Monday, August 20, 2007

Here's the scoop...

So you all got the pictures first hope you liked them :)

So KY was good, we got in late Wed night. Amy meet us in the hotel lobby to help us get up to the room. We pretty much crashed when we got in. Avery was not feeling that good so between Amy unwinding from a long day and Tate and I exhausted from travel we all feel asleep fairly quick.

We woke up on Thursday morning and got the girls ready to head to the university…Avery was still not herself but was hanging in there. We got some breakfast at the hotel and ran into Ana and her clan (Mom, daughter, Ali and Ws son Brandon). Ana is the one who set up the forum. After our introductions and some quick eating we set off for the University.

Dr. Mervis and her crew were all very excited to see us. By the time we had gotten there they were working on finding a Dr. for Avery to see, her little body was just not cooperating with her and she felt like crap. Amy eventually made the decision that it would be for the best if her and Avery went home. That totally stunk but she had to do what was best for Avery and she really did have a flu bug or something. At least we got to spend a little time with them, that is better then nothing.

Tatum did some testing in the morning and then to a nap. While she was napping Whitney the new Mom of Blake stopped by with her Mother in Laws to meet us and the kids, we spoke with her for a while had lunch and then I ran off to meet Blake in person. What a little Cutie, I expected nothing less… He is still pretty sick and is going to have angeo to balloon his Aortic arch, when he was born the arch was not connected to the heart. He is also having some feeding and kidney issues so please keep praying that he’ll get better and Whitney can take him home soon. She is just dying to get out of that hospital.

When I returned from visiting Blake Tatum was all done, I hitched a ride back to the hotel with Ana and called it a day. Once to the hotel we ordered dinner took the kids swimming and gave everyone a bath, pretty exciting. I was back to my room in time for Big Brother thank goodness LOL.

The next day we did some more morning testing went to lunch with Ana and her family and came back to the lad so Tatum could get a nap. After her nap she went and did the upside down face study and we were done.

Dr. Mervis said that Tatum needed to be in more speech stuff but aside from that all is good. She though she was a bright little girl and a great ambassador for WS. She felt Tatum was functioning at a 14m old level. I know that this gap well get larger as she gets older but you really can not focus on that so for the time I am very pleased. We are going back again at the end of Feb 08, I cannot wait! Dr. Mervis and her team is just AWESOME, I love all of them. I can not tell you all enough what a blessing it has been to have this experience I think every should take the trip to KY, but maybe not in Aug. during a heat wave LOL .. IT WAS HOT!!!


Kerry said...

I'm sorry I missed your call but I will try you on my ride home tonight. That is GREAT about Tate!!! :( about Avery, it's too bad you didn't get more time to spend together.

What's this Feb 08???? I was planning on a January trip with you and the Tatebug. We will discuss later!!! :)

Glad it went so well ~ :):):)

Tara said...

Glad your trip went well! I hate it that Avery wasn't feeling well. Tatum is just a doll!!

Gina said...

Thanks again for the pics-they are great! So glad you received encouraging news about Tatum. Now can you help me convince my hubby that a trip to see Dr. Mervis would be beneficial?!?!

Laura said...

That's great news about Tatum, glad your trip went well.

Heather said...

Lisa, glad you had a good experience. Sorry to hear about Avery though. It's nice that you got to meet Whitney and the baby. I'm sure she felt a little better then. The team is great down there. Caleb enjoyed reminising(sp?) while looking at the pictures of them.

Katie said...

Sounds like a very successful trip!
Love the photo's! Such a shame Avery was sick :-(
What on earth is the upside down face study???

camille said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip and hope that Avery is feeling better.