Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Today was a little nutty I woke up called the Dr.'s office got the numbers to the orthopedic offices and started calling. The first place I called could fit her in at 7:40 this evening...yeah right!!... the second place could take us at 10:30am, sold, we made an apt with them. Turned out they are a pretty good place so I picked a winner. By this time is was 9, I had to drop off Tatum get the GPS from Chris's work ( I get lost with it too) swing by the hospital to get the films of Emma's foot (that i had asked for oh about 90 times before we even left on Sunday) get coffee and to the apt.
I somehow managed to do this including Starbucks and get to the appointment on time. Best of all I was walking out to the parking lot after picking up the x-rays and even got to plug my so mad at the ER bit...that is a long story and typical ER...errrr. Thanks Nikki for the great directions, she was my phone GPS while driving ;)

So we got to the Doctor and we were in and out in under an hour with a terrific hot pink cast and an appointment to have it removed in three weeks...I love them!!! The prognosis is this she fractured the bone on the top of her foot near the big toe not the small one and it is pretty small.

The Dr. told us it was a small crack but so in your face you just have to cast it. She is able to walk so that is a good thing the shoe from the doctors office was just huge an it was the xs so we cut one of my Crocs to fit it and that is how she walks. Gotta run and get Tatum in bed... she wore her glasses long enough for a pic...


Tara said...

Your girls are so beautiful. I hate that Emma had to get a cast - but heck, it's beautiful! Looks like the pink suits her well :) Does life ever slow down???!!!

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Love the Pink. Just think what you all can do with a hot glue gun, pom poms and some glitter! Yep, sure with everything going on in your life you'll have time for that! I agree with Tara, you girls are beautiful!

Laura said...

We hope Emma's foot heals fast....pink is definately her color!!
Love the pic of Tatum in her glasses!

Julie said...

Noah hates his glasses. Poor Emma. Hopefully it wont' have to be on to long.

Every minute counts.... said...

Poor Emma...but she does look fabulous in pink :)
Hope you have better luck keeping those glasses on Tate.


Nicole said...

Your girls are just so adorable. I hope Emma is adjusting to her cast.

Every time I see a picture of Tate, I just wanna squeeze her, she is that cute! Please send me a picture of her for my benefit or give me permission to get one from your blog. Thanks!!!