenan Macey arrived suddenly ( less then 2 hours of labor, labor that Whitney was aware of anyway ) 7lbs 3oz and 18in. All are doing great!" I'll send a picture or update if I hear anything else.

I spoke to Whitney on Friday and she seemed all ready but not looking forward to labor, like anyone does. She is really missing Blake and still blaming herself for taking him to MI, I tired to give her a little pep talk so hopefully it worked I know it must be so hard for her.