Thursday, July 05, 2007


Vacation was alot of fun...I never go to the mountains in the summer time so this was something new for us.
We hung out at the pool, rode go carts, took the chair lift to the top of the Mt. and went to a terrific water park. Somehow in the midst of all that we managed a nice dinner with my Dad and Bonnie (my Dad's girlfriend) on Sunday evening and a beer and wine tasting on Monday afternoon.

The lift ride to the Mt. top was pretty cool, I had never ridden a ski lift down so that was cool. The view from the top was beautiful. It was Pim's first time in the Appalachian Mt's. so it was fun to see how she enjoyed it too. Emma was in a non photo mood so she does not even look like she was with us....This is her new I'm 4 attitude.
I think we all enjoyed the water park the best. There was something there for everyone to do, even Tatum. I got to ride a few of the slides and the were so fun, especially the three people tube ride....I think that was best with my Dad and Chris...we crushed the lifeguard at the bottom we shot of of the tunnel so fast, I have one picture in the slide show of my Dad and Bonnie going down one of the outdoor slides.... We all took turns riding the smaller slides with Emma, she was a trip to watch come down.

We returned home Tuesday afternoon and have just been on the go.

Yesterday we went to Dana's for the Forth, we had a great time. I did not see Emma very much the entire time we were there. I can not believe how grown up my baby is, she just runs off and plays. Tatum was good to always is, I can not believe she is so pleasant, the poor girl is only cutting about 6 teeth all at once. It was poring rain off an on all night so here were no fire works for us...Luck for us the carnival is coming and they have fire works we can see from Jody's house on the last night.

Today I was also home for a PT/education therapy session. Tatum played and wowed everyone. It was nice to be home and share in the progress that she is making...it is that magic 18m number I tell ya the closer it get the more she does...We officially lost her in the house on Tuesday...Emma and Tatum were playing in the living room and Pim and I were in the kitchen. You can see into the room from the kitchen since it is all one floor....anyway the phone rang, and Emma came in the kitchen leaving Tatum alone. This did not use to be a problem but now it is...I hung up the phone and asked where Tatum was....As I went to look for her I rounded the corner to head up the stairs...the non carpeted stairs and there she was happy as a claim sitting on the 14 stair, just 2 more to go before the top....I was mortified and so excited all at the same time...needless to say we are putting in gates...LOL

Tomorrow I am taking Tatum to the Shoe Train for her first pair of real shoes....This should be fun. I let you all know what we decided on. I have heard so much about this store and the man Ed who has worked there forever, the genetic Doctor suggested this place to us.

Vacationing at home is really pretty nice, especially when you have help with the kids :).....Pim took the kids to her house so I am am getting a much needed manicure..... I hope everyone had a great holiday....enjoy the pictures :)


Every minute counts.... said...

glad you had a good vacation! Glad to see all the pics too. Everyone looks looks like they were having fun.

Katie said...

That looks like a fab vacation!
Im glad you have had a chance to relax, great pics!

Kerry said...

WoW! You guys were busy! Looks like a fun time for all - you look hot too :)

Laura said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Teresa & Shawn said...

Happy vacation! Yea!

I can't believe Tatum can climb stairs. You must have freaked!!

Nicole said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. How relaxing!

How cool is Tatum! Wow, climbing stairs, already. That is impressive.

Aspen said...

Looks like TONS O' FUN! Check you out...skinny!

Ella and Kate said...

Where was that?Those pictures rock!Baby tat (Ella still call her that)is huge!