Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A great break in the rain...

This was a great weekend we could not have asked for better weather, a great way to kick off the pool season.

Although I managed to stay out of the gated baby pool area I was pretty much confined to the shallow end. Emma is on the verge of being all over the pool, she did great in the water and really had fun playing with other kids. I was impressed with her interaction's with others she is just growing up so fast, she has even learned how to use the snack bar alone, lucky me. Thank goodness all my friends have the greatest kids, They totally keep an extra look out when Em is doing everything "by myself Mom", lol... She even sun bath's I can not believe it!!

Tatum LOVED the water and seeing all her lifeguard friends again. Emma (the LG) played with her in the water during adult swim and Zoe hung with her in the pool too. I think Tatum was in heaven with all the attention she was just hugs and smiles all day, even without a nap. I think that Tatum's favorite thing at the pool is the bucket's...Tatum loved to sit on the edge with her feet in the pool watching the buckets dump water...I am sure I'll have a picture soon enough if I do not have one from last summer...

Anyway.... We are going to a WS picnic on Sunday, I am excited it is only like 25 mins away! oh yeah and Sat. is another Softball game in the evening...I am predicting evening thunder storms, it seems to be the team's luck :( I would actually like to have the game it sounds like a great time so keep your fingers crossed for another awesome weekend...

Monday, May 19, 2008

somehow I lost a week ;)

So I guess my poor blog is becoming weekly for the time being, at least until my life slows down, does that happen before the kids grow up and move out??… Anyway Mother’s Day was nice, we hiked around Sugarloaf MT and got to spend time together as a family. Last weeks appointments went great, well sort of great. Emma does not need glasses and Tatum does not need a doctor that is what she thinks anyway.

Yep you guessed it the apt for Tatum on Thursday did not go well, she blew her last chance at the satellite office. From now on we have to go to Hopkins to get sedated for her echoes she would not let anyone touch her. Since Chris took her to the appointment I am not exactly sure how it went down just the end result. What I do know is that they did not try to do the echo first like I asked because Chris did not remind them so who knows if my plan would work or not. They both have a mind of their own. What a good birthday gift she gave me…future stress, LOVE IT!

On Saturday Yvonne and I took the girls to Deep Creek for the weekend. We arrived in the afternoon had lunch and played at the “Honi Honi” the rest of the afternoon, had a blast hanging out there the rest of the day then went back to our cabin. There were so many kids on the playground tons of 2 year olds it seemed like and although they were climbing better then Tate and talking better then Tate I can honestly say no one had hair or smile as great. I'll take cute hair and a great smile over talking any day LOL.

Sunday turned out to be a total washout so we headed back mid morning. It was nice to get away but a little disappointing because we did not get to do any of the fun stuff we had planned for Sunday.

At least the rain cleared up at home late afternoon so we could enjoy some of the day and the girls did get new Crocs, even Tatum. I love watching the girls play together, it is very sweet. Emma certainly does love her little sister she is awesome with her. Tatum is finally getting to the point where she can actually play.

Now I just have to get through this crazy almost last week of the month…. Holiday’s make it even worse since we miss a day, errrrr. Wow can you believe June is right around the corner…The pool opens this weekend yippee, I wonder if I can swim in my jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt, it is going to be a scary bathing suit season!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Well I guess with the weather comes a major lack of time for posting. I am exhausted by the time I get home from work eat dinner and play with the kids outside. It seems as the days get nicer we somehow end up outside later and later. My goal is to have everyone in by 8:45 so we can maintain somewhat of a bed time and bath schedule. We'll see how that goes.

On Sunday we went to Dover to visit we got to meet Bonnie's family and we all had our pictures done at my Dad and Bonnie's house. It was alot of fun, Usually there is just my kids and Molly this time there were 6 kids under 5 and 1 that was 9ish give or take. Emma had a blast playing with her.

Yesterday was Chris' b-day the big 38 for him ha ha and next Thursday is mine only 33 for me hehehe. We really do not have any plans. We were planning to go out of town but Chris has decided that he wants to stay home, so I guess that is out the window...I do not feel like going alone and everyone I know seems busy. I guess I can go bet on Big brown again and hope for the best. I actually won 59 dollars from the Kentucky Derby....Gas money for the civic!!

Monday I stayed home with the kids since Pim was out of town. We had a great time the weather was beautiful and the girls could not have been any better behaved we had a great time playing outside cooking out for dinner and i even got to play with my camera taking pictures of Emma while Tatum was napping. Emma is really something she just posed away, I think Americana's Next top model is training my kid. What a Ham, we are in trouble I know... I did manage to get a few of Tatum when she woke up but not nearly as many. The photographer on Sunday actually took one of my all time fav pictures of Tatum and good pictures of the rest of us too.

Is it just my kids or are every ones kids most happy with a phone in there hand???

This weekend we are having B-day/ Mothers Day dinner on Saturday and we have a softball game on Sunday. Hopefully we have a much better game then the last one. That one was bad 47-1 hey at least it was not a shutout right???

Next week should be a bit busier since my organization skills faltered big time. Emma has an eye Doctor appointment, her very first one, at 11:15 in Rockville then Tatum has a cardiologist appointment 1:45. All on my B-day, sounds like fun huh. At least Tatum's is at the Hopkins satellite office, they are giving us one more chance before we have to have them all at the actual hospital. I convinced them that if we did the echo first before they started messing with her she would cooperate. Usually by the time we get to the echo she is so ticked off from the BP and the EKG that we really get nothing done. Keep your fingers crossed that she goes with the flow. On top of all that Pim has an appointment so I can not get her to help me...As of Now I am planning to take Emma to work with me in the morning then to her appointment hopefully Chris can get to Tatum's and I can show up a bit late, it should be quite interesting. I have had both appointments forever so cancelling one is totally out of the question. Guess I am learning a big lesson on organization.

I'll let you all know how the appointments turn out and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's reading this...Have a great weekend!