Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nice to be off for a few days

Well I hope everyone had a good Holiday we sure did...We had Thanksgiving in WV with Terry and Walt( Chris’ Mom and Stepdad ) a few of their neighbors and Terry’s brother Tom. This was my first time getting to meet Tom so that was cool. He was really nice and the girls, well mostly Tatum, loved him. I have to give Terry credit, I am not the biggest turkey fan and I can honestly say that it was the best turkey I have ever had.

The rest of the weekend was pack full with Amy's B-day on Wed. ,Thanksgiving, cleaning the house, laundry , Tidal Waves for Tatum was Sat. afternoon, and Sunday after church we went to see Enchanted. Oh yeah and tonight it is my footballs team to face the Patriots. I guess some ones has to do it... Tim is a huge Pats fan so we are watching the game with them; there is a 98% chance that there may be a upset, LOL. The Redskins choked today, ASU lost on Thanksgiving Day so I figure it is our (well mine anyway) turn to get a win!!! GO EAGLES!!!!-----I wrote this in WP prior to the game it may get posted after------

The Swim-A-Thon went well, I think ( or by the end anyway) that enough money has be raise to pay for Tatum’s and my trip to Louisville in February. That is super helpful it is a big expense right after Christmas that I am not going to have the money for....I am going to put together a slide show so everyone can see the pictures. I think it was a pretty good Sr. project for Sam.

To wrap up the weekend we took Tatum to her first movie hmmmmm....It went a bit like this...I saw the part up to when the princess ended up in NY..then saw two other scenes they were they were actually the only other big song and dance scenes after the move left animation. I guess that was good. I did get a new pair of pants for Yvonne’s “Gluwein” part on Sat. night....Anyway...

Going to see Tatum’s Doctor on Tuesday, hopefully we’ll be able to figure something out. I love her regular doctor but when she is not around I feel a real problem with the competence of those left in charge as far as Tatum’s concerned....Dr. DeSuza did agree with me that I should be a bit upset over what happened Wed. she also wanted to see us ASAP....I spoke to her Sat afternoon, and right now weather I change doctor’s or not Tatum needs to be seen for this cold. I did check out two other practices over the vacation I guess time well tell...

OMG are you all watching this Football Game...KERRY :)


Tara said...

Wow, you are brave for taking Tatum to a movie :) I haven't taken Payton yet for fear of what the loudness would do to her. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the pictures - they are fantastic. Tatum has the cutest face, I wish I could just hug her to pieces!

Heather said...

I am LOVING her hair!
She is looking really grown up lately. She is starting to look more like Em in her face. great news about the swim.
Glad you all had a nice holiday! Lot's of love, Heather

Julie said...

You brave soul you. I took Amber to her first movie at that age and we lasted 10 minutes. Great news for your trip to Kentucky. Hey by the way, Tate has always reminded me of Lexi when she was little. Ever since the picnic. Anyway Lexi was just looking over my shoulder and said "hey that looks like me when I was little." Funny, huh?

Kerry said...

;) Almost called you Sunday night... funny how you didn't answer today when I called??? Hmmmm???? :):)

Brady has been to many movies in his life... no problems over here. We just saw Fred Claus Wed - it was AWESOME - I highly recommend it :)

Katie said...

LOL - yeah i tried a movie with Jai once... LOL
Wow Miss Tatum has GROWN up SO much !!!! The bigger she gets the more she looks like Emma hey!

Penny said...

I was just thinking about taking Keith to his first movie!

She is so cute. Love the pictures!

Nicole said...

Wow, is Tate cute! I can't believe how much she is changing. She does look so grown up. Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving.