Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well yesterday afternoon I went to a meeting about Tatum's services...This is what we now are starting...Speech once a week OT once a week PT twice a month and Education once a month...this is pretty much the most I am going to get...Once Tatum starts walking the OT well decrease and as she gets older the Speech well increase...Poor kid that is a super busy week for anyone... I did get some good information to look into about state medical wavers and hippotherapy for Tatum. Although I was a good 20mins late and felt super rude, the meeting went well and Tatum did great on her hearing test.

No matter what time of day I swear you can never predict the traffic in this area...The morning just keep getting worse and worse...I can only keep my fingers crossed that today does not follow the weeks trend on a 20mile one hour and twenty min. ride.....Frustrating to say the least... I had my camera in the morning the other morning and snapped this photo so you all could really feel my pain...It is sad that you get used to it, well I do anyway Chris is a total different story, thank God he is getting out of this mess...

In Other News...
We had a great weekend as far as I am concerned, The Eagles won we took the kids to the fair Sat. night, I know I said I was not going ot go but I really wanted a funnel cake and i was feeling like we needed to just get out of the house.
Sunday the girls ( all the girls, mine Zoe, Clare and Morgan) and I went to Kylie's b-day party at Adventure Park on Sunday...I am not sure who had the best time. Emma and I kicked butt in the go-carts although I am not sure that she'll ever go on that ride with me again and I was the first person there to ever play laser tag with a baby strapped to my hip...It was fun but I was a little sore from caring Tatum and the laser tag pack....you can imagine how silly I must have looked...Good thing Chris had my camera with him at the race track... He went up Sunday to see his buddy Scott race.
Anyway Busy during the month at work or not it always pours the last week so I'll be working a ton the next bunch of day...I do not mind thought just happy to have work...Happy Hump Day :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm loving this Poem....Shoes in Church

Shoes in church

I showered and shaved...I adjusted my tie..
I got there and sat...In a pew just in time.
Bowing my head in prayer...As I closed my eyes.
I saw the shoe of the man next to me...Touching my own. I sighed.
With plenty of room on either side...I thought, "Why must our soles
It bothered me, his shoe touching mine...But it didn't bother him much.
A prayer began: "Our Father"...I thought, "This man with the shoes...has
no pride.
They're dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the
"Thank You for blessings," the prayer went on.
The shoe man said...a quiet "Amen."
I tried to focus on the prayer...But my thoughts were on his shoes
Aren't we supposed to look our best...When walking through that door?
"Well, this certainly isn't it," I thought, Glancing toward the floor.
Then the prayer was ended...And the songs of praise began.
The shoe man was certainly loud...Sounding proud as he sang.
His voice lifted the rafters...His hands were raised high.
The Lord could surely hear...The shoe man's voice from the sky.
It was time for the offering...And what I threw in was steep.
I watched as the shoe man reached...Into his pockets so deep.
I saw what was pulled out...What the shoe man put in.
Then I heard a soft "clink"...as when silver hits tin.
The sermon really bored me...To tears, and that's no lie.
It was the same for the shoe man...For tears fell from his eyes.
At the end of the service...As is the custom here.
We must greet new visitors...And show them all good cheer.
But I felt moved somehow...And wanted to meet the shoe man.
So after the closing prayer...I reached over and shook his hand.
He was old and his skin was dark...And his hair was truly a mess.
But I thanked him for coming...For being our guest.
He said, "My names' Charlie...I'm glad to meet you, my friend."
There were tears in his eyes...But he had a large, wide grin.
"Let me explain," he said...Wiping tears from his eyes.
"I've been coming here for months...And you're the first to say 'Hi.'"
"I know that my appearance..."Is not like all the rest.
"But I really do try..." To always look my best."
"I always clean and polish my shoes..."Before my very long walk.
"But by the time I get here..."They're dirty and dusty, like chalk."
My heart filled with pain...and I swallowed to hide my tears.
As he continued to apologize...For daring to sit so near.
He said, "When I get here..."I know I must look a sight.
"But I thought if I could touch you..."Then maybe our souls might
I was silent for a moment...Knowing whatever was said
Would pale in comparison...I spoke from my heart, not my head.
"Oh, you've touched me," I said..."And taught me, in part;
"That the best of any man..."Is what is found in his heart."
The rest, I thought,...This shoe man will never know.
Like just how thankful I really am...That his dirty old shoe touched my
You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.
I respect you, and truly cherish you.
Send this to your friends,
No matter how often you talk, Or how close you are.
And send it to the person who sent it to you.
Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends
you never will.
Remember, everyone needs a friend.
Someday you might feel like you have no friends at all.
Just remember this e-mail and take comfort in knowing that someone out
there cares about you...and always will.

Who am I to ever judge anyone? What a great reminder....OK so remember I am sooooo ADD it is not even funny...Jumping topics is my forte....I told Chris to take the job...:)

Here's the kicker

The job sounds like a pretty cool opportunity for Chris, a bit less money but close to home so he would make up for it in gas and car wear and tear....Literally 5 secs from home he could bike it if he wanted and I'll bet he does... It would also be good for me because I could drive the little car as opposed to my truck everyday.
Got to love saving money on gas, I just hate giving my hard earned money to some gas company CEO's retirement and over paid salary when all they are doing is ripping the consumer off anyway....but that is and entire other issue...

The one problem with Chris' potential new job is they offer NO health insurance. Under normal circumstances that would be fine I'd cover the insurance and I will if he decides to take this job...
I just have to pray I do not lose mine, then we would really be screwed...
Even without my job we do not qualify for benefits from the state...I guess I have to trust God, the same way I trusted I would have a healthy child.....peeshh sometimes that is easier said then done...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Calgon Take me Away"

OK so I keep saying it and it doesn't work!!!! It always worked for the ladies on TV...for me I still have Emma non stop talking asking the same question over and over,, Tatum fussing for god knows why she still can not say anything, and my glass half empty ALL THE TIME husband...I tell ya it really makes coming home from work the highlight of my day!!!! I think when Chris gets home I am leaving the house for me time before you all see me on CNN later this evening!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Where to start.....

I think I am having a hard time these days, between everyday life and the stress of economy issues, stemming from my beloved mortgage business, I may lose it. I feel like I 'm looking for some security that is not there and can really be filled by nothing...I have always felt like everything was going to be OK, and I know it is, but right now I can tell that OK is a ways off...

My Dad was an Air Traffic Controller fired in 80 by Regan ( note to self do not strike against the federal government) point is I remember that not being the best time for my family. We did make it and it was looking back now one of the best opportunities of my Dads life. Starting over turned out to be a great thing for him and I imagine totally changed his/our life.

I guess what I am getting at is life sure does come full circle... I still have a job today, if I had to guess I'll keep my job. I work hard and believe in the company I work for...(although life with bonus was way better I do have a OK base) Chris' job on the other hand I have to ask is it worth it? He is not happy nor is he close to home. On top of that he is always complaining...he totally needs a change and it stresses the hell out of me that during this already not so great time we are going to have to end up with another change. I guess we'll get through whatever pay cut he takes in order to be happy. I just have to remember what I said before...Life comes full circle...


----Please do not worry we are not headed to foreclosure or anything crazy like that you must remember this is my journal of sorts and I vent--------

This is the good ole' life stuff that helps us grow up into good parents right...

good thing they have pills for this stuff now:) LOL------I am kidding Mom, really I am kidding but I am totally laughing out loud as I am typing ;)-----LOL

Monday, September 17, 2007

What a weekend...

This was the best weekend!!! The weather was AWESOME somewhere between summer and fall not to hot not to cold. Saturday morning Emma and I hit the neighborhood garage sales, we are totally having one in the spring, then the park. The park was alot of fun especially since it was so nice out. After the park we rolled over to the football field to watch Erin's little boy's football game, that was also pretty fun. Those kids looked adorable in their football uniforms, Yvonne decided that must be where bobble head dolls came from. I had to go home and tell Chris sorry He did not have any boys , I know he would have loved being a part of the whole football thing but hay Dance isn't so bad right? :) Better yet Emma can cheer for the football games...

Sunday we all went to a Williams Syndrome Picnic outside of Baltimore somewhere. IT was about an hour drive for us so it was not so bad. I had attended this last yr but without Chris so it was really nice that he could be there as well. Zoe, my friends daughter, and Autumn, Aspens Sis, also attended. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with all these remarkable smiling faces everyone had a terrific time.

I was so excited to meet Heather and Julie I about ran to the cook out. Julie had to leave shortly after we arrived since they had such a long drive and we are never on time...oops But I did get a chance to visit with her and her beautiful family...Noah and his sisters are just gorgeous, just like there Mom and Dad. Tatum and noah did not get much time to bond but I managed to get one qick picture. Chris was joking and giving her oldest a had time about being a Pats fan... to funny.

Caleb was so excited to see Emma when we first got there it was really cute but Emma did not really want anything to do with it, she has a one track mind and all that was on it was trampoline...I think she spent the whole day there, that was fine with me we always knew where to find her. Once Conner arrived, Megan the deli owner from Nancy's blog's son, Calab forgot all about Emma. That was fine she was into playing with the little girls by then anyway. We also had the opportunity to meet Jeremy , the older WS kid that had the NPR thing back in the spring...what an amazing drummer he is and the funnest boy you'll ever meet. He lives pretty close to us so I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him in the future. He had Megan and I laughing so hard we were nearly in tears. I am not sure that Ziggy ( Megans husband ) and Chris are going ot let us hang out, we could be a bit of trouble together...LOL but I am thinking a ladies camping trip may be in order...

It was really a great time so I can honestly say I am looking forward to next yr, I think Zoe and Autumn are too. I know Emma is she remembered the tramp from last year and now I am sure she is hooked on the drums... The Payns are Awesome for planning such a great cook out and there house and farm rock!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please don't feel sorry for me...:)

I was told yesterday by someone that they feel sorry for people with disabled children. I know this was not meant how it came out, and the person talking was being very sincere, but,whatever, it still made me think.... I have felt sorry for myself before sure but not in a very long time, at least not about Tatum, LOL. It really did not strike me, until yesterday afternoon, that I would fit into such a general classification...I am "people with disabled children" funny...

I certainly do not want people looking at me for the rest of my life and feeling sorry for me ,Tatum or our family's situation for that matter. Sure it is not my first choice to have a child with problems on top of problems but it is the hand I was dealt. I believe that this happened to me because I ( with Chris) can handle it without feeling sorry for myself or having people feel sorry for me. I have my bad days about all Tatum's issues and I sometimes I find myself having a good cry...but It is what it is, and to us now it is just life. I guess you adjust or you give in...

I can not even imagine life any other way at this point, but I'd most likely take it if the opportunity presents itself. I guess what I am trying to say is that there are so many less fortunate people then myself to feel sorry for, I am simply living my life the best I can with the cards I have, that is how I am bringing up Emma and Tatum as well. You just have to roll with what you have and make the best of it...Life is way to short for unhappiness or just settling. Tatum is not sick just different but we are all different,right?...Well and a little sick but we are just going to take that as it comes :)

Life is supposed to be fun not spent mourning over what we can not control.......

WOOO HOOO It is 9:30 both kids are asleep Dick and Danielle are in the BB8 final and I posted twice today...We are just rocking going into friday :)

Not the same 'flag of our fathers'

This is written by the brother in law of one of my co-workers. Bryan is an Apache Helicopter Pilot on his 3rd Tour. This editorial was published in Stars and Strips and yesterday in the Frederick News Post.

I hope you all get the same out of it that I did...

Not the same 'flag of our fathers'

CW3 BRYAN CALLAN Baghdad, Iraq Adamstown MD resident

I am currently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, and life is good - as good as a combat zone can get. Nice lodging, meals and more dessert than one could ask for. I ask myself, what could possibly be missing?

As I walk around camp it becomes clear: Not one American flag is to be seen flying. Not one! Not over corps headquarters, not over any headquarters for that matter, not even over the U.S. embassy.

Sadly this is not a joke. I asked out of curiosity why no American flags were being flown and was told that "we" didn't want to appear like an occupying force, nor, for the sake of political correctness, did "we" want to offend someone.

With 155,000 troops in a country that has neither a fully functioning military nor government, I'd venture to say we are an occupying force. While it is painful enough to accept political correctness or bureaucratically dictated rules of engagement when dealing with terrorists, the failure to proudly fly "Old Glory" for fear of offending someone or appearing as an occupying force is just shameful. "Old Glory" has always flown proudly during all of America's wars until now.

No sir, today's flag is not the same "flag of our fathers," the flag that once stood for pride, righteousness, freedom and liberation for millions during our past good deeds and many occupations. Sadly, the colors remain "cased" in the name of political correctness. Is it too much to ask for "Old Glory" to be brought out of the shadows once again so she can fly above her soldiers in battle and stand as a beacon of hope for the oppressed?

In the usual politically correct fashion, let me apologize up front if I have


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't Worry I'm Still Here :)

Well I am goingto the area the WS Picnic this weekend, Sunday to be exact. I am actually pretty excited, we went last yr, but this yr. Chris is able to come. On top of that I get to meet Heather, Caleb’s Mom…I wonder if anyone else is going? ANYONE??? I think it is going to be a very fun time.

Today was Emma’s school picture she was super cute in her green dress and when I was leaving Pim was doing her hair up all cute for her, gee I hope they turn out cute.

We have all been so Busy lately that I have not had a ton of time to blog…seems no one wants to sleep good in, my house (EMMA) and recently there are a ton more blog‘s to read, Although not commenting as much I am reading…

We have Tatum’s annual review in a few weeks, I am sure her services are going to get bumped up. I told them I was not signing a single thing until she had speech once a week…I am tired of being patient and nice about it. Hopefully they just give me what I want, I am sure they do not want to meet the other Lisa. You know the one I turn into when I think that someone is not giving my kid all that she needs…LOL although it may be funny to rant that out ....

Monday, September 10, 2007

embracing fall...sorta

So I made it through the first weekend of the pool being closed, I filled up the little one in the back yard instead. I am very ready for fall but not so ready to give up the suntan that goes with summer. At least I keep mine a bit longer or try real hard. Fall activities are so fun and all outside usually so that is a good thing and football is super fun but I do love being tan, I guess if that is all i have to complain about I am pretty lucky.

This was a beautiful weekend Tatum took some really long naps and Emma and I hung out. Sat. we went to Dana's house later in the afternoon and the kids played on this blow up water slide...note to self slide is not for grown ups, I swear I broke my toe on that thing!!! I was pretty fun though. After Dana's house Emma and I had to drop Ferris home. he was sliding too. Ferris and his Family were planning to go to a cookout on there friends farm. It worked out pretty well since Emma ended up going with them and Jody and I got to stay home and watch the PSU/ND game... Jody has turned me into a PSU fan, sorry Denise :), we an not all cheer for OSU!!! LOL

Sunday I actually attended my very first baby shower since Tatum was born, actually it was not so bad. It was pretty funny trying to explain to Emma what a baby shower is...she kept asking after we got there where the shower was... We even stayed like 2.5 hours we left after Emma finished opening all Lisa's gifts and stalked her cake. There was no way I was making it out of that house before Emma asked for all the toys that topped the cake... props to her she asked very politely. Now all Emma can say is Lisa is going to have a baby, not my Mommy Lisa her friend Lisa, HA at least she knows that there is no baby coming from me! LOL.
I can not believe how grown up she is getting with everyday...Where did my baby go!!! She is truly my big girl now, oh how bitter sweet...although more sweet then bitter, lol

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One Long Update... Dial up nightmare...

Sorry it has been a little hectic around here...Tatum went to the eye doc on Friday all was good her eye's are straight so far and her glasses script stayed the same...yeah no money to be spent, gotta love those appointments!!! Friday night Chris left for the track in W. VA to drop off his car for Sat. The plan for us was to meet him at the track Sat afternoon and camp out for that night and Sunday. Friends of ours Jody and Tim and there Kids joined us for our adventure.

As soon as we got to the track Tatum was a mess, it was pretty loud with all the cars and just a lot of chaos. Once qualifying for the day ended she totally settled down, that was until the sun set and the fireworks war started... Eventually she fell asleep in our friends camper and slept through the remainder of them, Thank God!!!!

The next morning when we all woke up an Tatum was in a great mood, this continued throughout the day... Chris is the little black CIVIC ( you can see Tink on the window) LOL number 49 and Kurt is the orange, red, blk and White BMW number 51

I guess it was better for her to ease into the noise then for it to just catch her by surprise. Cars started racing around 9ish so needless to say we were all awake pretty early. A few more of our friends were meeting us up there to see the race, we ended up with quite a crowd...Chris's Sister,Mom an Walt, my Mom and Brent, John and Darin ( so good to see them) and then our group of friends Carol, John their girls Steve and Yvonne their girls and Michelle an Morgan, her daughter seems that the only missing one was Dana and her boys...Scott, her other half came alone. I think all the kids had a great time and the tailgate was a blast.

Both days Chris started the race in 12 and was able to maintain his position, even with a bum clutch, it started slipping towards the end of Sundays race. Kurt, Chris friend that also raced did good too. He had to replace his engine after the first qualifying round on Sat. so started almost last and last for the races....He made up alot of ground and ended up with pretty good races...it was also his 50Th b-day on Sunday. B-days always make a trip more fun ;)

We crashed pretty early Sunday night but not until the even larger firework show was over...I really can not believe that Tatum slept through it especially in a tent...I have been to some pretty amazing firework displays IE: Disney World D.C, on the Forth and I have to admit these were pretty much in the same ball park and lasted alot longer...CRAZY REDNECKS!!!! Gotta Love Em :) They even had old Christmas trees t light on fire...it was nuts...

I came home with the girls on Monday morning, we got home around 11:30.

Kinda sad it was the last day the pool was open so we could not miss that...Chris actually had a better race then the day before, but thank goodness he has a in car camera so we did not miss a beat, LOL...

The pool was great , I am already looking forward to next summer...

I do have to admit though the fall, winter and spring do not bring on nearly the "Mommy juice" so my body is most likely loving it...that is until we remember football season...GO EAGLES!!! OK for Chris' benefit Go Skins! ( notice not as many exclamation points, hahaha)...

Emma started school today and loved it, she got to meet two of her teachers, Miss Holly and Heather, while we were camping over the weekend. We had no idea Chris' Friend Stan had daughters that worked at her same school...I have to admit this made me feel 100% better!!!

Her swimming lessons started yesterday and that too went great, her teacher was so impressed with how much she learned over the summer...Next yr Swim Team here we come...

We are giving dance a brake for the fall, I guess we'll just have to see what the future brings....hmmmm any ideas what to sign Tate up for????

Can you all believe it is almost Friday already!!!!! We have been working on a days of the week song with Em so hopefully she be ready to sing it for you soon, that is unless you would rather hear "The Sun well Come Out Tomorrow" Emma and Tatum's new favorite movie running close with Peter Pan is Annie...These girls are nuts... ,me too ,poor Chris HAHAH.....
By the way LOVE the new Camera!!!!!