Sunday, November 19, 2006

36 Days Till Christmas

Last night Chris and I went to a wedding, the bride and groom were also Lisa and Chris, pretty crazy eh... Needless to say we had a very good time. Lisa was a beautiful bride and the wedding was very nice. It was a bit weird because I meet someone for the first time that reads my blog. It was funny, she told me how she enjoys reading it. I think it is a bit strange to have people know me that I do not know but lucky for me she was super nice. :) I am sure lots of people I do not know read it, that's fine it was just funny to meet someone:)

Today I went to Target with the girls and Autumn...I swear we were there two hours...I had to get a little Christmas tree for the family room. Ever since we got back from Disney World I have had the Christmas bug, they had so many beautiful decorations already up. Now with the help of Autumn I too have a ton of decorations up. All I have left to do is put up the big tree. We have to wait a bit longer for this since Chris insists that is real... What a pain!!!

Another thing I finally got for Tatum today was a bed tray. Tatums OT lady had suggested putting something in front of her Bumbo as a table for her to play on. It actually worked great she really seemed to like her toys up there. I should have gotten it for her sooner but she has just recently showed interest in being in that Bumbo for more then 2 seconds...

Another thing I did today was search Ebay for the Kid-Touch digital camera from fisher price. This thing is sold out everywhere....It is a must have as far as Emma is concerned...and believe me she needs her own camera, maybe then she'll lay off mine. Crazy girl :)

Oops forgot to mention Em only had a 12 hour bug she woke up fine Sat. morning but we kept her home from dance anyway...On thursday I took Tate to the eye doctor and they patched her. She is to be patched 1 hour a day on her right eye until her surgery 12-12...TO CUTE :)


Kerry said...

What cute pics!!! That's a greta idea about the Bmbo, I will try it. I love that little seat. He looks so cute in it.
What are they doing at the surgery?
love -K

Aspen said...

I just love the new pictures! Tatum is looking better and better. And I am SO JEALOUS that you get to spend so much time with Autumn. Not to mention going shopping with her. HA! Thanks for taking care of her...I will forever be indebted to you!


Kati said...

What a funny eye-pach Tatmum has! She is so sweet with it! :))))))
This Bambo seat is a big idea, I wish I had knewn it half last year!

Love, Kati

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Great pictures as usual.

Nicole said...

What great pictures, Lisa! Boy does Tate look like Emma in that last photo. What a cutie with that patch. I so jealous you had a wedding to go to. I love weddings and seems like all of our friends are now married. Love, Nicole

Teresa & Shawn said...

We used to sit a TV tray in front of Clare with her Bumbo seat. She loved it because the toys were at her level! If she was just in the Bumbo seat, she got bored easily because she couldn't reach anything.

My goodness, that girl has a head of hair. Jamie loved the eyepatch!