Monday, October 27, 2008

Month at a glance...

This has been another one of my fast moving crazy months, I can not wait until Friday there is nothing better then the end of the month coupled with Halloween...sounds like a recipe for nothing but fun :)

Anyway... This month we have had cast removal....yep Emma's foot has healed and she is moving around just like a normal crazy 5 yr old. We also have resumed gymnastics, I think missing that was one of the worst things for Em...... you can see in the pictures from one of our park visits that the cast really slowed her down a bunch...ha-ha. All her teachers were amazed at how well she did.

Last week I broke my toe, yeah fun I know to bad there is nothing I can do about it, other then that we have all been healthy... darn little toe is painful.....

The past few weekends we've managed to visit the park, a pumpkin festival, the neighborhood Halloween party and High School Musical 3.
Carol and I took Peyton and Emma Sat. after gymnastics during the rain storm. We got lucky because we went to an early showing so it was not crowded...I heard it was pretty crazy by the 3:00 showing. I loved the movie and would totally recommend it...LOL I love all three of the HSM movies you really have no choice in our house. Chris was pretty broken up he did not get to go see it, you know he is a big fan of Sharpay...lol

The pumpkin patch we visited had old tractors, hayrides, face painting and pumpkin picking of coarse. I think the best part about the place we go to now is that it is free to get in and we paid a dollar for the moon bounce and 2 for face paining. Pretty good deal if you ask me and the pumpkins were not to pricey either.

We went to the hood party with Dagan's and Yvonne's family Saturday evening, the girls had a great time together...I think they are gonna be a pretty funny little group, they are all just looked to cute. After the party the kids carved pumpkins with their Dad's while the ladies went to a haunted house...It was fun to do something different and the ghost tour thing was really pretty cool and interesting...We are officially ready for Friday.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Emma wants to wear the same thing Friday night. I am not sure if Tatum is going to be feeling that Tinkerbell costume again she was not really feeling it. I do have this Princess dress that Dagan gave me that seem very comfortable that I have on standby ;)

Other happenings...Emma has read her first book, I think it is more from memory then reading but she is really trying, I can not believe how much she has learned since she started school, it is amazing to watch. Tatum is also doing really well she is talking more everyday...She has about 10 words now and finally two of them are Mommy and Dada, Her favorites are Cow and cool... She is a riot.


Heather said...

Great pictures. Your girls are gorgeous. Looks like you all have been having lots of fun! Oh... so the HSM movie day was really for you :) You didn't tell me that part.
Hope your toe feels better. RU going to the hayride on Sat? I may consider it if I get good directions. I am afraid I will get lost at night trying to find my way home.

Amy said...

Boo! Nice update.

Nicole said...

I have been missing you and your gorgeous girls. Thanks for the update. Sucks about the toe.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Wow it all sounded and looks like so much fun, I love the pictures! Your girls are too cute :) Sorry about your toe.

Nancy said...

Lord, woman, do you ever slow down? The kids look great.

P.S. Uh, mojito season is over, and you have not appeared on the porch. I moved the mint inside. I still have some. Hurry!

Laura said...

Thanks for the update. The girls are getting so big!