Thursday, October 05, 2006

10/4 and 5

This blog is the first one written by me(Chris). I’m the dad that no one hears from. I work behind the scenes, to keep the show going flawlessly. Lisa and I are at the INOVA cath lab, and Tatum has just come out. Everything went well. They did what they said they were going to do, plus some. Its always nice to get a little extra for the $18,000 spent for the procedure. I guess we can’t complain about what we get for our health insurance dollar(well someone has to get their moneys worth). As I was saying, the docs went in with their little cath things and took multiple pressure measurements. All were pretty good, except the pressure difference between the upper and lower aorta. This was a problem they noticed before but were content on letting it grow on its own. This time they saw more of a pressure difference than they would like. So they put the cath where the narrowing was and ballooned it out, to make sure it wasn’t hard tissue and would grow with her. And it was, so no further action was taken. They also ballooned out her pulmonary arteries as planned. Other good news was that the measurements taken of the size of the arteries was very close to what they measured by a sonogram at the cardiologist. Its just nice to know the sonogram results are accurate. So Tatum is recovering well and we’ll be going upstairs to a room for the night. This is just precautionary to make sure she’s doing okay. I’ll be leaving soon to beat the atrocious D.C. metro area traffic, to pick up Emma. I’ll see if I can count how many times she asks “where’s mommy”, and how many times I have to tell her “she’s with Tatum at the doctor”. Maybe next time post I’ll be able to tell you how my racing school went. Its at the end of October. For the school I’ll have to rent a car, but next year when I race I’ll have my CRX ready to go. I went to race school about 15 years ago, then raced go-karts for a couple of years. I’ve been geeking to get back on the track ever since. So I’m getting pretty excited. I have to give props to Lisa for giving me full support on this endeavor. She kind of has too. Unless she wants a major crackdown on the almost daily Pottery Barn/Gap/whateverthehell.com packages that greet me on the porch. That’s all for now. Maybe next time I’ll have a pic of my racecar to post.


Well I think last night was a tough one for Both Chris and me.Chris had Emma who was missing her Mommy and I had Tatum who was missing sleep. Due to her poop issue we got a private room, at least one good thing came out of it... Autumn came and brought Chinese food and Ben and Jerry’s, Yum. After she left, I went to sleep but only for about an hour and a half. Tatum woke up about 12:30 and was up until two. At 2 I was over it and the nurse took her to prevent a mental break down. All the nurses remember Tatum and just love her I guess she has been here every four months since she was born and is the only Tatum . . . everyone was so impressed with how big she has gotten.

Right now I am just sitting around waiting fo/5r a chest x-ray so we can leave, I wish they would hurry up I want to go home. I am ready to not have to be back here for 4-6m hopefully six and I promise next time I’ll remember my cell phone. :( Chris had left me his but it just died . . . I wonder what else can go wrong . . . Blogging in word is kinda funny but of coarse no internet service. I guess I should try to enjoy who knows if I’ll ever get my own room again . . . but really enjoy a hospital, YUCK!

Amy, Avery’s Mom told me a little game called make the resident cry... Amy your still up on me I could not make anyone cry but don’t worry I am not giving up that easily I’ll be back this winter for round two. Anyone else want to play HAHA. The things you do bored at the hospital.


Aspen said...

Chris and Lisa,

Such beautiful posts from you both! I am glad to hear that things went well and I am anxious (for your sanity) that you can all go home and enjoy a nice quiet weekend! I am so thankful that Autumn was close enough to stop by and say hi. A little company, Chinese food, and Ben and Jerry's always does the trick for me!

Go home and get some rest.


Teresa said...

So glad to hear everything went well and that Tatum is doing good. We hope you are on your way home soon. Seeing those photos of Tatum brought it back so hard when Clare was in the hospital. I am there with you in spirit. I've been praying for days! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Don and I are so thankful that things went well with Tatum. We think of you every day and are so proud at how remarkable you have done with everything. We love you all so much!
Love & prayers,
Aunt Josie

Nicole (Emerson's mom) said...

Chris and Lisa,

I have anxiously awaited your post and am so glad things went well for Tatum. Hope you can get home and get some much needed rest. Take Care!!

Kerry said...

I was so relieved to read your post - I am so GLAD things went well. YAHOO!!It is so hard to see our little ones with so many tubes...

Have a very uneventful weekend.. relax, watch some stupid TV -- Jerry Springer or Cops (sorry, Nance!) comes to mind; or maybe something more like The Replacements, Wedding Crashers, or 40-year-old Virgin. We're thinking about you :)
Love -K

Lisa said...

Hope you are home and getting some rest by this point.

Glad to hear that things went well with Tatum. I have very little experience with babies in the hospital, but even all these years later I still shudder when i remember how stressful it was when my daughter was born preemie and had to be in the NICU. :-(

Hopefully Tatum will also soon recover from her pooping situation.

Amy K said...

Chris, you were just dying to tell us about your race care school. You are such a boy at heart! And a pretty great dad and husband from what my girl Lisa says.

For the record, I don't think I ever really made a resident cry, just feel very miserable and uncomfortable around me. I have scared student nurses before as well. I am a big meany when I am grouchy and stressed.

I am glad you are home and resting, been thinking about you and Tate, and Em, and Chris, tons!! I bet Emma pie is sooooooo happy mommy is home, and so are we.

taiautumn said...

I'm so glad Tatum is out. I have to admit, it was really hard for me to see such a little thing in a hospital bed with tubes coming out from every which direction. I am glad I got to come by though...and maybe take your mind off things, even for just a little bit.
Love you!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Oh, it breaks my heart to see your little punkin in a hospital bed. I shudder when I look at those glass Pedialyte bottles. I guess it brings back too many memories. I pray that Tatum recovers quickly and all of you can breathe again.
God bless your family!!

Catina Hare said...

Hey Lisa and Chris,

Glad Tatum is doing well and things went good! Tatum looks so healthy! She is becoming a chunk like Emma girl! See you all in a couple of weeks!

Aunt Catina

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to put into words all the emotions of the last several months. I am very thankful that Tatum is growing and very proud of you both. Cannot wait to hold and kiss the girls.
Much love,