Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3 Man Band

Well today we have to take Tatum to the doctor in the morning, they want to check her out...Her fever is totally gone and has been since Sat. morning but the breathing is still bad. The nebulizer is a pain in the ass and unless Tatum is asleep she is not getting much out of it. Last night I did finally get Emma to sit long enough to do a treatment...I had to read the same book over like 5 times but I think that it was worth it, gee I wish Tatum would fall for that one.

Christmas was nice the girls got a ton of gifts, to my surprise Tatum is really enjoying this Hooke poke Elmo doll and this leapfrog animal doll thing. The Elmo is a funny little thing, we are thinking that tickle one may be good for her birthday and much easier to get by then. Emma enjoyed her new princess dress she wore it ALL day.We actually did not have a Bell dress so it was nice to add a new one in the mix. I love this picture of the girls "playing" together...too cute!!

The funniest part of the day came while we were at Angie and Joe's house for dinner. Tori, Emma's cousin, got a real electric guitar for Christmas. After dinner Emma and Tori found all the instrument's that were in the play room. Emma ended up with the girls old Barbie guitar while Tatum opted for a drum. I have to tell you this was the cutest band ever and Tatum was very amused. Lucky for us Emma got to bring the guitar home with her, she has already put her name on the back.

I'll be sure to update later after we see Dr. Desuza, I am hoping that she is well enough to go to daycare today but for some reason I am doubting it. Chris stayed home yesterday so I was able to get alot done but there is always more and missing a day at the end of the month is the pits.

UPDATE: Staying home with T today. Doc says she sounds so much better, keep up with the meds, and she'll see her next week...Daycare tomorrow for Miss Tatum :)


Kerry said...

I'm glad everyone is better :) Brady got the Tickle Me Elmo from his godmother and it is the FUNNIEST thing! I think I will throw it against the wall if I hear it too much though (Oops, did I say that out loud??? )

Love the band - do they do weddings???

Kyra said...

I am so sorry that Tatum was sick over christmas. I hope that she is feeling better. This is my first time on here. Wishing you the best!!!!

Nicole said...

Why do all kids get sick at Christmas??? Hope Tatum is feeling better. I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping you get a fast resolution to this whole Cardiologist nonsense. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

Great pictures of the kids. Love the band. Emma looks like she is really feeling the guitar groove!!

Teresa & Shawn said...

I am glad Tate is feeling better!

Belle should have been here to spend the day with Batman!

Aspen said...

Sounds like you all had a great Christmas. I have missed everyone so much. I hope to call you soon and get all the updates first hand.

I hope T gets to feeling better very soon. I know you must be beat!