Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Summer Weekend...

Wow I can not believe the summer is about over...Today is actually the first day of school for the kids around here, Emma does not start until next Wednesday.
We got to get in a great pool weekend, since Chris is racing next weekend we most likely are not going to be able to get up there much.:( I am a little sad about the pool closing we have had so much fun there this summer and I have made some great friends. Emma is finally swimming all by herself so I am planning on getting her in swimming lessons right away, she wants to be on the swim team next summer...yeahhhhhh
I feel bad since she is not dancing this yr. She actually has not mentioned it and I am not bringing it up. I do not have the money to send her, oh well, she'll have school and swimming to keep her busy.
We used to go watch my friend Jody and Carol's kids play soccer on the weekends in the fall and none of the girls are playing this yr. Well just when I began to wonder what we were going to do this fall Emma has decided we are cheering for football. It seems that about 4 of my other Mom friends all have boys a little older then Emma on the same football team. She came home from the pool so excited about this last night she decided to practice her moves... I tell you that girl is to much!!! Do you think they tailgate at peewee football or whatever it is?????

In Tatum news we got nothing really new. She has a eye doctor appointment on Friday morning, Chris is taking her this time, I guess I am getting a Dr.'s day off.... She is also crazy close to walking but I am not holding my breath, my goal is by Halloween. Kids always look so much cuter in the costume's when they can stand and walk.

Well that is about it I can not tell you all how excited I am to go back to the fall traffic patterns around here, It should only take about an hour to get to work. At least I have been car pooling lately so the ride home well be much faster, you are screwed anyway you look at it in the morning. Oh yeah when it rains it poor...My laptop now works but the desk top is broke...I can not win with htese darn computers...errrr.... Hope everyone has a great Monday.


Heather said...

Hey! bout time you give an update! I was wondering what happened to you. Your girls are beautiful as always ;) love ya! ~ Heather

Every minute counts.... said...

I was starting to worry myself. Glad to get an update on the girls! My Chris took Hunter and went to "carmaggeddon" this weekend ...made me think of your Chris and how much they would get along. (it was a demolition derby with trucks pulling boats racing,school buses racing,monster trucks..etc)

Nancy said...

Gee, your kids are cute (that's an understatement).

I miss you. :(

Kerry said...

WoW-- are you the new Kerry?!?!? Call me in the AM - miss you!

Love Em's cheerin' moves!!