Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009, Can You Believe It!

I can not believe that I did not post the entire month of December, oops. Between the Fed rate cut, Christmas, and kids I barley had time to breath and well sleep that was totally out of the question. I have even been facebook MIA...

Although there was no post December came and went we had a terrific Christmas attended a few parties and actually cut down out own Christmas Tree. In case anyone is wondering Julie and I did not plan to send out the same Christmas Card I guess there are some big tell tale ways that prove we are sisters LOL. This is a picture Of Tate on Christmas Day, we were at Chris' sisters house and they day after Christmas we went to my Sisters house in Baltimore.

The girls have been great for the most part, Emma is plugging along in school learning something new everyday and Tatum is gearing up for her big move to Child find from Infants and Toddlers. We saw the Geneticist a few weeks ago for her annual visit, seemed to go well he was impressed with her for the most part but a bit concerned with her speech. I know I should be a little more concerned then I am but I have to tell you I have total faith in her we are hearing more words every week. This sounds so bad but I am enjoying the silence, Emma is non stop and I know Tatum well be the same way...who know where they get the gift of gab from, LOL... Tatum say's Thank You now clear as day it is so cute!!!

I have been off work this week so yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with Emma and her Day care class. It was really cute the kids brought the food the the center collected to the food bank. It was pretty interesting, I have been to a soup kitchen before but I think that may have been my first trip to an actual food bank. The lady that runs the place told us how back in October there was not a single can of food in the entire place...Wow talk about giving you can see from the picture all the extra food they have now.

For New Year we went over to Yvonne and Steve's house. It was nice the kids ran around and the adults just chatted and munched on food. We had planned to play games but that did not really pan out...Oh well we all had a great time anyway. It is funny because the sec we come into Yvonne's house Tatum beelines for the piano, I think she may be getting better. Last night Yvonne actually played a song with her and she loved it.
It was a very nice New Year.

We go to the cardiologist some time this month for a sedated echo and check up, I am sure that is going to be just a hoot. I am always concerned that they won't sedate her because of her chronic nose drip from October to March. Her geneticist suggested a nasal steroid, said the runny nose s very common with WS Kids...anyone???

Tatum has not been the most cooperative child lately, she is VERY clingy and has become a bit of a bully at school, she needs to move up to a more advance class, we working on it but transition really is not much fun. It is tough when the bully is so friendly and cute... She does have a mean bit if you do not believe me check with Emma she has felt the fury...haha
I Hope everyone has a great day, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Heather said...

Yeah, Cale had the runny nose every winter till he got older. It was always clear.. not an infection. Between that and the drool.. He was always wet. It all just mixed together into, well, you know. :)
I think it is natural for our kids to be a little bit bully-ish. They really have no inhibitions. They say and do whatever is on their minds. If they are happy they are really happy. If they are pissed.. watch out.
Miss you bunches!
your girls are getting so big. You and Chris are cute as ever.
Hope to see ya soon!
Love ya.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Happy New Year~Love the pics and reading your update :)

Noel said...

Happy New Year!!
I was begining to wonder what had happened to you! I love the pictures and I swear the kids have grown since Nov!
Love to all of you!

Julie said...

Well sis, it sounds like Tate and Noah are getting the same 3 year old attitude a little early. He needs to move up at daycare too, but he has to get potty trained first. I am trying.;) Glad you all had a great holiday. I will keep you in my prayers along with Noah. We go for our echo this month too.

Gina said...

Great to read your update and I love the pictures! Happy New Year and good luck with Tatum's Echo..keep us posted.

Dana Holman said...

I heard Tatum say Emma today...clear as a bell! It was SOOOO cool!

Tes said...

So glad you are still out there girl! Keep us posted on those cutie patooties! Happy New Year!
Hugs Tes

Tara said...

I loved reading the update. Tatum's hair has gotten long! I totally understand the bullyness - Payton is the same way. Man, when she is mad.....watch out!
Glad to hear things are well!