Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Going To KY...Once everything here gets done...

Wow it has been crazy here lately. Over the weekend Chris raced Tinkerbelle so we spent the weekend at His Mom and Walt’s house to be closer to the track and visit with them. Chris’ Mom also kept Tatum for us so the track adventure could be a bit more fun. Our Friends TJ and Fran stopped by the track on their way back to New York to visit and watch Chris qualify. We all had a really good time and got to go out and have dinner with our friends before they left. It was really great to see them and actually get to go out for dinner with no kids.

Sunday I went to the track with Chris early, Yvonne, Autumn and the girls meet us there and our friend Kyle came up with his father in law and Daughter Stella. Walt came up around lunchtime with Emma and one of his neighborhood friends. It really amazed me how well all the girls played together, they were just great, all of them.

It was cute to watch Chris’ harem of little girls under 5 cheering for him and Tink. Alex, Gabrielle, Emma and Stella were all very cute standing on the fence yelling “Go Tinkerbelle!!! Pass that car!” .We all came home Sunday with a ton of sun and Tink and Chris’ first racing prize. Yes that is right good ole Tinkerbelle came in 5th place. To bad I cannot find the camera cord to download pictures… anyway the big computer at home can do it I just have to find time to sit there, but trust me they are very cute. I cannot wait for Labor Day weekend, that is the next race. We are planning to camp out daring I know but after this race I know what to bring so for Labor Day I’ll be prepared.

Emma ended up Staying in West VA with Walt and Terry and they are bringing her back today. Tomorrow my Dad is coming to get her and she is off to Dover for the rest of the week while I am in Louisville…I wonder what Daddy is going to do while home all alone…I know, I know SLEEP!!

I leave For KY tomorrow night and our appointments with Dr. Mervis start early on Thursday. I am so excited to meet Amy and Avery and Brandon and Ana. Amy and I are actually sharing a room…misery loves company if one can not sleep then no one sleeps LOL but seriously I think we are going to have fun!!!

Dr. Mervis called me last week and ask if I could Call Whitney a new WS Mom in the Louisville area she thinks I have a good attutide about the whole WS thing, I was pretty flattered. Her son Blake is 36 days old and in the NICU still. She is really holding up well but is confused and sick of the hospital, we have all been there. Blake had heart surgery at 4 days to fix a co arch of sorts and has had other things done like an MRI, all sorts of scans and the famous nebulizer to keep those lungs clear. Whitney is starting to get frustrated because they are trying to feed him every 4 hours and he wants to eat more then that. It is all a bit confusing over the phone but she wants me to stop by while I am in Louisville so I should be able to get more details then about her little cutie, until then just keep Blake, Whitney and the rest of there family in your prayers.

Ok I’ll update after KY…


Nancy said...

I hope you and Amy have a safe, wonderful trip. How cool you are sharing a room! Slumber party!

Every minute counts.... said...

I hope you have a good time and get lots of good info! Let me know when you go next year and maybe I can come that weekend!!


Heather said...

Lisa, they sell beer at the gas station right in between the smokers outlet and the other hotel. Mom and I walked there for microwave sandwiches and a twelve pack. Just FYI. Have fun! Heather

Gina said...

Have a safe trip. I hope Dr. Mervis gives you valuable and helpful information! I am looking forward to hearing about what she says.