Sunday, August 31, 2008

What happend to summer??...

Well the first week at school seemed to go well for Emma, she loved it. Thursday afternoon I got a call at work to come pick up Tatum, she has pink eye, by the time I got through traffic to get her I could pick both girls up. Emma had just gotten off the bus and was not ready to leave she got mad at me for coming to early. Oh well I gave in and let her stay, Steve picked her up when he got his kids I still had way to much to do to waste time arguing with her.

Anyway Chris is racing Tinkerbell this weekend and I am not going to make it to any races, Emma went to the track with him this morning. He is racing again at the end of September so I think we'll make a weekend out of it then. Tatum is all eye gross a bit congested and super clingy so I decided it would be easier to keep her here, not to mention I have a ton to do around the house. Tomorrow is my day to do NOTHING but enjoy the last day of the pool day so I have alot to get done today. We are also do the neighborhood triathlon tomorrow... I am only doing the bike part and that alone may kill me. LOL

Softball is also over so no more games on the weekends...Kinda sucks I though the last game was the best, or at least my best haha we won 2 games all season, no worries we were the most fun team ;)

Ok well I guess I better get started on my day so far all I have done is a bike ride.... Oh yeah Whitney is supposed to have her little baby girl this Friday.


Julie said...

Glad Emma's first day went well. I hate to see summer end too. If you talk to Whitney please let her know I am thinking of her.

Tara said...

So glad Emma had a good first week! (cracks me up that she said you were picking her up too early and wanted to stay!). I hope Tatum's eye clears up quickly and that you enjoy your last day in the pool :)

Every minute counts.... said...

I am glad the first week of school went well for Emma. I am thinking of Whitney too and hope to see pictures of the baby girl. I hope that she knows I still think of her often.

Heather said...

Wow! You have a lot going on! Hey... If you want to come to the beach with us, we are doing the econo lodge at Ocean city on the 21-23. $40 a night.. .can't beat it!
Poor Tatum, I hope it clears up quick.
You still coming to the Paynes?
I bet that makes you sad, Emma growing up so fast. I am glad she likes school.
Cute softball pic of you and Chris. :)
I hope Whitney is feeling better and that she enjoys her little bundle of joy.

Talk soon...

Tes said...

Big girls! Lila had pink eye on the 3 day of school ugh! On another note, lets see pictures of Tinkerbell! My husband is a gear head and would love to see some pics.