Monday, July 30, 2007

Always something :) Usually fun...

So I was just wondering when did life get so hard????? We had another great weekend it was pretty hot and there were tons of thunder storms so our pool time was limited. We manage to make it up there for a bit on sat. evening before the big storms came. Emma was doing great swimming without her bubble. Chris and I got to go out for Dinner after that, ahh so nice. We had Emma L babysit for us, poor girl got stuck in the dark with sleeping kids,The power went out just as we were paying the bill...LOL ...She called looking for candles as we were on the way out so she was not stuck alone for to long. We were having dinner at a restaurant in our neighborhood. That was the craziest lightning I had seen in a long time.

Sunday was stormy off and on...every time we got all our things together for the pool it would thunder causing the pool to close. Finally we just gave up and hung out on Jody's porch. It was the final concert for the summer concerts in the neighborhood, a Sunday thing.....anyway they had a band and a moon bounce. There was hardly anyone there because of the weather so the kids that were there had a blast jumping and running around. Emma had alot of fun with all the big kids and even one her own age...It is pretty cute to watch her as she starts to really make friends and play. Tate like always was just lugged around by all the big kids :) She loves it!!!

I am really starting to be bothered by Tatum's lack of services from Infant and Toddler, our service coordinator called today and I told her just that. Maybe I am over reacting but I feel like if Tatum did not have a Dx and was a "regular " old 19m old she would have all sorts of therapy. Instead she has William's and is doing well for a kids with Williams....Whatever am I just supposed to settle for that???? Not gonna happen. I do not believe that OT, education and speech overlap and should be combined. I keep hearing that they cover the same things...BS...She needs speech once a week as well at PT.

Right now she gets PT 3 times a month OT 2 a month, speech and education 1 time.... I think that education and OT are very similar so maybe combine or drop one of those but my god the girl needs speech....We have a meeting set up for September and as much as I hate to be demanding that is exactly what I am planning to do. We need to work on walking and talking...she is so vocal as is I think a little help could go along way at this pt.

This Thursday we see Dr. Brenner for the first time since April...it is our longest stint without a echo since she was born, I hope everything is OK or better, who knows...I'll keep you posted... It has been a bit harder to post lately my lab top is having issues...the computer guy at my work referred to it as the blue screen of death...oops... I hope you all have a good week...

Why is it 10 and Tatum is still awake, anyone got a good sleeping potion for that girl :)


Katie said...

Hi Lisa :)
I wish it was warm here, nothing like swimming on a hot summers day and i love a good thunderstorm!
If i have learnt anything from all this it is to Go with your gut and go like hell!, push hard for things you feel are needed, like ST and dont feel bad for a minute!
enjoy the rest of summer,

Heather said...

Amen to what Katie said. I wish I could have been smart enough to demand those things when Cale was little. I was young and dumb. but really, you know what she needs. Mom's really do know best. Trust yourself. Don't let the insurance company get in the way of what needs to be done. Have you had an evaluation done lately? Like once a yr. is a really good habit to get into. You know by a developmental pediatrician or someone qualified in that area.

Amy said...

Shit girl, I can call and tell you they don't overlap! None of the stuff Avery's three therpaist do are the same, total bullshit!! Go get em girl.

Lynn said...

We're singin' the Infants & Toddlers Blues too. They've been responsive -- we're just not seeing the progress we want to. I'm looking into private therapy now. Gulp ... I might have to go back to work!!

Kerry said...

I think Educator and OT are similiar, but that's it - Mervis will probably tell you exactly what Tatum needs when you go next month. I am suprised you don't have more services - and it probably is because she does great "for someone with WS" but it shouldn't matter. I don't think you are too shy (LOL) so you go girl!

Love the pics of you and Em and Tate smiling so big!!

Nicole said...

Hey Lisa,

Love the photos of you guys. What beautiful girls you have. Just when I think Tatum couldn't get any cuter...

Emerson get the exact same amount of therapy that Tatum is getting and I always have the same thoughts. I feel maybe I should try and get her more therapy, but at the same time I feel like it is enough. You just have to do what feels right for Tatum and for balancing your family. Emerson is probably the most delayed in her speech and is still just babbling once in a while. She lives with a speech therapist, so go figure. I certainly don't do "speech therapy" with her every day, but it is integrated into much of our play. Is it helping? I have to believe so, but she is not further in her speech development. I know that her speech is going to be delayed and I am trying to not get frustrated. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. It is so difficult to know what is the right thing to do.