Monday, November 13, 2006

Not always a Breeze

Ok so I know I told you all I had a awesome time, and I did but traveling with two little kids and Chris is not always a dream come true. First of all I have to keep Emma and Chris feed at all times or the melt downs feed off each other...That was what happened ahhh most of the time, until we got on the boat that is. We did manage to have some fun but I had to put up with egg shell and egg shell jr while having it.

Chris has decided that we are not going anyplace else until we can travel formula free. I can not blame him it was not so easy, we actually had to have boiled water brought to our cabin on the ship to clean Tatums bottles...apparently the water is not better in the Bahamas...but back to my point... when that day comes I can promise you all that United/TED airlines well not be taking us there...That airline is full of wacks that have no clue what is going on, and I thought Southwest was bad. At least at SW you get what you pay for, you do not really expect more then a greyhound in the sky.

On the way home those dopes changed our flight leaving us on a late flight with not enough bottles...I could have had extra formula with me but HL security was not on my side.... Long story short Chris and Tatum got on a 2pm flight stand by and Emma and I came home on that 350 Flight. Funny our original flight booked in Feb was for 11:40am, I guess they cancelled it then changed there mind because it was there we just weren't on it. Anyway note to self, steer clear of TED...

I think the best melt down came from Emma while having Dinner at Cinderella's Round Table...She cried over not having her princess dress on, cheese, dinner, and everything else under the sun. This did wonders for Chris' already tired mood, lucky for me Tatum was being super cute. You should see the complimentary picture with Cinderella that came with our Dinner. Emma looks miserable and Tatum is looking at the floor. As we got ready to leave the restaurant my little Gemini's better half came out and stayed until she feel asleep. We were actually just going to bag the Magic Kingdom but lucky she pulled it together and we could hit a few rides...the Haunted Mansion ( still the same with the room that stretches LOL) Dumbo , Merry Go Round and yes we went through Small World. Tatum was funny during that one just looking all over the place. Chris and I always get a kick out of Small World, they still have the surfer dude in the Hawaii section.

After the last ride we headed toward Main Street for the firework show... If you have not seen fireworks at Disney I totally recommend it. They are fantastic best I have ever seen. I was worried about what Tatums reaction to the fire workes would be, not only because of the WS but Emma always hated them. Tatum surprised us all by just hanging out strapped to me and watching...she is a really good baby, I must say.

The boat was a great time but not so relaxing...We were go go go the entire time...Not so much the dream vacation for Chris...he says he wants a good three days of nothing but sleep before he is ready for vacation. When went to the beach BT (before Tate) he could get that but I hate to tell him that those days are over LOL. I was the one that got up and walked the boat with her every morning.

It is going to be interested to hear Chris' take on the vacation as a whole, I am sure we are due for post number 2 any time now...LOL


Nicole said...

Hi Lisa, Welcome back, we missed you!! I'm glad you had a great time, but I feel exhausted just reading your post. I was laughing because I as well have to keep snacks on hand for my husband. They do travel and handle stress better on full bellies.

Nancy said...

I just love all of the photos, especially of Tate on the beach towel.

I'm glad you had fun, although now you probably need to relax!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I was LAUGHING OUT LOUD! It's so reassuring to find out that the chaos in my house is COMPLETELY NORMAL! Thanks for sharing the "story behind the story"!