Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life Keeps Moving

Wow…so I wrote a post last night about my families last two weeks, Nemo on ice that we all went to see on Sunday afternoon and tons of pictures. I am sure this post is going to make it on the blog at some point this week so yeah we have a guaranteed two-post week.

Instead I am taking a moment to tell you all how brave each and every one of you are in your own way with each very different DX in the best way we know how. I imagine that this is taking a toll on all of just as much as it takes a toll on me.

I have recently decided that I should spend more time at home do my best to avoid drama (I swear sometimes I feel like I am living a HS nightmare) and eliminate the relationships in my life that are not easy. I can’t handle the grief in my life and my fiends that need me as well as grief from relationships that should just be thoughtless. So now that I have that off my mind, I have some Williams baby updates…

Blake is still hanging in there no real change…they are having a very hard time weaning him off any of his meds, if anything he is requiring more. Whitney’s Mom is up there with her for a few days. Not such good new but yesterday Ava was transferred up there as well. Kim called last night for Whitney’s number. Ava is also not doing so great she can’t eat anything and is just wasting away. Her organs are also showing signs of shutting down, Kim has promised to keep me posted but she is just not up for blogging. Hopefully Laura, Ava’s Mom and Whitney well be able to find so comfort with each other up there. It is always easier when you have a friend; please keep these babies and there very young Mom’s in your thoughts and prayers…. I am trying to get an address so we can decorate their rooms with love.


Tara said...

Lisa, thank you so much for your updates. My heart aches for them. I look forwarding to getting their addresses so I can send a card.

Katie said...

oh no :(
thank you for the updates Lisa - can you e-mail me the addresses i would also like to send a card,
my prayers are with everyone.

Katie said...

oh sorry lisa - my email is kt_moritz@yahoo.com.au

Every minute counts.... said...

Sometimes it is best to "simplify" your life, even if that means saying good bye to people for your own sanity.
I hope that things are going well for your family. I am sorry to hear about Ava. I got a call from Whitney last night. I hope that Laura and Whitney are able to spend some time together. It is always nice to be with someone who gets it without you having to explain it.
Thanks for the updates,

Heather said...

Oh that's bad... Please post the address's lisa. I thought something may be up with Ava.. poor thing. I hope both she and Blake hang in there. Ugh! it's just not fair.

love you lisa, Heather