Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today we went to the Cardiologist; our appointment was scheduled for 11:30. This was the first time that Chris had meet Dr. Shapiro…boy was that interesting…

We fist had the echo done, Tatum was great for that. Then we waited in the exam room for the Dr. While waiting one of the office workers gave up a huge bag of gifts for Tatum. There were at least 5 packages, I asked if they did that for all the kids and the reply was not just some of the special ones.

The Dr. finally came in after reviewing the Echo and began his examination. He made no mention to the prior situation and seemed a bit cold. He did not even shake Chris’ hand when I introduced him. He told us that there had been no real change in Tatum’s heart and the heart was not getting any thicker so for now it is best to leave well enough alone. He told us to be seen again in 2m…after that he promptly told us that we should find a new practice… I wish I could have seen my face when he said that and I wish all of you could have seen Chris…He told us we should trust our doctors and since I do not trust them and have a problem with one of the doctors in the practice that it would be best if we left. Oh yeah and I am “unpleasant” to the nurses…OK that is true, whatever, I have a great relationship with the nurses!!!

During the visit I did ask Dr S if he thought I was wrong to move the surgery for Tatum’s Eyes. His reply was no…I would also want to be someplace more prepared. Ok so hmmmmm I was right!!!!! He made no excuse or apologies for Dr. Lindsay’s lack of follow up or advice in this situation but instead penalized me for going against one of their Dr.’s advice…. Weird eh…. talk about a serious god complex. Chris thinks that the relationship with the office fell apart the day they found out we were going to Philly. They did not feel a 2nd opinion was needed and therefore never sent her file to the cardiologist at CHOP.

Chris and I had discussed seeing a new practice but did not really want to switch because Dr. Telep was already familiar with her. He is the Dr. that has preformed her Cath’s. Maybe we can still have him Cath her when needed…who knows. I have a friend who has a daughter Emma’s age with heart disease. Ella has already had 3 open-heart surgeries, Poor girl, not to worry Ella is doing great!!! Anyway we are going to start seeing her Doctor, maybe a healthy change is what we need, I guess we’ll see since the decision was made for us by some arrogant Dr. I can not believe this man wasted two hours of our time to tell us this…Chris actually voiced it to them along with a bunch of other stuff…

I think I am going to be writing a letter to the State Medical Board…That should be fun…I think I am actually still in shock…I have never been fired by a Doctors office before.


Anonymous said...

You and Chris are responsible for Tatum. She has a serious heart condition. You are well within your rights to ask quesions. You live in area where there are casts of thousands of really good doctors. We will pray that you find one quickly.

Lynn said...

Ok, I'm stunned too! Your experience will definitely be on my mind next time we're there to see Dr. Lindsay for Nick's heart. Wow!

Kerry said...

I am speechless. I can't believe a doctor would "fire" you as a patient for getting a second opinion... and that's really what you did. They sound like those needy high school girls that I always hated. I am stunned that you wre treated like this. Heaven help you if there was a bigger problem that occurred and you were stuck in that practice. It's obviously a FANTASTIC idea for you to switch. Tate will be going to her cardiologist all her life... make it someone you are comfortable with and trust. NO DOCTOR should make you feel like these did. ARGHGHGH!!!!!!!

I hope you went out and had a stiff drink! On the up side - the holiday card was SO cute!! That dr probably has really ugly kids. :)

And, excuse me, UNPLEASANT to the nurses?!?!? Even if this were true -- too f***in bad!.. you are dealing with a child with a serious heart issue. If people are upset with you for being too cautious or moody or short... TOO BAD!!!!!! Get with the program!!

I am REALLY annoyed!!!!!!!!!

Kerry said...

Ohh... also, glad Tate didnt have any change!!! That's GREAT news!!! That's how it started getting better with Brady - the next visit showed an improvement even. Hope it goes the same with her :)

Love -K