Monday, November 12, 2007

Sedated Echo...nahhhh not for us :)

Tatum and I got up bright and early and headed down to Hopkins for the highly anticipated sedated echo. We arrived there signed in and waited. Tatum played in the waiting room like a champ, certainly not like a 21m old who was starving :)... That thought last about two mins. after they called us into and exam room, Tate wanted no part of the EKG stickers or the blood pressure cuff. In her defence it was about 10:45 and she was still awake and still no food. After the nurse gave up we went back to the waiting room so she could play while we waited for a room to see the doctor. When they called us in a different nurse informed us that she was to congested to be put under and we should feed her, it was now 11:00. My friend Jodi even commented that she had not seen a kid eat a banana that fast in her life. Needless to say little piggy Tatum was tired and very Hungry... The nurse then as asked if we wanted to just go home and reschedule. Ahhh no was she crazy!!! When I looked at like she was from mars she decided to get the doctor.

but it seemed forever I picked her up put the Dr. Brenner's fellow( or whatever she is) came in to see Tatum first and T was not cooperative. In between the time the other doctor was out and Dr. Brenner cam in Tatum calmed down...I gave her my IPOD to listen too, she LOVES Bob Marley, how funny is that. She was an angle for Dr. Brenner, too funny. She was also super tired by this time so Dr. Brenner suggested that we take off her dress ( he got us some blankets) and walk her around. After a ton of walking maybe 15mins, we returned back to the exam room for so cuddling and rocking. I gave her my IPOD back in her and she was out in two songs.

We quickly took her to the echo room not wast any time and she laid there asleep and letting the tech have a field day taking all the pictures needed, we even squeezed a EKG out of her. By the time we were finished talking with Dr. Brenner it was close to 3...Wow that was a long day. He wasted to compare the pictures to old echos' but at first glance he told us there was no real change. Her left ventricle had moderate thickness but not serious enough for intervention. Unless I notice something or we have a good reason we do not have to go back until May.

I view this as a very good sign hopefully her Aorta well fix itself and if not there is not reason to continue looking at the exact same thing unless it is making her sick...Right now she is just fine :)


Heather said...

I am relieved!!!!!!!!!

Every minute counts.... said...

Great news for you too. No change is the best news you can hope for sometimes!!!

Glad they didn't have to sedate her afterall.


Laura said...

I've been thinking about you all day. I'm so happy you got good news, no change is great!

Lynn said...

Whoa! What a day! Thanks for getting the update on the blog -- I was thinking about you guys. Glad to hear the good news. :-)

Kerry said...

:) :) :) :)

Julie said...

Glad things went well. Wouldn't it be awesome if they all went to sleep during this procedure. They haven't done another sedated one on Noah since before his surgery, but I know the day is coming. He is getting bigger and more active. The other day I took something from him and he got right in my face like he was going to bite me and growled. OH terrible 2's are coming.

Amy said...

"Just fine", I will take it!!
So happy, {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}hugs!!!!!!!

kelly said...

Great news!

Nicole said...


Tara said...

Wow-what a relief!!!!
I'm so glad they didn't have to sedate her.

Gina said...

So happy to hear the good news!!!
My thoughts were with you today!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Hehehe! Bob Marley?? I am envisioning Tate with dreds! That would be a perfect Halloween costume!

Yay! about the echo. I think your girl is much tougher than the docs gave her credit for, don't you? What a great kid.

Love, Kim

PS: I saw a little girl in a toy ad who looked just like Emma!

Melanie Reyes said...

what a beautiful family you are. just read your article in the FNPost.
blessings on all the journeys ahead! What beauties your girls are.