Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cry it out?

I feel like this is a pretty good question...Chris just asked me a few mins ago when were we going to let tatum cry it out....So right now I am typimg on the computer and listening to her SCREAM. It has been about 5 mins but feels like 50, really though give me a brake she has been up since 3:30, I know that girl has to be tired. At this rate she is going to just be a peach for OT in a few hours. She is really determined, just not giving up and it just breaks my heart to listen to her but I do not know what else to do. This is two 3:30 mornings in a row yipeee we are on a roll.

When do you just let them cry? For how long....I am a push over...Going to get her now...

Let the day begin I am already showered...LOL I did that a hour ago.


Kati said...

Lisa! Poor you, it will be a hard time if you want to let Tatum cry it out, I think! :)
When Szabi was under 1 yr we used to let him cry it out for a few minutes then went back to him, stroking his back and head... of course he started to cry in that minute when I start to leave his room. (I remember that there ws a night when he cried for 2,5 hours, okay with breaks, but it was very hard... but this night was the worst, the others were much more better!)So th ecryig out-thing was not as hard as I tought at first. The big breakthrough came when Szabi was sick (he was about 1 yrs old) and he slept nearly all day, there was no need for the stroke and after he got well I simply put him in his bed after he got his formula, I told a not too long tale (it is very rhythmy), I tell him this one every night while he is brushing his teeth in his crib, then I say good night to him and go out and close the door. Most of the time it works, he falls asleep without crying, there is a few soft toys in his crib if he is boring he starts to play with them. Of course there are relapses :))))) I think the most important thing is the ritual and the time for bed... And I don't leave him to sleep after 3 pm (he used to have a nap at 12-3 pm and go to bed at 8 pm)

Good luck to the crying out if you are brave enough! :))))))

Love, Kati

nicole (emerson's mom) said...

Hi Lisa,

I am going through the exact same thing with Emerson which is no surprise given that they are the same age. I have been telling my husband for the past two months now that we need to start letting her cry it out. Last night she got up at 1am and I gave her a bottle, I heard her wake up at 2am and I didn't go to her. She cried for about 45 minutes and I laid in bed with my pillow over my head. She did fall back asleep and slept until 6:30am. YES!!! My goal is to have her wake up just one time per night and I will eventually stop going to her in the middle of the night. When she is crying I keep telling myself that I am teaching her a valuable skill by learning to fall asleep by herself (which I truly believe). Good luck, it is pure torture, but I know will be worth it... Nicole

Kerry said...

Can you let her cry it out with the heart issues? I am wondering the same about Brady....