Monday, May 19, 2008

somehow I lost a week ;)

So I guess my poor blog is becoming weekly for the time being, at least until my life slows down, does that happen before the kids grow up and move out??… Anyway Mother’s Day was nice, we hiked around Sugarloaf MT and got to spend time together as a family. Last weeks appointments went great, well sort of great. Emma does not need glasses and Tatum does not need a doctor that is what she thinks anyway.

Yep you guessed it the apt for Tatum on Thursday did not go well, she blew her last chance at the satellite office. From now on we have to go to Hopkins to get sedated for her echoes she would not let anyone touch her. Since Chris took her to the appointment I am not exactly sure how it went down just the end result. What I do know is that they did not try to do the echo first like I asked because Chris did not remind them so who knows if my plan would work or not. They both have a mind of their own. What a good birthday gift she gave me…future stress, LOVE IT!

On Saturday Yvonne and I took the girls to Deep Creek for the weekend. We arrived in the afternoon had lunch and played at the “Honi Honi” the rest of the afternoon, had a blast hanging out there the rest of the day then went back to our cabin. There were so many kids on the playground tons of 2 year olds it seemed like and although they were climbing better then Tate and talking better then Tate I can honestly say no one had hair or smile as great. I'll take cute hair and a great smile over talking any day LOL.

Sunday turned out to be a total washout so we headed back mid morning. It was nice to get away but a little disappointing because we did not get to do any of the fun stuff we had planned for Sunday.

At least the rain cleared up at home late afternoon so we could enjoy some of the day and the girls did get new Crocs, even Tatum. I love watching the girls play together, it is very sweet. Emma certainly does love her little sister she is awesome with her. Tatum is finally getting to the point where she can actually play.

Now I just have to get through this crazy almost last week of the month…. Holiday’s make it even worse since we miss a day, errrrr. Wow can you believe June is right around the corner…The pool opens this weekend yippee, I wonder if I can swim in my jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt, it is going to be a scary bathing suit season!!!


Tara said...

Hey - a beautiful smile is better than talking anyday :)!!! It sounds like you all had a good weekend...man, I'm so ready to get away for a bit!

Julie said...

Once they learn to talk it doesn't take them long to talk back anyhow.:) Noah already does only I can't understand what he is saying. Ahh the beauty of older siblings. When I yell at the girls he gives me hell. Sounds like you guys had fun. We are going on the outing to Strasburg and then 2 weeks later to the beach. Man I can't wait. Just to not have my phone ring will be awesome.

Nicole said...

I loved this post and your girls are so beautiful. You are right, Tatum does have a beautiful smile and that hair!!:) I also can't get over Tatum's legs. They are so chubby and adorable, you should see how scrawny Emerson is... Ugh, I would be so happy if she had a little more meat on her.

It's nice to hear how well you guys are doing and we are psyched over her for summer as well. I am a bit nervous because Emerson tries to fling herself into any body of water she can find, swimming pools, lakes, streams, bath tubs, dog bowls :) you name it! Have a good week.

Laura said...

I just love seeing pictures of your girls, they are just too adorable.
It's getting closer, Michaela is just so excited to play with the girls!!!